The Tongues of Heaven

   Today we have a quick request for some special magical swords – combined Enchantments and Relics – so here we have The Tongues of Heaven:

   Chelton-on-the-Falls was a small and isolated village, notable only for the hospitality that it routinely offered to the warrior-pilgrims of the Way of the Sword – travelers en route to a shrine deep in the mountains. A dozen such pilgrims had stopped there for the night when a swarm of undead, led by a dark warlock, swarmed the earth-and-timber walls.

   For the remainder of the night, the pilgrims, and such villagers as were able to fight, defended the village – first from the walls, and later from behind their burning remnants.

   In the morning, the undead fell back before the sun, and most of the survivors fled – but a few of the pilgrims stayed behind, to select a defensible position and to distract and delay the undead that were sure to return with the night as long as possible. If they could buy enough time, the villagers, and their companions, might have time enough to escape.

   They selected their strongpoint, fortified it as well as possible, and prayed to their god – for the strength to endure as long as possible, for the safety of the villagers, for forgiveness for not completing their pilgrimage, that they might die well, and that they not rise as undead.

   And a messenger was sent to them, to lay celestial hands upon their worn blades and bless them, to bless the area – and thereafter to visit the pilgrims who were protecting the fleeing villagers and bless their blades as well.

   Across the many years since then, the Tongues of Heaven have been scattered – but at least one wandering prophet claims that it is once more time for the Tongues of Heaven to gather and to speak as one.

   The Tongues of Heaven appear to be worn and nicked, swords of little value – unless their wielder translates the runes engraved on their blades and invokes their power. Once so activated, each blade is a +1 Holy Undead Bane Adamantine Longsword (35,315 GP). If personally attuned by their user investing their own character points into the blade, they will display their true power – the ability to change their forms to aid the user in combat and even, when used as a group, to call on celestial aid. These abilities are built using the rules from Eclipse The Codex Persona.

  • Immunity to the rule that a character can only use one Martial Art at a time (Very Common, Major, Major, Specialized/only covers the martial art built into the blade, 6 CP).
  • One point towards Favors/celestial intervention. It requires at least three of the blades to invoke a minor favor and all six – if that many still exist – to invoke a major favor (1 CP).
  • +23 in an unnamed martial art, Specialized/only usable with the blade, has no key attribute, is well known and tends to attract enemies who want the blade (11 CP).

   The art built into the blades provides twelve techniques and manifests as the blades shifting their form to inflict various types of damage, becoming larger to strike at range or block major incoming attacks, bending to bypass defenses or parry attacks, and gripping opposing weapons to bite through them or to wrench them from their wielder’s hands. This is, of course, a special effect for their built-in Martial Art; their base attributes are always as per Longswords.

  • Basic Abilities: +3 to Attacks and +3 to Armor Class.
  • Advanced and Martial Abilities: Reach, Versatility (the user may opt to inflict lethal, subdual, bludgeoning, slashing, or piercing damage at whim), Sunder, and Improved Disarm.
  • Occult Abilities: Ki Block and One Finger. These allow the user to take temporary constitution damage to block incoming attack or to attack at range. Yes, Wrath/Positive Energy (offering the user protection from negative energy powers) might be more appropriate than One Finger – but it would also be rather TOO good for fighting undead.

   The Tongues of Heaven are thus both expensive magical swords AND three character point relics (optionally, their powers can be Corrupted/the user must invest his or her own character points in a blade in order to use it; this reduces them to two-point relics). Of course, they’re also classical quest items; gather the set, and then they have a useful special ability when used together.

   If you want to pick up a copy of Eclipse to build your own Relics and Martial Arts – or just to translate any of the terms in this one – it’s available in print HERE and in a shareware .pdf version HERE.

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