Star Wars – Keldav Family and Friends Background 2

Old Republic Alderaan

Crevasse City

Marcus and Ceren Keldav met at a botanical exhibition on Alderaan. Marcus was an artist specializing in grass painting, having inherited a landscaping business from his father and was quickly making a name for himself in professional landscaping. Ceren was botanist specializing in gene expression. The two of them quickly hit it off while discussing the difficulties in finding grasses of a certain shade of blue. The pair were married two years later. Together the business flourished as Marcus’ artistry was combined with Ceren’s ability to create new combinations of colors and breeds of grass. Over the years, they would end up doing grasspainting and landscaping work at many prominent institutions on Alderaan. Together, they had three children: Sabrina, Kira, and Nichel.

Together the three siblings have largely been inseparable. The children often had to help out with the family business. Sabrina usually helped their mother with the color genetic experiments, and Nichel took to helping their father with the designing process. This frequently left Kira on seed duty. This usually meant grab the bags of seeds based on the colors (usually unlabeled) specified and load the seeds into the hovervan for dispersal. Mistakes were not infrequent. Kira quickly began to despise grass painting and work in general.

Outside of work, the trio and their friends would scheme together on many things, from sneaking cookies from the kitchen, to beating Sabrina’s ex-boyfriends and sneaking off to various locations at night. Sabrina usually took the lead as the clever one. Nichel was typically the “spokesman” of the group with his cute smile and “I’m innocent” face. Kira most of the time ended up being the muscle of the group and the one with the most street smarts. Barcos would mediate disputes and back Kira up or restrain him as the case may be. Nathan would declare they shouldn’t be doing whatever they were up to but tag along anyway, and Dorothy would frequently keep a look out or scout ahead.

Things began to calm down when the group grew older and began to go into higher education. While the rest of the group have begun to find their own paths in life, Kira has struggled. While his sister’s displeasure has prevented Kira from falling too far, his lack of interest in any career has prevented him from making much progress either. His friends have been stepping up trying to help him find a path in life.

When the Sith attempted to invade Alderaan, a great number of the citizenry were drafted into the defense forces in an attempt to fight off the Sith. Kira, not quite making the grades to avoid the draft, quickly found himself in the Alderaan Defense Force. While he managed to survive the destruction of the cruiser Naichron that he was stationed aboard, Kira ended up captured by the Sith in the aftermath of the battle.

While at first the Keldavs mourned for Kira in the wake of the Naichron’s destruction, reports began to roll in that Kira may have survived and been captured by the Sith. The most recent rumors to appear about Kira appearing in Sith clothing, wielding a lightsaber and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake has turned a overjoyed family into one gripped with concern and fear.

Barcos, Dorothy, and Nathan have in the meantime been keeping in touch with the Keldavs and trying to be on top of any news that might be heard about Kira. Marcus and Ceren strongly suspect that the rumors are true and Kira has indeed fallen further than they could have imagined. Nichel, while believing Kira has indeed fallen, firmly believes Kira can be redeemed. Sabrina believes Kira has not fallen and is adamant that there must be some kind of misunderstanding behind all of this. After all, her little brother couldn’t have become a monster, could he?

Sabrina Keldav (age 25)

The oldest of the three siblings. Like her mother, Sabrina is very much interested in the medicine and biology. Her studies through school and college consistently got high marks and she is well on her way to gaining a position at the premier medical center on Alderaan. Her interests include studying unusual medical cases, collecting DNA samples, and playing the piano.

Kira Keldav (age 21)

Middle of the three siblings, Kira was born with a genetic defect preventing his body from generating pigment, also known as albinism. The black sheep of the family (although affectionately referred to as the “white sheep” by his sister), Kira’s lack of respect for authority was only matched by his utter lack of direction in life. While Kira managed to avoid getting kicked out of school, he did have to be bailed out of jail by his older sister a few times after some brawls. Past-times include: holovids, women, and martial arts.

Nichel Keldav (age 18)

Youngest of the three siblings, Nichel very much takes after his father with a flair for artistry. Nichel has always been the one most eager to help out with the landscaping work his parents do. Currently going to school to learn enough botany to eventually take over the family business. While he shares Kira’s popularity with the ladies, Nichel has thus far managed to keep it from being a problem. Nichel has managed to maintain the cute persona and winning smile that served him well in childhood. Interests include: painting, animal riding, and history.

Nathan Olath (age 22)

Friend of the Keldav siblings, Nathan has been informally in charge since Sabrina left for advanced medical school. He has been told by Sabrina to keep Kira in line on penalty of death. Mostly he has worked on this by finding other ways for Kira to pass the time other than bar hopping. He has had moderate success after getting Kira enrolled in a local martial arts center. While normally very shy, Nathan is the responsible one and is typically trying to find ways to keep everyone occupied within bounds. Currently studying to become a computer and droid engineer. Interests include: droids, programming, and Lithesian dramas.

Dorothy Glithe (age 20)

Friend of the Keldav siblings, Dorothy is typically the most outspoken of the group. Arguments between Dorothy and Sabrina can get quite intense if the two have a difference of opinion on something. While generally seen as more feminine than Sabrina (something she teases Sabrina about to no end), she has proven a master at collecting contacts, favors, and information and putting them to devastating use. Dorothy has also managed to keep her record pristine despite what may have gotten listed on the rest of the group’s records. She also currently has a crush on Kira (and in the past Nichel) that she thinks she has managed to keep secret from everyone thus far. Currently studying political science and is hoping to gain an internship within the Alderaan government or possibly even with the office of the Alderaan Senator. Interests include: psychological thrillers, political history, and the latest fashions.

Barcos Bernelli (age 20)

Friend of the Keldav siblings, Barcos is large for a human. Indeed his subspecies of humans, the Mertenel, are typically 2.5 meters in height. Away from their low gravity homeworld Mer though, they need special medical attention in order to survive higher gravities. Barcos had received an artificial heart when he was little and requires medication to keep his blood vessels strong against the added pressure. His giant size belies a fast physique and long reach. Barcos is the calm one, always trying to mediate disputes or suggest other more mild courses of action, although he is more than willing to put himself between two intractable people (frequently Sabrina and Dorothy) and use his immense size to preclude further conflicts. Currently studying to become a professional negotiator and trusted neutral diplomat. Interests include: reading, debating, and strange or unusual philosophies.


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