d20 – Hedge Magic Heroes, Part II

   Here we have some additional utility spells for low-level casters.

   Level Zero Spells:

   Unless otherwise noted:

  • Level: Zero
  • Components: V, S
  • Casting Time: One Standard Action
  • Saving Throw: Will Negates
  • Spell Resistance: Yes (Harmless)


   Check Edibility

  • Range: Touch, Target: up to two bushels of organic material, Duration: ten minutes.
  • Check Edibility reveals the presence of natural – albeit not artificial – poisons and dangerous bioactive compounds or organisms in plants, fungi, cultures, and meats. Using it will easily reveal the poisonous wild mushrooms mixed in with the edible ones, the stomach-cramp inducing leaves in the herbs, and the hallucinogenic ergot in the bread. It’s important to note, however, that the spell checks against the metabolism of the caster; if he or she suffers from peanut allergies, the spell will reveal peanuts as being poisonous. On the other hand, if the caster happens to be immune to a particular toxin, it’s presence will pass unchallenged. Of course, if a character happens to be searching for poisons or drugs, this spell makes it easy to locate them as well. Sadly, in either case, it does not check for flavor.

   Check Health, a.k.a “Diagnosis”

  • Range: Touch, Target: One Creature, Duration: Instantaneous.
  • Check Health provides a quick evaluation of the state of health of the target creature and what, if anything, is the cause of any current difficulties. In conjunction with appropriate skills – medical, chemical, anatomic, alchemical, or biological, it provides an immediate skill check with a +5 bonus to provide a precise diagnosis (“It’s ku poison… that’s very rare. We’ll have to scramble to find the antidote if we want to save him; it’s resistant to magical cures”). This can be quite handy when the illness itself is a clue – such as the rare poison mentioned above, or if a particular disease can only be caught in particular locations, or from demons, or some such.

   Tally Up

  • Range: Close, Area: 20′ radius or special, Duration: Instantaneous.
  • Tally Up simply provides an instant count of, measurement of, or weighing up of, items within it’s area of effect – although it becomes increasingly unreliable as those items get smaller and more numrous. It does an excellent job on counting coins (“14 Gold, 112 Silver, 67 Copper), books, and similar items, but asking it to count – say – grains of sand usually just results in “lots” – or the total mass or volume of the sand in question.
  • Tally Up can also be used in conjunction with a quick glance at larger objects and groups – but, in that case, is only accurate to the first digit. A scout could glance at a horde of orcs, and announce that there were “about 20,000”, but the actual number visible might be anything from 19,501 to 20,500 – and the spell cannot help him or her count any orcs that are not within line-of-sight at the moment. Similarly, a peak might be estimated as “about 8000 feet” or the mass of a pyramid at “about six million tons”.


   Call Domestic Animal

  • Range: Special, Target: One domesticated animal, Duration: up to one hour per level of the caster (D).
  • Call Domestic Animal gives one personal domesticated pet within ten miles, or one known and named domesticated animal within five miles, or any single domesticated animal within long range (known or not), a strong urge to come to the caster. A save is not allowed unless the caster either means to harm the animal or the animal has good reason to resist – such as if the route is dangerous. This does not necessarily mean that the animal will come however; it will simply feel a strong urge to do so; if it’s busy defending it’s offspring or some such, it is likely to ignore the call. Of course, if you need to catch a carrier pigeon, or a runaway horse (perhaps one with an unconscious rider), or find the cat with a clue on it’s collar, than this is the spell for you.


  • Range: Touch, Target: one creature, Duration: ten minutes per level.
  • Magnification can be applied to any one sense, either to allow the user to examine the very small at very close range, or to allow the user to examine things further away as if they were nearer. Regardless of which application is selected, the spell provides x10 magnification – albeit with all the usual problems of a narrow field of view and the jerkiness of small movements being magnified. Where relevant, and the effect isn’t obvious, a +5 circumstance bonus is in order.
  • While nowhere near as powerful as effects like scrying, magnification has plenty of uses – especially when attempting to gather information – something which should be a vital concern to most low-level parties.

   Soothe Infant

  • Range: Close, Targets: up to six babies within range, Duration: 12 hours/the number of babies affected.
  • Soothe Infant keeps babies dry, clean, and happy for the duration, and will even let them put off eating until after the charm wears off with no harm. Admittedly, this isn’t usually something that spellcasters usually worry much about – but when you’re on a stealthy rescue mission, covering the retreat of the noncombatants, or need to hide from pursuers, there are few things more conspicuous than the cries (and smell) of an unhappy infant. In such cases, Soothe Infant may be far more useful than another Fireball.


   Light (Standard Spell)


  • Range: Touch, Target: One Creature, Duration: Ten minutes per level.
  • The Gauntlets spell creates a protective aura around the user’s hands, providing protection equivalent to heavy, tough, work gloves or oven mitts (DR 3/- for the user’s hands only; the user does not make actual contact with anything he or she touches) with no loss of sensitivity, control, or fine manipulation. This makes it easy to handle hot objects, renders the user immune to contact poisons (and many “poison needle traps” and such), allows him or her to safely handle small vipers, protects against chemical spills, keeps the user’s hands comfortably warm in cold weather, and otherwise renders safe and easy many otherwise hazardous tasks. Where this is helpful, the user may reduce the time required for such activities by 25%.

    Unplug Drains

  • Range: Close, Effect: Special, Duration: Instantaneous.
  • Unplug Drains does just that, sending a rotating telekinetic force with a strength equal to one-half the user’s intelligence speeding through a length of pipe. Pipes larger than six inches in diameter, longer than a hundred feet, or extremely solidly plugged, may require repeated applications. Adventurers, of course, are noted for using it in unintended ways – to spray tubes full of oil or greek fire upon enemies, to clear fouled guns and cannon, and even (in a few cases) as an attack on the digestive system (personally I don’t let this work, but your tastes may differ).



  • Range: Touch, Target: One Creature, Duration: One hour per level.
  • Painkiller is pretty simple; while the spell endures, it can be applied to an injury or to an area of the body, and – while the target may feel a bit of discomfort or pressure – the sensations of pain in that area will be reduced as much as the caster desired. This is good for soothing children, relieving the pain of the dying to allow them to speak clearly, counteracting stiffness, soreness, and limps, resisting torture, and backstabbing people without letting them notice it. Unfortunately, pain is an important warning; it is unwise to simply turn it off for long, or to do so in order to engage in activities that it was warning you against; an unwise user can easily further injure himself or herself.


  • Range: Touch, Target: One Creature, Duration: one round per level.
  • Pantomime allows the user to get basic messages across a language barrier – clearly conveying things like “I am hungry, I want to buy some food”, “Where’s the bathroom”, and similar simple messages with a few gestures. The recipients of such messages gain no special power to reply, but will realize that they can reply with a few similar simple gestures – and perhaps a few sounds – quite readily.

   The Good Cook

  • Range: Touch, Target: Up to a full meal for twelve, Duration: Instantaneous.
  • The Good Cook greatly improves the flavor of a meal – although, alas, not it’s fundamental quality, the nourishment that it contains, or it’s digestibility, providing a +15 bonus on any Cooking check made to determine the flavor – and neatly covering up any problems resulting from a shortage of good-quality ingredients, the introduction of poisons or drugs, or similar difficulties.



  • Range: Touch, Target: One dead body, Duration: Instantaneous.
  • Butcher allows a body – ranging from that of a squirrel up to that of a rhinoceros (a whale or dinosaur may take several castings) to be cut up, deboned, and reduced to chops, slices, sausages, and assorted meat by-products in short order – in fact, in only one-quarter of the usual time, with very little mess, and with a simple knife. While this is useful to hunters, butchers, and similar individuals – who will be able to produce the freshest, tastiest, cuts with little effort (and without spending a lot of time surrounded by meat and covered in insect and predator-attracting blood) – adventurers occasionally use it to dispose of inconvenient corpses as well.


  • Range: Touch, Target: One Creature, Duration: One Day/one breeding cycle.
  • Contraception is quite simple; for the next twenty-four hours (if male) or the next breeding cycle (if female), the target will be unable to sire or bear offspring. Other sexual functions are not affected; only fertility is impaired. A popular recreational spell.


  • Range: Touch, Target: One donor creature and one recipient creature, Duration: Instantaneous.
  • Transfuse allows a willing living donor to transfer some of his, her, or it’s hit points to a living recipient – up to a limit of ten hit points or one-half of the donors current hit points, whichever is less. While this will not stop bleeding, it can restore lost hit points or even raise the targets hit points up to six points above his or her normal maximum – although any points above the recipients normal limits will fade away in twenty-four hours.
  • Transfuse isn’t really healing, and doesn’t add to a groups net hit points – but it can be quite useful in keeping someone alive or in waking up the injured healer so he or she can do something that actually restores lost hit points.

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