Munashii Ji (in Merenae, Volgaren) Courtier School.

   First up for today it’s a polished-up version of a school proposed by one of the Legend of the Five Rings players – an advanced school specifically for practitioners of Gaijin Void Magic.

   For many, the subtle and versatile power of the Recondite Weave – the Gaijin Void Magic of Merenae – is quite enough. After all, fully mastering the intricacies of its applications would require many lifetimes.

   Others search for deeper mysteries – and those too the Weave can supply; one need merely master the Relationship Theme and weave a link to a spirit who can instruct you in the lore you seek.

   Despite the fact that the secret lies within their grasp, and they need but close their fingers to claim what awaits them, many adepts never turn the key within the lock.

    For those who do, there is the Munashii Ji (Volgaren) Courtier School.

   Of course, they can also find a more mundane teacher, do the research themselves, or use the Learnings Theme as a shortcut – but where’s the fun in that?

   Munashii Ji focuses on awareness of the threads of elemental energy that hang within the Void and make up the great Tapestry of Reality – a multidimensional network of fathomless complexity. While the ordinary practitioner of the Recondite Weave focuses on gently attaching and manipulating individual threads, the practitioner of Munashii Ji first learns to effortlessly see the energies of the void and then learns to see the endless tides and patterns of universal energies and flow with them – gaining a quicksilver grace on both the physical and magical levels. True masters may easily strike at the fragile threads of magic or even let the echo or another’s pattern guide him in the use of their techniques.

   Still, not even the masters of the school truly know whether they wield the power of the void or whether that power wields them.

  • Basic Modifiers: Void +1, Glory 1, Status +1, Wealth 2, and Honor 2.5.
  • School Skills: Ceremony, Commerce, Defense, Divination, Lore / Magic Theory, Meditation, Investigation, Language / either Read or Speak Merenae, and any two other Lore Skills.

School Techniques:

   First Technique / The Eyes of the Void (Minimum Void of 3): You are now able to able to see the energies of the void at all times – perceiving magic, the auras of living creatures, and enough of the traces of void in all things to provide limited night sight (L3 Self-Powered Innate Supernatural Power, 9). Thanks to this enhanced perception you also gain double the normal Style bonuses from the Meditation skill (5) and a +1 on your effective Void rating when making rolls related to Void Magic or Meditation (5). As a side benefit, practitioners always learn to either read Merenae if they only speak it or to speak it if they only read it (1).

   Second Technique / Dancing with the Void (Minimum Void of 4): You are now attuned enough with the void to flow with it, gaining one extra action per round that you may use as you please (15). In addition, if given time – one full round in personal combat, one hour for battles, social, and other complex situations – you may study the flow of energy through situation and flow with it, allowing you to roll and keep one extra die when making skill or attribute checks dealing with a situation or opponent that you have thus studied. Sadly, you may only keep track of a total of (Intelligence + 2) specific situations and/or opponents at a time (bonus die in an uncommon situation, 6)

   Third Technique / The Threads of Fate (Minimum Void of 5): Your perceptions of the Void through the Eyes of the Void expand to the point where you can peer slightly ahead in time – gaining enough Combat Precognition to provide a +2K2 bonus to attacks, defense, and attempts to avoid other immediate menaces (increase Eyes of the Void to a L5 Innate Supernatural Power – which is what requires Void 5, +6). This heightened sensitivity also allows you to trade up to 4 rolled dice for kept dice on rolls for the Recondite Weave (5), allows you to take Weapon Style Elements in your Meditation Style or take a Style bonus which adds your Meditation skill rank to your Magic Resistance (Immunity to a rare limitation, 5), and adds +5 to your effective Meditation Skill Rank when calculating the number of Style Bonuses available (+5 Dice, counts as Skilled, but never rolled, 5. Note that additional Style bonuses accrue at effective skill ranks of 12 and 15).

   Fourth Technique / The Voidstorm Hand (Minimum Void of 6): Your mastery of the void enables you to attack spells, magical links, and void threads. To do so, you must study the effect for three rounds and then make an opposed void check against the creator of the targeted effect. If successful, the target effect is destroyed (15). Your ever-deepening perception of the Void also grants you double effect when you spend Void Points on Weave-related rolls (5).

   Fifth Technique / Echoes in the Void (Minimum Void of 6): Your perception of the world through the void is so great you may now copy any single technique you have recently witnessed up to (Void) times daily, maintaining the effect for up to (2x Intelligence) rounds. Unfortunately, you may not copy more than one technique at a time. (This is a level six self-powered innate spell, thus calling for the minimum void of 6. 18 points).

   Despite it’s throughly mystical prospective and focus on improving the user’s skills with Void Magic, Munashii Ji offers surprisingly good combat bonuses as well – albeit merely as a side effect of various void manipulations. For a character who is actually focused on the Recondite Weave – a field of magic which is versatile, subtle, and powerful, but which is also generally slow and has no direct combat applications at all – this is often vitally necessary. It still won’t make a specialist in the Weave a match for a serious combat specialist, but it should be quite enough to allow the user to defend himself or herself from bandits and other casual menaces. Of course, scraping up enough points to buy Void, levels in this school, weapons skills, AND ranks in the Recondite Weave may be somewhat difficult.


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