Shigure’s Goals

   For today, it’s some quick notes on Shigure’s current political plans – or at least his goals. He’s still keeping his own counsel on how he expects to accomplish most of them.


Shigure’s Current Projects Include:

  • Trying to convince the Crane to send a thousand or so soldiers to reinforce the Crab at the Wall – preferably as a mobile rapid-reaction force.
  • Talk to the lion (particularly the Matsu) in an attempte to try and find out thir intentions and what they’re up to.
  • Support a limited mercenary alliance with Merenea and support the Mantis taking on the role of a sea-zone buffer between Rokugan and the Gaijin – so that they can profit from an exclusive overseas trading monopoly.
  • Finding a way to get in touch with the Unicorn. Their goals, and anger, are quite understandable, but their current course is going to be an utter disaster for everyone.
  • Finding a way to either strike an alliance with the Wasp or to at leat let them know that they’re welcome to switch sides at any time without prejudice. I understand that they can’t afford to antagonize any of their more powerful neighbors at the moment. Ergo, any meetings will have to be strictly secret.

One Response

  1. The last, by the by, definitely failed. There’e no way the Scorpion won’t hear about the fight I got myself into. (stupid high glory!) My best bet in this case is to spread rumors I was trying to run a message super-fast to the southern Crane but was distracted by the even more important investigation of people going insane and comitting mass murder. I can then also spread subtler rumors that the above is a cover for an attempt to infiltrate the Scorpion lands which went awry for the same reason. The Scorps will believe that, and Shigure would then have good reasons for visiting the Wasp after his cover was blown: to smooth over the infiltration and exchange information. And of course, Shigure was “escorted” off the Wasp lands.

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