Handell Awdi Tiend – Pilot

   Handell Awdi Tiend sien Ardatha Koroth Tiend had been knocking around the galaxy for quite awhile. He’d piloted quite a few ships, gotten into and out of trouble, and seen a lot of things. He’d never paid much attention to mystical nonsense. Sure, there were some psychic powers out there – he had a touch of psychic (dis-)ability himself (fortunately, intoxicants helped with the more annoying symptoms) – but the mystic philosophers spouted no end of impractical nonsense.

   Of course, now that impractical philosophical nonsense and the opposing orders of crazed psychics who followed it were at the center of another bedamned GALACTIC WAR.

   That was even more trouble than the blasted Chardian-Bokor Theater Company had managed to stir up – and that bunch had somehow – thanks to some talented actors and an incredible knack for choosing exactly the wrong masterpiece to perform for a given world – managed to touch off major trouble on every single planet they’d visited throughout their ENTIRE twelve-world tour!

   They’d been great guys, and good friends – and he hadn’t been so glad to see the back of a charter group in his entire life.

   So he’d gone to look into the mystical nonsense after a brush with a pair of battling fleets had left the freighter he’d been piloting in need of several weeks worth of repairs. It was doubtful that he’d have a job after that anyway; standard procedure would be to blame the pilot no matter how impossible the job had been.

   Then that fruitcake of a bounty hunter had swept him up with half-a-dozen “force sensitive” wannabees and stuck his neck right into the middle of things.

   Hardin has two disadvantages – an addiction to Spice and/or other intoxicants (-3) and the generous selection of quirks which have kept him from piloting larger ships: his various (if relatively minor) debts and owed favors, his trouble with authority, his gambling, and his simple bad luck (-3).

   Those six extra points have gone into access to the Subliminal Precognition Skill, which starts off with two intuitive dice and which provides a bonus equal to it’s Rating/2 to rolls where reaction time or anticipating future trouble comes into play – generally Dodge, Parry, Ranged Attack Checks, Astrogation, Vehicle Piloting, and Fast Draw. It may also be rolled directly if the game master wishes to determine if the character “has a bad feeling about this…”. Sadly, as an unconscious skill, it costs twice as much as usual to buy it up after character creation.

   Handell is a more-or-less normal human being.


Dexterity 3d6 Pistols +2d6*, Dodge +2d6*
Knowledge 3d6 Astrogation +2d6
Mechanical 4d6 Operate Space Vehicles +2d6*
Perception 2d6  
Strength 3d6  
Technical 3d6  


*After spending three experience points on each.


Sub. Precognition 4d6
Force Points 1
Experience Points 1
Credits 1000


   Equipment (4): Piloting Computer Implant (+1d6 to mathematically-related checks, including Astrogation and some forms of Gambling, +1d6 to piloting checks involving a vehicle equipped with a compatible interface, basic note-keeping and communications functions), Heavy Blaster Pistol, Control Interface Package (sadly, this takes many hours to install), and a reputation and set of passcodes that operates as “credentials” with many underworld and shady shipping groups.

   Contacts (3): The Chardian-Bokor Theater Company, Emiri Kodar (a crooked Republic official in the trade ministry, who can often be prevailed upon to expedite some paperwork in exchange for being owed a favor – although he does invariably call them in sooner or later), and Maderi Sentor, an interstellar information broker.

   Plot Hooks (2): Handell knows the (general) locations of several dropped cargos, space disasters, and wrecks – all potential places to look for a little salvage or some lost items. Secondarily, there are several groups of revolutionaries who regard him as part of their inspiration – no matter how little he wants to be – and a collection of customs officials who have no proof of anything, but see him as a suspicious character on general principles.

   Enemy (1): Handell currently has a number of officials who are extremely upset about his (and anyone else’s) involvement with the Chardian-Bokor Theater Company, even if he and they technically didn’t do anything at all illegal.

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