Eclipse – The Hellguide Level One Build

   Our next sample level one Eclipse classless d20 character build is the Hellguide. This individual was ruthless and vicious, for what he or she believed was a good and sufficient reason – whether it was avenging the innocent, stopping some horrific plot, or battling an evil empire. In the end, even the most ruthless tactics and a willingness to die were not enough; the Hellguide took many of his or her enemies along with him or her – but fell at last.

   But that was not the end. Whether due to some horrific pact, due to higher powers offering some last chance for redemption, due to being sent back to hunt down escaping spirits, or due to there being ways out of the abyss for those who have truly come to regret what they have done, the Hellguide has returned – with a mission, a few spiritual powers, and with the potential for more.

   The only true end for the Hellguide will be redemption – or a fall into irredeemable darkness.

  • Disadvantages: (Select three disadvantages for 10 CP).
  • Duties (as agreed to with the game master, +2 CP/Level).
  • Total available character points: 48 (Level One Base) + 10 (Disadvantages) +2 (Duties) + 6 (Level One Bonus Feat) = 66, 18 of which (from disadvantages, duties, and the bonus Feat) may be spent outside of the Adventurer framework restrictions.

   Basic Attributes: Str 16, Int 16, Wis 10, Con 12, Dex 10, Chr 8 (28 point buy).

   Attributes aren’t too important in this case, but a good Intelligence and a lousy Charisma do seem in order.

   Basic Purchases (30 CP):

  • Proficient with All Simple Weapons and Martial Weapons (9 CP), and Light Armor (3 CP).
  • +4 Skill Points (4 CP)
  • +2 on Will Saves (6 CP)
  • d12 Hit Die (8 CP)
  • Initial BAB +0 (0 CP).

   Special Abilities (36 CP):

  • Unique Returning: The Hellguide will always return until he or she either achieves redemption or becomes utterly and unrepentantly evil. Specialized and Corrupted/the Hellguide may have to achieve various spiritual quests, escape from the underworld, or accept strange missions in exchange for his or her return. In addition, various supernatural entities may either take a special interest in the Hellguide or take advantage of his or her return to escape into the normal world (6 CP).
  • 2d6 Personal Mana with the Resilience option, Specialized/only usable for Resilience and to power Rune Magic, marks it’s user as a user of dark powers whenever drawn upon (6 CP).
  • Rite of Chi with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized/requires candles, various occult appurtenances, and at least fifteen minutes to activate (4 CP).
  • Favored Foe/variant focused on knowledge of specific planes and ritual types related to those planes. Specialized/can only select really nasty planes and their associated rituals (3 CP).
  • Occult Ritual, Specialized/all rituals must draw on dark powers and are blatant feats of evil magic, Corrupted/all rituals cost mana and are exhausting to perform (2 CP).
  • Adept (Spellcraft, Knowledge/The Planes, and Rune Magic/Infernal Powers (both Casting and Mastery, 6 CP).
  • Damage Reduction 2/-, Corrupted to 2/Good (although it continues to affect both physical and energy damage, 2 CP).
  • Privilege/may act as a guide who’s presence provides a limited degree of safety throughout a variety of unpleasant dimensions, Specialized/this attracts demands for the Hellguides special services (1 CP).
  • Witchcraft II, Specialized/requires the use of a ritually-prepared focusing talisman that is blatantly obvious when in use and cannot affect holy targets or true innocents – whether for good or ill (6 CP).
    • Note that, since advanced witchcraft abilities require having at least 12 character points invested in basic witchcraft, and pacts provide bonus character points to buy advanced witchcraft abilities with, the Hellguide cannot profit from any pacts until he or she builds up the basics a bit. On the other hand, buying off that pesky specialization (and purchasing a little more power and full basic witchcraft) is an obvious priority.
  • I’d still like to get some Witchcraft, more Skills, and some BAB or possibly some low-level Immunities to provide resistance to various attacks – but that sort of thing will have to wait. Unless you can persuade the game master to let you have some of that in a race or in a package deal, there just aren’t enough points at the moment.

   Further Advancement: Well, the Hellguide looks like a fighter or rogue type augmented with a variety of hellish powers – so you’ll want fighter or rogue style combat abilities, better saves, and powers like presence (probably an aura of fear), more mana, rite of chi, and rune magic skills, as well as supernatural companions and contacts. Power Words would be handy, and – depending on how you feel about clawing your way out of the pit – buying off a few of those evil limitations on your abilities might be nice as well.

   The Hellguide may be an awkward fit in a lot of campaigns, depending on both the campaign style and it’s cosmology. If killed, it will also call for the occasional solo adventure, which will either be awkward and involve a split party or will have to be run between regular sessions. On the other hand, the build definitely does have flavor, and certainly comes with plothooks. Personally, I’d be inclined to make the effort.

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