Baba Yaga – Luigi Rosso

   Next up we have a sample character for Baba Yaga – in this case an Italian youngster from the second world war who hooked up with the allied invasion of Italy. Luigi accompanied the tank group through a substantial part of that campaign before his “harassed by agents of opposing gods” problem popped up and the entire group wound up lost in an entirely different war.

Luigi Rosso

   Elite Normal, 23 Experience

   Once legends walked – but the old blood runs thin and cold. Italy’s Ethiopian misadventures had little impact on the world, but left 8-year-old Luigi on the streets.

   In 1941 he was thirteen, and spent several weeks hiding out in a temple ruin that was still linked to its ancient patron. The old gods took some slight notice of a distant descendant. Luigi dreamed, and found a bit of magic in that dreaming.

   He was already a petty thief, forger, and black marketer, and even minor magical tricks gave him an edge on the streets – but he’d grown to hate the Germans. When the allies invaded in 1943 he soon attached himself – and all the information he’d been able to collect on the Germans – to the Allies.

   To represent a youth with lots of talent but not all that much experience, most of Luigi’s skills started out at +1 – and he still hasn’t got anything higher than +2. Still, he’s competent at quite a lot of things.

  • Knowledge -1: Linguistics +1
  • Perception +1: Larceny +2, Saboteur +1, Second Sight +1, Spot +1, and Stealth +1
  • Physique +0: Melee +1, Recovery +1, and Throwing +1
  • Reflexes +1: Evasion +1, Firearms +1, Forgery +1, Maneuver +1, and Slight of Hand +1
  • Social +0: Connections +2, Persuasion +1, and Trick +1
  • Spirit+1: Faith +2, Mana Handling +2, Resist Magic +1, Apollonian Magic +1, Hermetic Magic +1, and Hephaestian Magic +1.

   Speciality: Knives

   Knack: Divinatory Dreams. Luigi has an intuitive knowledge of what the enemy is up to (+1 on relevant rolls or some extra hints).

   Knack: Sunshards. Luigi can create blades of light (as per a combat knife) at will. While they vanish a second or so after they leave his hands, they do not take a range penalty for being thrown – although this doesn’t increase the maximum throwing range. They may or may not work especially well against zombies and such at the option of the Game Master.

   Talent: Blood of Heroes. Provides Armor-1.

   Perk: Divine Favor. Luigi is always considered to be in at least an Enclave-level magic zone. Sadly, this gets him harassed by agents of opposing gods, thrown into bizarre situations (as usual for classical Greek heroes) – and makes him a prime target for enslavement by any hostile mage. All of them would like to get their hands on someone who could be turned into a portable power source.

As a 6-point Perk for an Elite Normal, this required special permission from the Game Master.

   Disadvantage: Known petty crook and juvenile delinquent.

   Luigi normally carries a religious medallion. In combination with his Faith this provides him with an extra +1 point of Armor to his chest, abdomen, and groin. He’d be a lot more powerful if he hadn’t been spreading his skill points so thinly.

   In the future he’ll probably buy some armor versus Drain (that would be another Talent) and start on building up some of his skills a bit.

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