For today, it’s another section of the Dragonlore for the Champions campaign – in this case, something that the kids often play with despite parental disapproval.

   Technology is hardly a draconic “speciality”. On the other hand, most of them grow up among species that use it and have to deal with it every so often. Quite a few of them dabble with it a bit as “kids”, if only because their parents don’t think much of it. While rare, the abilities given below do pop up every so often.

   As usual, these are a selection of “ultra” slots for the Dragonlore Multipower. Their active point costs are listed first, the real point cost is after the slash. The Dragonlore Multipower is the draconic equivalent of C’hi or the human martial arts – channeling the living magic of a dragon’s supernatural life force into arcane effects. This is not without it’s problems; Most obviously, this can easily overstrain the unskilled (requires an unmodified skill roll (-.25) to change slots, failure drains 4D6 each Stun and End, -1). Less obviously, it produces a unique, and easily recognizable, “signature” – making the user’s magic as distinctive as a fingerprint and readily detectable [a “Limited Power” or variant on “Visible” (-.25), coupled with “Detectable” (q.v. the Mystic Masters sourcebook, -.25). This can be very revealing to a knowledgeable observer – who may be able to discern the user’s species, sex, power levels, state of health, approximate age, rough “level of skill”, and so on, -.25). 64-pont multipower reserve; 21 points.

   Alchemic Dominion (64/2); 1D6 Major Transform, Half End Cost (+.25), Cumulative (+.5), Invisible to Sight (+.5) and Penetrating (+.5), in a 16″ Radius (+1.5). This “transformation” places any, and all, technological items it affects under the user’s control, changing them into obedient automatons. Locks, weapons, armor, vehicles and other technical items, will all fall under the user’s occult influence.

   Awakening (50/1) ; This exotic effect imbues an item – vehicle, weapon, statue, whatever – with a consciousness and will of it’s own. Sadly, the user can’t precisely control the “nature” of the spirit that shows up. Summon, 100-point AI (IE; add an AI to the item. It’ll usually have whatever skills are needed to “run” the item, some powers it can use to enhance said item, and sometimes even powers it can exert through said item. While most are reasonably “friendly”, a lot depends on the item and on the reason for “awakening” it). User cannot control exact results (-1) and 4x End (-1.5).

   Blackout (60/2); 1D6 Drain versus all technological devices (+2), continuous (+1), ranged (+.5), penetrating (+.5), 0 End (+.5), Uncontrolled (+.5). This effect may be countered, and shut down, by simply replacing the power supply and /or by changing clips. It’s not really fast enough to be a major combat tactic, but it’s very handy for doing things like “disarming” bombs.

   Chaos Barrage (64/2); 1D6 RKA NND (Versus being alive, +1), Does BODY (+1), 5-Shot Autofire (+1), and 32 Charges (+.25).

   Chaos Cascade (60/1); 1D6 RKA, 1-Hex Area Of Effect (+.5), Five Shot Autofire (+.5), Penetrating III (+1.5), 64 “Charges” (+.5), only affects technological devices (-1). A common variant has only Penetrating II and 16 Charges – but affects a 16″ Radius. In either case, this tends to be hard on gadgets and power armor.

   Chaos Pulse (45/1); Change Environment (All more or less “conventional” [IE; magical, biotech, and muscle-powered items are unaffected) devices to “on”. Guns fire, bombs start counting, and so on. Don’t pull this in a munitions dump), 32″ Radius, 0 End Cost (+.5).

   Chaos “Zone” (62/2); 2D6 “Suppress” versus all (+2) “conventional” technologies (+2), 0 End cost (+.5), uncontrolled (1D6 minutes, +.5), 128″ radius (+2.25).

   Cybrenetic Telepathy (60/2); Actually this consists of two slots; Computer Programming at a 20-, ranged (+.5), invisible to sight (Visible to mental and mystical senses, +.5) and Lockpicking 20-, with identical advantages. Both require a full phase (5), the use of a “Dragons Eye” (Basically an “IIF”, -.25), and only work on more-or-less “conventional” systems.

   Disassemble (60/2); 1D6 Minor Transform, Cumulative (+.5), Continuous (+1), Uncontrolled (+1), 0 End Persistent (+1), Penetrating II (+1) and Invisible to sight (+.5). “Transforms” technological devices into piles of components. These can be re-assembled, but it will take time, lots of skill, and probably quite a bit of money. This tends to unnerve power-armor types – as their armor vibrates itself to pieces around them.

   Dynamism (37/1); Change Environment (Power on), 32″ radius, 1/2 End. As a note, this can be used to replace damaged generators and such, simply by going to where they’re supposed to be and “turning the power back on”.

   Intuitive Engineer (30/1); Demolitions, Systems Op, Electronics, Mechanics, Inventor, and Security Systems, all on an 11-.

   Lesser Warp (60/2); 16D6 Dispel, versus any one (+.25) “technical” power. This is generaly used for things like getting rid of poisonous gases – or shutting down out-of-control devices.

   Long Thumb (62/1); “Summon” any (+.25) vehicle and/or operator of up to 100 points. Vehicle must really be available and must arrive normally (-2). A very rare power, and a quite blatantly magical one, the “Long Thumb” summons a ride – whether cab, truck, or TARDIS. You don’t generally get to keep the vehicle – and it may not be headed exactly where you want to go – but there is no problem of “control”. If the driver wasn’t willing to give you a ride he, she, or it, wouldn’t have stopped for you.

   Machine Empathy (20/1); This exotic ability permits it’s user to employ “standard” mental powers against computers and automatons once they’ve attuned their mind to them. While this won’t help anyone else do so (hence the “invisible effects”), if too many people do this to one system there’s a severe risk of “waking it”. +1 Ego, usable versus others at range (Won’t work on anybody who has an innate EGO score, +1.5), fully invisible (+1), indirect (+.5), no range penalty (+.5), 0 End and persistent (+1), 2x armor-piercing (+1), “uncontrolled” (+.5), ranged (+.5), 10x increased range (To 1.2 million miles, +2.5) and personal immunity to the “invisible effects” part (+.25). As a note, mental powers “only usable versus computers and automatons” are bought with a -1.5 Limitation. Computers generally have no objection to doing what they’re told, and have no unconscious mind either, making telepathy and mind control quite easy to use.

   Misfire (50/2); 1D6 Drain versus any one technological power (+.25), 0 End Cost (+.5), Invisible to Sight (May be detected by mental and magical sensed, +.5), Penetrating (+.5), recovers 5/minute (+.25), 48″ Radius (+2). This is most often used to shut down RKA weaponry.

   Occultechnics (50/2); Aid, 8D6 to any single (+.25) technical power.

   Phoenix Renewal (40/1); 2D6 Minor Transformation to “Fully Charged” (Charges renewed, “Endurance Batteries” full, fuel topped up, etc), 0 End Cost (+.5), Cumulative (+.5). Only versus technological devices (-1).

   Psi-Mechanics (45/1); Detect “Machines”, Ranged and Discriminatory with a “+1” on the perception check, plus N-Ray Vision (Only to see “into” machines) and Eidetic Memory (Only to recall the principles, and designs, of successfully analyzed machines, -1).

   Quality Control (48/1); Aid, 2D6 Max 20, to any one technical power (+.25), -1/year (+2.5) – and difficult to dispel (+.25). Requires a full minute to activate (-1.5).

   Scanning (30/1); “Eidetic Memory” and “Speed Reading” at 1/2 (0) End (+.25), only to download computer data (-1), 1D6 Cumulative (+.5), Based On ECV (+1), 1/2 End Cost (+.25), “Cosmetic” Transform (“Writes” data to computer media and/or memory). Note that this does NOT include the necessary mindlink. You need telepathy.

   Short Circuit (60/2); 2D6 Energy Blast, NND (Versus not touching a powered technological device; this causes energy leaks, +1), zero End cost persistent (+1), continuous (+1), uncontrolled (+.5) and 16″ radius effect (+1.5). This can be “shut down” on a “character basis” by discarding all powered equipment. It can be shut down “on” the equipment by installing a new power supply. Until this is done, the affected equipment will remain dangerous.

   Snatch (50/2); 10″ Teleport usable versus others (Does not affect living beings) at range (+1.5).

   Tale Of The Forge (50/1); Clairsentience, Hearing and all visual senses, with postcognition. Only to permit the reconstruction of mechanisms and reveal the history of manufactured (Or hand-crafted) items (-1), must have said item, or pieces of the mechanism, to examine (-.5), and the “tale” is always presented from the very beginning, although it will be summarized to fit into play (IE; An artifact which floated around in space for a hundred thousand years might reveal; “There I drifted for long eons before-“, -.5).

   Technical Dominance (50/2); Change Environment, 16″ radius (Manipulate technological items within normal operational parameters, variable, +1) 502

   Tech Legion (50/2); 2D6 Aid to all (+2) “technical” powers, 0 End cost (+.5), selective extended radius effect (8″ Radius, +1.5).

   TechScan (43/1); Detect “Tech” (EG – “conventional” Computers/AI’s, Automatons, and Electronics), discriminatory, ranged, targeting, and 360 degrees. 6x 1-Minute Charges (-).

   TechScan II (50/2); +25 on Per. rolls with “Detect” slot, 6x one-minute charges (-).

   Techwright (30/1); 1D “Major” Transform, cumulative (+.5), to any technological item of the same or lesser point cost (+.25), 1/2 End (+.25), only works on technological devices (-1), no range (-.5). As a note, this talent may also be used to repair things.

   Usurpation (44/2); Actually, this “power” includes 2 slots; one for “Combat Piloting” and one for “Combat Driving”. Combat-“X”, 13-, indirect (+.5), no range penalty (+.5), ranged (+.5), 0 End cost (+.5) and 4x extended Range (+1). Control struggles may be resolved with skill versus skill rolls – but are very likely to end up with the vehicle out of control.

   Weird Science (62/-); Summon any technological item (+.25) worth up to 100 points. Requires one hour of tinkering per point in the device to be “summoned” to use (-4), devices generally cannot be duplicated (q.v. Foci, -.5), Bulky, Expendable, OAF (Weird science almost always requires bizarre, and hard-to-come-by items, although they may be different for each item you create, -2), 14- activation (Sometimes a device just can’t be made to work, -.5), two charges/week (-2), side effects (An 8D6 stun only energy blast explosion usually. It’s traditional, -1). Devices created via weird science ordinarily have a distinctive “Jules Verne” or “Mad Scientist” look and feel.

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