Federation-Apocalypse Session 195a – Of Mice and Men and Councils

Angkor Wat, Kamboscha

The Hidden Face Of Darkness

Over in Cyarkian, some exceptionally nervous guards were making an approach to the Inn – with a summons for the group to meet with the colony council. Hopefully none of their absurdly powerful and erratic guests would take offense…

The group refrained from making the guards too much more nervous.

The guards escorted them deep into the city, to a large round building carved from the bedrock in a vaguely greek style. They were escorted past a number of guards before being led into a large chamber that seemed to take up the majority of the building. The floor had a podium at the center, with a familiar looking mouse – Mr Cartwright – standing at it. Up the sloped walls in all directions up to the halfway point were desks with various rats and mice sitting down. Above the halfway point were a number of glassed windows with curious onlookers standing and sitting to watch the session. A murmur of chattering echoes around the room as they entered before going silent as the mouse at the podium raised his hand for order.

(Cartwright) “Ah, I see our visitors have arrived. Forgive me if I don’t bother trying to introduce all of our Council members in attendance today, but would you mind introducing yourselves for the sake of those who may not have met you?”

(Kevin) “Oh certainly! I am Kevin Sanwell, better known locally as Angkor Shadowfang or “That blasted meddler!”. As far as titles go, I am the Warden of the Marches, a Creator God, an Opener, and a representative of the House of Roses.”

(Marty) “And I’m Marty Tabard, Martin of Clan MacAw around here, and a lot of other names in a lot of other places.”

(Cartwright) “And it is my understanding that you are merely passing through our fair town while awaiting a continuation of your own oceanic voyage?

(Kevin) “Primarily on Vacation! Still, various minor interventions in passing hardly count as anything but whims… Much like diverting the Yellowstone eruption.”

(Cartwright) “So it seems. Well, to be honest the nature of your powers and the sheer scale of your minor interventions has drawn quite a bit of a stir. Is it true that you did indeed just revive a number of children that have been dead for months now?”

(Kevin) “Yes – but that’s not always possible. Some people are much harder than others. Especially if their lives were more-or-less complete, and it was time for them to move on to others.”

(Cartwright) “I see. Now it has also come to our attention that you’ve been able to grant powers to people for a significant timeframe and advertise a service requiring…. a period of indenture in order to grant even more powers. Powers that could potentially thwart death and enable a child to outperform most of the locals power wise in addition to being able to operate the so-called gates in reality?”

(Kevin) “Yes. I have not been advertising that service here however, since I am advised that it is against your current laws.”

(Raphael, looking somewhat embarrassed) “You do have a tendency to recruit Angkor – so I passed out some warnings about that to the parents of the children you gave minor powers to in the restaurant. I threw in your recruiting brochure as well, both for fairness and to make sure that they knew what they were being warned against.”

(Kevin, frowning at Raphael) “I have granted a number of people here some minor psychic powers – and a limited protection from death, in that they will be able to come back via gate eventually if they so wish afterwards – but those are rather trivial abilities that can be granted without any major bond. I apologize for my colleague here; he believes in a rather… aggressive form of freedom of information, and tends to distribute it with a firehose. (with some exasperation) At least he did limit it to parents apparently…”

(Cartwright) “And such contracts are indeed illegal, although I am beginning to suspect that such contracts as yours were never considered when those laws were drafted. However this does bring us to the crux of the issue. While you may not have been advertising the contracts here, word has spread thanks to your colleagues, whom I am sure had the best of intentions one way or another. While such contracts are indeed illegal in our city, that does not prevent anyone from simply leaving and taking up your contract once they are outside our jurisdiction. Given the hostile nature of this world, the difficulty we’ve had in adapting to the local laws and magic, and the general unpleasantness of death, we are more than a bit concerned about a large number of our children and even young adults leaving to take up your contract at the first available opportunity. It wouldn’t take too many pursuing that route in order to jeopardize the survival of our city, our culture, and our way of life given the sensitivity of populations to things like emigration and growth rates.”

(Kevin) “Hm. I could open a gate and leave an embassy – but, while that would ensure the children’s safety it would simply make the “running off” problem worse – unless I simply sent them back to serve the first twenty or thirty years of their indentures here, assisting your colony and raising families. I could also attempt to erase the memories of this visitation throughout your colony – but there are often side effects to such attempts… I could simply extend all of your lifespans, while leaving the early maturation rate unchanged; an extra forty or fifty childbearing years would increase your population growth rate considerably.”

(Cartwright) “And this does bring up the question of how long one of these indentures last, and would it be possible to meet with a former indentured to ask his or her opinions as an alternate viewpoint?”

(Kevin) “Estimates on the indenture period vary; it’s until they fully master their powers… I estimate that the average will be about two centuries, and perhaps a bit more. The Unified Church estimates less than fifty. I’ve only been offering the contract for about ten years now, so “graduates” are scarce; there might be one or two available though; some of the kids who I reclaimed from the Fey had been in THEIR service for some millennia, and had already mastered the vast majority of the powers I bestow – and I think a few of them may have completed their indentures already. It will take a minute or two to check.”

Kevin started checking… There were the kids he’d gotten from the Fey… no, none of them had QUITE graduated yet, although a few seemed to be on the verge. He sent out a system-search query in Kadia… probably should have started with that… if there WERE any ex-Thralls available he’d be interested in hearing from one too!

Still, he might need an alternative… Perhaps a bishop? He sent a query to the Unified Church about a representative!

Marty suggested Thawban; he hadn’t heard from him in some time and he’d been missing his blood brother!

Still… to talk to mice in modern English? Besides… Kevin had no idea what side he might represent!

Perhaps they could get an angel to speak? Well, he sent a query that way too!

(Cartwright) “While I think we might all appreciate the offer of an increased lifespan, we are more than a bit leery of additional modifications done to our race, even if they are well-intentioned ones.”

Huh! Thanks to really fast timerates in some dimensions, two Thralls had indeed already made it to graduation! Although it looked like… it had indeed taken several hundred subjective years for them to make it. That was a bit of a surprise! Kevin had thought that most timerates tended to average close to Core over the long term… Well, they might have just happened to move from fast timerate to fast timerate, riding the fluctuations. Or maybe they’d just been a REALLY long ways out!

And… at least one of them was willing to drop by on short notice to oblige Kevin! That was nice of them!

The Unified Church was willing to send a representative too – AND an Messenger Angel was willing to stop by! That was nice of them too! He was kind of curious as to their opinions anyway! No one had ever really given him one beyond “we think you’re being very naughty!” a couple of times!

(Kevin) “Well! It looks like – due to some extreme fast time – there are a few Ex-Thralls available, so I’ll bring in one of them – and the Unified Church and an Angel are willing to come. Will that do?”

There was some murmuring in the crowd again at the notion of an actual Angel visiting, but eventually Cartwright will raise his hand to quiet the room again.

(Cartwright) “If I remember right, the Unified Church is a religious organization in the Core reality?”

(Kevin) “Yes indeed. There are a few sub-groups, but it does represent the primary religious authority in Core and the Manifold, with around three hundred billion adherents.”

(Cartwright) “Some day I really must see if I can visit that Core place. Especially if it has that many people… Very well then, I think that would do nicely if we could get a chance to speak with them about the situation and get their thoughts.”

Kevin had been including a rough estimate of the Manifold converts and adherents; the actual Core population was less than that. Of course, Cartwright didn’t know that.

Kevin opened the necessary gates and settled in to see what everyone would have to say!

Given the realm, everyone arrived as Anthropomorphs of course – the Ex-Thrall as a Five-Tailed Fox dressed as a mage or scholar (if the two were really any different locally), the Priest as a Dog, and the Angel as an glowing white Ethereal Wolf. It seemed to be a canine theme today!

(Cartwright) “Now, I welcome each of you to the Colony of the Rats and Mice of Nimh in the realm of Cyarkian. We were all just discussing the merits of the indenture contract Kevin provides and we were hoping for your opinions on the matter. But first may we have introductions? I am Mr Cartwright, the Speaker of this Council.”

Huh! He should have included a speaker for the computers!

Oh well! He’d just give everyone some personal terminals linked to Core for the moment; that would let them pull up the various figures and things as they wanted!

(Dog) “I am Father Joseph Macintire, and member of the clergy of the Unified Church of Core and a specialist in Manifold affairs.”

(Glowing Wolf) And I am Escrimera, an Angel of the Divine Heavens and messenger of the Divine Will. I will be more than happy to assist in providing what wisdom I can.

(Fox) “I’m Sherry Daniels, one of Mr. Sanwell’s former Thralls.” (Nod to Kevin.) “I’m happy to explain a bit.”

That was neat! He’d never gotten to find out what an ex-Thrall would really think, although he HAD been trying to make sure that it was a good opinion! After all, he wanted them to be willing to let their own children become Thralls!

(Cartwright) “And again I extend our welcome and my belief that this will only take a few minutes of your time. Sherry Daniels, could you please tell me your thoughts on the time you spent in indenture to Kevin?”

(Fox) “Well, I was an aide assigned to trading missions in the Manifold. I assisted various groups with navigating the dimensions, organizing outposts, and – sometimes – in fighting various threats. Looking back on it, it wouldn’t have always been fun without the Thrall-bond. I never felt unsafe, though. After all, I knew that even death – and I died twice guarding caravans – – would just send me back to headquarters and give me some time to relax. The powers the Thrall-bond granted were and still are very useful. They helped me establish my own consulting firm in one of the really far out realms.”

(Cartwright) “Interesting. Now, would you recommend to others that they take this same indentureship? And if so, would you have any warnings or things you feel need to be better communicated beforehand?”

Kevin couldn’t think of anything really – he was REALLY through on explaining… but if he was missing something how would he know? Perhaps that other deals were usually far worse, so don’t expect the same again?

(Fox) “Well… I’m not sure about other people. I dealt with several fast-time dimensions. Other people won’t get through it as quickly as I did by external clocks – although I’m not sure if that really matters. I was an orphan from the Linear Realms and there was no one concerned about me back home, so that wasn’t a concern. And don’t make a mistake about it; when the contract says you hand your will over to him, it’s not kidding. He’s REALLY decent for a thrallmaster, though. I haven’t found another deal so good. I’d say if somebody’s in a bad situation, or really wants the power – or just wants to adventure safely – go for it.”

Kevin cheerfully illuminated the sections in his contract on communications links and home visitation directives in his contract on the computers – with the note that those sections had been added since Sherry’s time as a Thrall.

(Cartwright) “And have you considered documenting your experiences for others to possibly learn from your experience? I would think it might be something others might find quiet informative to say the least.”

(Fox) “I’ve thought about it, considering some of the news I’ve heard from current Thralls. It would help clear up some misconceptions.”

Kevin waited for the inevitable question about her own kids. SOMEONE would surely ask! And he wanted to know too!

(Cartwright) “Indeed, now what would you say to the assertion that a number of these indentured servants managed to generate an explosion that would have destroyed a large town merely by accident and blatant disregard for the restrained use of their powers? Luckily no one was permanently injured, but the incident is more than a bit concerning on a number of levels.”

(Rusty, sotto voice…) “It was just a methane pocket in the swamp! A match might have done it! If there had been enough OTHER Thralls around – like you’d find in a town – they could have stopped it easy! Grumble, grumble, grumble… Didn’t mean to make trouble… Just because Kevin let me skip the training program because he was indulging me… It wasn’t like anyone was really hurt… Whine… I messed up and should be punished!”

Kevin shushed him.

(Fox, blinking) “Sounds like overly enthusiastic and inexperienced Thralls. Was there danger? Thralls are bound to serve Kevin’s will and ensure his safety. Do you know why those Thralls felt that an explosion was necessary?”

(Cartwright) “The exact circumstances aren’t entirely clear, but the reports indicate that there was the suggestion of a necromancer out in the swamps somewhere and at least two of them took off to blow it up.”

Meanwhile, the gist of Rusty’s little monolog was being passed around through the computers, since some of the council members had heard it.

(Fox) “Really, if what Rusty there said was the case, it was an accident. I’m glad no one was hurt. Still, Kevin is not perfect, and this is an example of it.”

(Cartwright arched an eyebrow at that.) “Now, would you recommend the contract to your own offspring?”

Kevin was hoping that she HAD. Of course, she could have had generations of descendants while still a Thrall – but she had been an early case, and not working in Kadia. She had probably predated the breeding program!

(Fox) “I would recommend that they read it thoroughly, and I’d certainly hope that they’d ask my permission and let me check to see if they really understood rather than running off – but if they wanted to go adventuring, or into rescue work, or see the Manifold, or something like that – then yes. Thralls may be property for awhile, but they’re well paid for it – and they’re SAFE.”

(Cartwright) “And you opinion on Kevin himself?”

Marty clapped his hands over Kevin’s ears – even though he suspected that it wouldn’t do a bit of good!

(Fox) “Well, he’s… complicated. He claims to be a Dark Lord. His use of power can be excessive, and there are plenty of thralls in jobs people would find demeaning, distasteful, or both. But even the ones in those positions get treated fairly well. And there are few Dark Lords I know of who actively rescue people… even if he does offer the contract as an alternative to selling them into slavery. I still haven’t made up my mind yet.”

Kevin was mildly indignant at that! He didn’t generally sell people into slavery! He just charged for rescue!

He made sure that the rescue, indenture, and recruitment procedures, as well the current Thrall assignment lists, and rules, and the number of refugees being hosted gratis, were all up on the computer terminals.

(Cartwright) “Fair enough. Now on to Father Joseph Macintire. Care to share your thoughts on the contract and Kevin himself?”

(Joseph) “Well, we have a number of concerns. First and foremost is the issue with distributing that kind of power to those barely past childhood. This has led to problems in the past, and the incident described in the swamp typifies our concerns on that part. It is the Church’s position that power should be acquired through hard work and effort as it teaches discipline and caution. Not via a loan program as per Kevin Sanwell’s setup. We are also concerned about the long term viability of a culture in the presence of a continued recruitment program. It is one of the reasons we have been particularly cautious regarding giving our endorsement of the program in Core. We’ve been watching the overall effects on continued recruiting in the Linear Realms and other locations to try and develop better models on the long term effects to population dynamics and ensoulment rates. With large scale recruitment only having been going on for less than ten years now, projections are spotty. We would be curious to know if Mr Sanwell has observed any thrall pairings bearing ensouled children since he can monitor things more readily than we can.”

Kevin did some more quick data-searches… His Core colonization programs were working fine, and the Thralls there were producing ensouled offspring, and his tests with dragons were working just fine too! Most of them were still in the shell – but a quite satisfactory percentage were already definitely ensouled, even though it was pretty hard to tell in the egg! Kadia was all right, Marty had lots of ensouled kids with Thralls, and Jarvain had had some. There were plenty of female Thralls employed as concubines too, and quite a few of them had produced children for their masters – and even most of them were ensouled. There didn’t seem to be any problems!

The elders had noted some potential problems, so he hadn’t been using overlay zones for anything but the dragon-experiment, and those were purely local – and linked to empty space in Core.

(Kevin) “Pregnant thralls are normally assigned to spend a good deal of time in Core. So far… the initial test groups have produced… er… 42,715 children. The Thralls can all detect whether or not a child has a soul, and so far there have only been a few cases of phantasmal births, all conceived, carried, and born in the Manifold in the early period before rotation to core was introduced”.

That did, of course, give away that he was running at least one private colony world for pregnant Thralls (And that he probably had several hundred thousand Thralls) – but that wasn’t going to be much of a surprise to the Church or the Heavens.

(Kevin) “Oh, a minor correction; I don’t normally sell anyone into slavery; I do charge rescue fees – and indenture those who cannot cover their rescue expenses – for the usual twenty-hour of work and twenty hours of school per week. The specifics are available online.”

(Joseph) “Interesting, that doesn’t line up with our projections at all. Must be something else going on then to act as a compensating factor.”

(Kevin) “I should also point out that the Thralls defensive, constructive, and healing powers normally exceed their offensive abilities – and they have sufficient control of time that milliseconds are enough to act in. Areas with Thralls scattered through them are extremely difficult to destroy. (To Joseph) As for a mitigating factor… If you are basing your projections on the Thralls I left with you… They were refugees from the realm of the fey, and had been manifold residents for several millenia. Might that be having an effect?”

(Joseph) “Possible, I would have to discuss that matter with some of my colleagues in the relevant departments. I was mainly made aware of a projected ensoulment fertility drop. The hypothesis was that the nature of the binding to you would interfere with the ensoulment process. Would it be possible to meet some that are expecting or have recently had children?”

(Kevin) “Certainly… Shall I send for some?”

(Joseph) “I think that can wait for the moment, I fear we may have deviated from the original topic of discussion here.”

(Kevin) “Well, it is related to the usual parent-child bond… Still, it shouldn’t interfere much more than having grandparents; there are soulbonds all over the place… I will have to check though! Still, we do have an Angel who’s been patiently waiting…”

(Cartwright) “Indeed, sorry to keep you waiting, but Escrimera, would you please give us your thoughts on the contract Mr Sanwell provides?”

Marty was considering… Kevin… was so easily distracted, and often NEEDED to be distracted from some weird and troublesome impulse… And he seemed to be willing to allow his “Pets” to act as distractions. The seemed to be relieving stress for him as well. Was “pet” actually going to be an important job?

Escrimera stepped forward to speak, her enormous white tail flowing gently behind her in a vaguely hypnotic pattern.

(Escrimera) “The Contract is a bond. It may be an artificially generated bond and one that can be replicated on a large scale, but it is a bond nonetheless. It is a bond of protection and power sharing, and as such has a number of benefits for the individuals involved. These sorts of things occur naturally from time to time and is something we feel is to be cherished and endorsed. However, the problem lies in the scale involved in this particular case.

What makes this so unusual is the sheer number of individuals being bound together through a single point: namely Kevin Sanwell. Something on this scale is largely unprecedented in human history. We share the Church’s concerns about the long-term impacts on a society that has been supporting long term recruitment strategies. We are also concerned with one or two of the more ambitious projects Mr Sanwell has been engaged in. But most of all, we are concerned with the effects having so many bonds and power focused on Mr Sanwell himself is having on him. After all, the bonds are a two way street. If the young… indentured are receiving such power from him, we are concerned with the flow back to him and what that is doing to him. Especially given the issues the young man has experienced with large imbuements of power in the past.”

Marty had removed his hands from Kevin’s ears. He needed to hear that!

Kevin thought that that wasn’t too informative! His entire LIFE was one giant “issue”!

Marty had to agree there! But having other people acknowledging it might help.

Kevin had just meant that he has no idea WHICH incidents might be being referenced! That was the trouble with angelic messages! They always seemed to leave out some of the vital bits!

(Escrimera) “Currently we are of the opinion that Mr Sanwell is as trapped by the power flows and contracts as the indentured are to him. We also suspect he is in some fashion being “shaped” by their expectations and feelings. I would be most interested in asking Sherry Daniels some questions about her thoughts on the matter if she is willing.”

(Fox) “Well, many Thralls do worship Kevin as their lord and master, though he doesn’t make it mandatory. I can still understand why they would. He grants them power that many of them thought was unimaginable. Many more thought it would take decades to gain that level of magic – and he grants them immortality and creates universes. By certain definitions, he is a god, and I suppose gods are shaped by the myths surrounding them.”

(Kevin) “Hey, it’s silly! They get all the power I can give them anyway!”

Marty sighed. He KNEW that Kevin was in no way in control of the steady power-growth – or of who got it! The way it was shaped by what Gelman had told the Thralls to look for, and the way that Dr Brenner was tapping into it, was enough to demonstrate that!

(Marty) “Hey, they believe in you. You say yourself that belief is power. Wouldn’t it be reasonable for some of that power to be two-way?”

Kevin had never really admitted that many of the powers and skills the Thralls were getting these days were things he’d never even considered – but no one had ever asked, and he was a bad liar.

Quite a few of the people listening found him fairly readable.

(Kevin) “Well of course it is!”

(Marty) “And while you had to get outside help to organize them, they learn all sorts of things without you having to teach them. Heck, I was as surprised as anybody else when they suddenly became administrators and parenting experts. And you and I acquired the same stuff.”

Marty wasn’t revealing that he’d talked to Gelman just yet…

Wait… that expression… Kevin DID get the stuff he was handing out didn’t he? Could he possible be granting the Thralls things that he’d never learned?

Marty thought back on Kevin’s child-management strategies – and ALL the Thralls were kids…

Kevin showed no trace of management skills at all did he…

Oh good grief! He really didn’t get the powers he bestowed!

(Marty, cautiously) “I was curious as to how much of that was your direct influence, though.”

(Kevin) “Oh, they mostly get the stuff they think they should… After all, there’s always SOMEONE on the thrall-network who possesses any needed skill. I have enough to do keeping things organized!”

His face was still giving too much away.

Marty… was just a little in shock. He’d known that Kevin didn’t have full control… but that wasn’t the same as “none at all!”.

(Marty, looking rather unnerved) “Um… so… you have no control over it at all? Just making sure here.”

(Escrimera, with some shock) “That is more than a bit disconcerting to say the least.”

Kevin had been kind of hoping that Marty would not announce that out loud!

Marty really hadn’t meant to – but he’d been pretty startled!

(Kevin, with some indignation) “Well, it can’t exactly be a conscious thing now can it? There are far too many of them! I control the basic package, but the divine power-bestowal stuff that goes with the feedback loop sort of runs on it’s own! You’ve seen that with Dr Brenner!”

(Marty) “Yeah, but… wow.”

(Kevin) “Well, being a deity is a service industry job you know! The followers get what they want…”

The church representative was shocked as well. That was… were the THRALLS actually more in charge of the relationship than KEVIN was? The Darkness gave you what you asked for… Had the boy EVER flat-out denied a request? He couldn’t think of an example in all the reports that he’d studied… was Kevin just wandering around like a… wishing stone in a child’s tale?

(Kevin) “And they want to have adventures and be safe, and to be free to do what they want while having someone tell them what to do, and to have power without working for it, and to have kids without having to worry about supporting them, and so on… So they get it. Adolescents want a lot of self-contradictory things!”

(Marty) “And… so do you. You’re a teenager too . . . though I forget that a lot of the time.”

(Escrimera) “Then perhaps might I recommend finding a mentor of some sort? Uncontrolled powers rarely work out well in the long run.”

(Kevin’s expression went… a little blank, and his voice became that of a many-toned chorus) “My ability to create the bond… is the result of a fabulously unlikely accident, perhaps unique in the history of our galaxy and of many others.

But nothing in the infinite universe is truly unique. Somewhere out there, there are others like myself – almost certainly older, since I am very, VERY, young on the cosmic scale.

Some of those will have utterly fallen to the evolutionary drive to dominate – and will be seeking to exterminate all other forms of life. If we are once again very, very, lucky, they will be so far away that cosmic expansion will forever separate us – or they will be engaged against multiple entities such as myself.

If not… we will either be prepared – or we will be annihilated. I am the Darkness that Defends. I will not permit that. The Core Universe will not fall to entropy. Humanity, and those who follow in our wake, will survive, and expand, without end.”

(Kevin, noticing the funny looks, and back to normal tones) “What?”

(Marty, worriedly) “Do you even know what you just said?”

(Escrimera, gravely) “Yes, I definitely think that qualifies as a problem.”

(Marty) “Yeah…”

(Kevin) “ I was talking about what adolescents want, what about it?”

(Escrimera) “I presume someone here is wearing smart clothes and has a recording?”

(Marty) “Yeah, I am.”

Marty played it back.

(Kevin, with annoyance) “I wish it would stop doing that!”

(Marty, cautiously) “What’s ‘it’?”

(Kevin) “The blasted Will of the Race! It’s a PAIN to get it back to napping when people wake it up with those questions! Most of the time it isn’t really AWARE, but whenever something triggers it to be aware of itself, it gets all focused!”

(Marty) “Kevin… that’s not normal! What the hell!?”

That was just the second or third time Kevin had seen Marty genuinely disturbed.

(Marty) “I thought you were channeling the Darkness, not that!”

(Kevin) “Oh, it’s prefectly “Normal”! It’s just that it’s supposed to be scattered over EVERYBODY’S head, not just in mine! And that IS the Darkness, it’s just the primordial version… Back from the days when self-awareness was just developing! Survive-Grow-Reproduce…”

(Marty) “Well, that explains some things…”

(Kevin, distractedly) “A good thing hareming is fun! Fortunately, the darkness tends to go back to sleep after I father a few dozen kids… Anyway, I think we’re getting off-topic again! Still… the Mind of the Race doesn’t want to get people killed; it wants them to live, since THEY want to live, and that’s why the Thralls will ALWAYS do a lot more protecting, rescuing, and healing than damage… Children have ALWAYS been the weapons of species survival. ”

(Escrimera) “Perhaps. That is not for me to judge – although I have concerns.”


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