Star Wars – Randu Palait, A.K.A. “Shipwreck”

   Randu Palait – more commonly known as “Shipwreck” (he’s actually managed to be aboard three ships that have been shot down in the war and survived) – has been knocking around the galaxy for quite awhile. While his willingness to take the most dangerous jobs without complaint tends to make sure that he finds work everywhere he goes, he also tends to rapidly offend everyone he gets involved with – bosses, police, women, predatory monsters…

   Fortunately, he can get along with computers and droids – which is a good thing, since most of the time they make up most of his work team.

   Naturally enough, when he wound up stranded on a backwater like Archegeph – just because the locals had thrown him in jail after that brawl (it wasn’t like the fire, or the building collapse, even really had anything to do with him) – he went looking for an exciting new job.

   On a planet that was better than 95% oceanic, and was infested with giant, bio-engineered toxic jellyfish that ate ships, what could be more exciting than “Underwater Salvage Expert”? Even better, it paid extremely well and there was virtually no competition!

   Disadvantages (-6): Shipwreck is an adrenalin junkie, rather bellicose (suffering a -1d6 penalty on most social interactions and starting with no contacts), and can generally be counted on to have numerous minor offenses on his file within hours of arriving at a new planet – resulting in rather rocky relationships with the local authorities. Of course, his willingness – in fact, eagerness – to undertake the most dangerous missions around does tend to find him work everywhere he goes.

   Special Talents:

  • Probability Twister (3): Shipwreck can take a +3d6 bonus on any skill or attribute roll up to three times per session – but will suffer a more-or-less delayed compensating stroke of bad luck shortly afterwards for each use past the first.
  • Technical Intuition (3): Shipwreck has access to the “Technical Intuition” special skill, along with a one-die base in it, and may add one half of his score in it (currently +2d6) to his Demolitions, Electronics, Sensor Systems, and Shield Operations rolls.


Dexterity 3d6 Melee +1d6
Knowledge 2d6  
Mechanical 4d6 Demolitions +1d6, Electronics +1d6
Perception 2d6  
Strength 3d6  
Technical 4d6 Medicine +1d6, Sensor Systems +2d6, Shield Operations +1d6


Technical Intuition 4d6
Force Points 1
Experience Points 0
Credits 000

   As a replacement character, Shipwreck gets to keep one-half of the prior characters experience – for a total of an extra five points. Given that he’s just completed a high-paying contract, he’ll be starting with 2000 credits rather than 1000.

   Major Items of Equipment:

  • Demolitions Kit (cutters, demolition chargers, radio detonators, circuit testers, etc).
  • Survival Vest (+1 armor, breather mask, assorted bits of survival gear).

   Shipwreck still needs a description, as well as his two plot hooks and an enemy – but that’s on hold awaiting more input from the player.

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