Kimiko Nelson

   First up for today, it’s a mildly horrific Shadowrun character: Kimiko Nelson. Kimiko isn’t the most dangerous combat cyborg, or the best decker, or the most well-connected character around – but she’s pretty good at all three, which makes her a handy generalist.

Kimiko Nelson

Character Setup: Basic Expenditures



1.5 MNY (32,000 Initial Funds)






28 Points








Basic Attributes :






5 (6)


6 (10)



4 (6)


6 (10)


















Body Index



Dice Pools
















Ware Based



Ware Based



   Edges; Cybertolerance (20% off, 3), Biotolerance (20% off, 2), Free Medium Lifestyle (2), Package Deal (ex-intelligence, has appropriate permits, but is known to UCAS intelligence, is a foreign national, has a semi-public false ID, and occasionally must cover things up, 2), +1 Essence (4), Geneware (“tough as nails”, as Orthoskin 2, no BI cost, 5), and Innate Weapons (may inflict [Str]L lethal damage in unarmed combat, 1).

   Flaws; On File (British Intelligence, 2), Major Enemies (old targets who took it personally, 2), Impulsive (2), Flashbacks (seeing an old enemy, pinned down under heavy fire, some dogs, -4), Psychological Quirk: will not harm innocents or non- combatants (very common/moderate, 4#), and Obligations (owes major favors to British Intelligence, Uncommon/Severe/ GM Plot Hooks, 5#). Net total: 19.

   Disadvantage points over 10 are normally halved, but those marked with an # are exempt from this.

Active Skills (27)



Knowledges (+20)





Computer Tech





Security Systems










Intelligence Org.


Throwing Weapons



Military History


Unarmed Combat



Martial Arts Systems



Bars of the World



“Pointless Skills” (8)





Home Booby Traps



Languages (6)





Read/Write English





Read/Write Japanese



Combat Information:

   Armor: Secure Jacket (5/3), Secure Ultra-Vest (3/2, adds +1/+1 per layering rules), Net 7/5 base, 8/6 with armored cap.

  • Sturmjarl Heavy Pistol: 30 shot clip, SA/BF, Damage 10M (single shot) or 13S (burst), Smartlink and Recoil Reduction 6. AV Ammo does same to vehicles, gel does -2 power but stun only.
  • Smartlinked Narcoject Dart Pistol: 6D Stun, 8 Shot Clip.
  • Dikoted Cougar Fineblade Survival Knife: (Str+2)S
  • Unarmed: (Str)M Stun or (Str)L Lethal.



  • Cybereyes, with Visual I/O, Flare Compensation, Low-Light, Thermographic Vision., and Protective Covers. 15 KNY, .3 Ess
  • Cyberears with Audio I/O, Dampener, Amplification, and Select Sound Filter 5. 60 KNY, .3 Ess.
  • Mark-40 Skillwires III. 30 KNY, .3 Ess,
  • Hotwire I: Berserker, 1 KNY, .05 Ess. (+1 Body, Quickness, and Willpower, +2 Strength and Reaction, +1d6 Initiative, and reduces wound penalties by one level. Resist 6S stun and 6L damage per minute or part thereof used).
  • Coldwire I: Pain Centers, 2 KNY, .1 Ess. (Reduces wound penalties by two levels while active, but cannot feel pain).
  • Datajack, with Direct Neural Interface, Knowsoft Link, and Transducer-1. 3 KNY, .4 Ess.
  • Wired Reflexes II. 165 KNY, 3 Ess.
  • Holdouts: All Screened versus instrumental detection:
    • 3x R2: one sealed (contains her optronic deck), one with an internal vent (contains her auto-medpack with 10-shot auto-injector), and one for her pocket secretary. All abdominal, deck and medpack under the ribs. 24.5 KNY, .65 Ess.
    • 1x R4: right leg. 20 KNY, .4 Ess. Usually a spare pistol.
  • Smartlink Induction Pad and Limited Simsense Rig. 1 KNY, .2 Ess.
  • Internal Voice Mask R5. 20 KNY, .1 Ess.
  • Total: 5.8 Ess (4.64 after Cybertolerance), 341.5 KNY


Upgraded Novatech Hyperdeck-6 (in Holdout)

  • Basics: MPCP 6, Hardening 4, Memory 800/1600, I/O 240, and Response Increase I, 4 open Chipslots. 130 KNY
  • Additional Chips (4 Slots):
    • Smartgun Processor (-2 on target numbers). 1 KNY
    • Global Positioning System. 1 KNY
    • 2x Chipjack Expert Drivers. 10 KNY
  • Loaded Programs:
    • Hacker Utility Package; All utilities except Trace, Black Hammer, and Killjoy at Rating 4. 250 MP, 25KNY.
    • Biocontrol-3/3 Specific Functions: Iron Will (+1 Will, +6 versus interrogation and mental control), Sleep Accelerator, and Stimulant. 48 MP, 5 KNY.
    • Mentat IV (+2 Int, +2 Task Pool) 80 MP, 8 KNY.
  • Skills Packages (all at Rating-3). Grand Total: 1000 MP and 105 KNY.
    • Combat: Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Gunnery, Knives, and Projectile Weapons,
    • Physical: Agility, Endurance, Slight of Hand, and Strength.
    • Technical: Biotech, Demolitions, Investigation, Mechanics, Systems Operation, and Survival.
    • Social: Etiquette, Fast Talk, Interrogation, Intimidation, Leadership, Negotiation, Performance, and Psychology.
    • Vehicle: Bike, Car, Fixed-Wing Air, Hover, Motorboat, Rotor, Submersible, and Vectored Thrust.
    • Knowledges: Chemistry, Cryptography, Physics, Seattle Lore, and Structural Engineering.
    • Languages: French, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Databases: Encyclopedia Britanica and World Atlas (20 MP), Detailed Maps of Seattle with Water, Sewers, and available floor plans (5 MP),
  • Net Memory Used: 1400 MP storage, 130 Active.
  • Net Cost of System and Programs: 293 KNY.

    Implant Medkit: Autoinjector loaded with 3x Antidote-8, 3x Stimulant-8, Trauma Dose, 2x HyperOx (5 active minutes or 15 passive per dose), and Antibiotic/Antivirus-8. Otherwise gives the equivalent of Biotech-2. 6 KNY

   Pocket Secretary with chips for Micro-Transceiver 6, ECCM 6, Data Encryption-6, Voice Identifier-6, Bug Scanner-6, Dataline Scanner (R6, .6 KNY), and Radio Scanner-6. 42 KNY. (This is usually stored in her Holdout and run via DNI).


  • Muscle Augmentation 4: 1.6 BI, 80 KNY
  • Muscle Toning 4: 1.6 BI, 100 KNY.
  • Total BI 3.2 (2.4 after Biotolerance), 180 KNY. 
  • The muscle augmentations are actually the result of lengthy training, enhancement drugs, and other tinkering, not current methods – but the results were similar.

Primary Weapons

   Sturmjarl Custom Heavy Pistol (x6, + Ammo, 60 KNY) Conceal 5, Ammo 30 (c), Mode SA/BF, Damage 10M (single shot) or 13S (burst), Weight 3.15, Cost 5K, custom-order only. Smartlink and Recoil Reduction 6.

   1000 Heavy Pistol AV Rounds (Halves armor ratings, does not reduce damage versus vehicles).

   300 Gel Rounds (-2 power, stun only, extra knockback).

Heavy Pistol








Burst Fire




Heavy Barrel




Improved FCU




+1 Power




Extended Clip (30)




Personalized Grip




Gas Vent IV




Internal Smartlink




Light Alloy



x .60


   Barret Model 121 Heavy Sniper Rifle (+Ammo, 9K). Ammo 14 (c), Mode SA, Damage 14D, Weight 10, 5 KNY. Smartlink, Silencer, Bipod provides Recoil Reduction II, Halves non-hardened armor. Recoil 2 per shot including first. 200 Rounds.

   Other Equipment: Secure Jacket, Secure Ultravest, and Armored Cap (1.5 KNY), Narcoject Pistol and 100 Darts (5 KNY), Dikoted Cougar Fineblade Survival Knife (3 KNY), 20 Concussion-Flash Grenades: (3 KNY), 30 HE Grenades (1 KNY), Toolkits for Microelectronics, Guns, Vehicles, Mechanics, and Chemistry. (4 KNY), Goggles (50x Magnification, Low-Light, and Thermal, 3 KNY), 4x Dataline Tap (R5, 20 KNY), Micro-Camcorder (2.5 KNY), Micro-Recorder (R6, 3 KNY), Signal Locator (R6, 1.2 KNY), 5x AOD Tracking Signal (R6, 18 KNY),Jammer (R6, 6 KNY), White Noise Generator (R6, 9 KNY), 50m Rope and Grapnel (.3 KNY), Respirator/Pressure Regulator (.75 KNY), and a Survival Kit (.1 KNY). Total: 80 KNY.

Gear Total: 975 KNY.

Special Purchases

  • Alternative Identity (75 KNY). A Japanese citizen named Kimiko Tanaka, the beneficiary of a modest trust fund who is taking the opportunity to travel a bit.
  • Alternative Identity (75 KNY). Hilda Schwartz, a citizen of Germany and a minor freelance journalist.
  • Pension Income: 4 KNY/Month (200 KNY). Note that this is over and above the medium lifestyle edge.
  • Patron: The British Intelligence Department (50 KNY). While technically “retired”, Kimiko is potentially on call for a variety of specialized tasks.
  • Connections: British Intelligence Community , as a “retired” agent (25 KNY).
  • Connections: The Japanese Intelligence Community, as an ex-liaison. Kimiko worked with them on a fair number of cases (25 KNY).
  • Connections: The Yellow Lotus Triad. Kimiko helped them deal with another, rival, group – which just happened to have gotten into smuggling some REALLY heavy weaponry (25 KNY).

Contacts (First two free, 10 purchased, 50 KNY)

  • Riitha Tahl, the owner of the Cavalier Pub – a modest old-England themed bar and restaurant. She lets Kimiko moonlight as an occasional waitress there, simply because the backup is sometimes very handy.
  • Doctor Octavius, a physician and cybrenetics designer who runs his own small cyberclinic. The doctor is more than a little shady, and has been known to persuade the gullible to try out his experimental designs.
  • Granny Axe, a music store operator, fence for stolen goods, subsonics specialist, and would-be rocker. An elderly harridan, but quite competent in her own obnoxious way. Like all fences, she offers fast service, no questions, and low prices.
  • Kenshin Marsune, a midlevel Yakuza boss, is actually a distant relative of Kimiko’s – and they are both aware of it. The vague feeling of family solidarity has been enough to allow them to exchange occasional favors, but it would be unwise to push it.
  • Erik Harrison is a nosy little boy with several pets who seems to notice a lot of what’s going on around the neighborhood. He has Kimiko down as someone who reliably has cookies. He fairly often has rumors, so this could be described as a trade.
  • Hval is a fixer, but a mildly eccentric one. He’s hugely fat, bald, and works our of an old funhouse, down by the shore. More than one person trying to sneak up on him has gotten lost in the maze of mirrors – and his various booby traps.
  • Kimiko has purchased five additional contacts, but has yet to come up with any details on them. Well, it’s early yet.

Personal History

   In the chaos of the early decades of the 21’st century Kimiko was recruited as a courier relatively young – and performed that role with some distinction, eventually becoming a full agent, and then a special agent, for British Intelligence.

   As human augmentation was developed, the worlds various intelligence agencies were, of course, on the cutting edge. They added cyberware to the drug- and hormone-assisted special-agent training programs – and, for a time, Kimiko was one of the most formidable cyborgs and hackers available.

   That, of course, didn’t last. Anonymity is a finite resource, as are the years likely remaining in a career. Technical innovations took a toll as well: more and more advanced cyberware, armor, weapons, and computers, came on the market – each individual who could identify her, each passing year, and each innovation chipping away at Kimiko’s edge and her value.

   Eventually she was just too well known, had too few years in service remaining, was too high in pay grade, had too many accumulated enemies, had annoyed too many people within the department, had too many accumulated psychological troubles, and was just too far behind the cutting edge of innovation, for further upgrades.

   Kimiko took the retirement package – but, whether for good or ill – found a quiet retirement unmanageable. With a few years of it under her belt (hopefully enough time for some of her old enemies to forget about her) she funded some upgrades of her own, called in some old favors to get some new gear and new programs – fairly basic instead of cutting-edge this time, but all her current computer systems could handle readily – and set to work on some local problems.

   That’s a pretty generic history, but the player is planning to fill in more details later.

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