Exalted: The Wyld Tides

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And welcome to Our Creation Sir!

Once upon a time, the default fate of the Exalted universe – back before the multiple world-ending threats period and presuming that the PC’s didn’t stop it – was dissolution into the Wyld. After all… the forces of the Wyld were endless. Rather a lot of players took that to say that the Raksha would swarm over Creation, and were a world-ending threat.

There were some cheesy ways in the first and (un-errataed) second edition book that let you make individual Raksha who operated on the level of the Celestial Exalted – which seemed to bear out that opinion. Sure, only the most exceptionally cheesy builds could do that – but wasn’t that what being a PC was all about?

And then the errata hit, and Raksha became… rather minor annoyances even WITH cheese.

That is, of course, the way that they’re supposed to be in the setting. Sure, the Ishvara and the greatest of the Unshaped were somewhat menacing – but there weren’t really any rules for that; they were far outside the normal range of play.

What really makes the Wyld menacing hasn’t changed though.

It’s the simple fact that anything you can describe, and lots of things that you can’t, can rise up from it at any moment – even if they’re so powerful and complex that the odds say that they shouldn’t appear for ten to the fiftieth years.

For example, I can easily write up…

The Iconic Wyld

  • All Abilities and Characteristics, including Graces: 1000
  • Essence: 100
  • Essence Pool: One Billion Motes
  • Health Levels: One million each -0. -1. -2. -3. -4. -5, -6, -7, -8, -9, -10, Incapacitated.
  • Will: 10,000
  • Mutations: Up to 100 points. These may be freely rearranged at the start of any tick.


  • All charms suitable for any type of creature with minimum essence requirements of 60 or less save for Fate keyworded charms. For this purpose Solar charms have their essence requirements doubled, Lunar and Sidereal Charms have their essence requirements multiplied by 1.5 (rounded up),

Panapoly Charms:

  • Trending Towards Perfection: Recovers 1% per tick of any core value (Ability, Characteristic, Essence, Essence Pool, Health Levels, Will, Graces) that is currently reduced.
  • Illimitable Chaotic Mastery: May combo its charms at will without cost provided that the total essence requirements of the charms involved is below it’s essence. If above, it must pay a point of temporary willpower to combo whatever it likes.
  • Problems of Scale: Unwanted Shaping, Crippling, Poison, Disease, and other keyworded effects, as well as unkeyworded effects other than damage, may simply be ignored at a cost of ten motes. This is a perfect defense that does not work against any creature with higher essence. Against creatures with higher essence the Iconic Wyld must actively deploy charms.
  • Overwhelming Smiting: The Iconic Wyld may attack areas of up to twenty miles across without the use of charms. It’s just that big and powerful.
  • Shinma Slaying Meditation: The Iconic Wyld may unmake, modify, and remake the Shinma at will at the cost of one million motes and 100 temporary will. (Creating and transforming primordials, or it’s own Exalts, is a far lesser act).
  • The True Grace of the Infinite Revolving Spheres: The Iconic Wyld may split itself up into up to 1000 independent entities. These divide up it’s essence pool, health levels, and the effects of Trending Towards Perfection, but it’s other abilities remain the same for all of them.

Strange Sense Of Humor: The Iconic Wyld thinks Raksha are cute and funny. If a dozen or more Raksha can be convinced to tell it jokes and perform monty-python style skits for it for at least a day, it will wander off beyond the influence of the Shinma once again and will not reappear for 1d10 hundred thousand years.

Soak: 1000B/500L/200A, Hardness 100.

But wait! Doesn’t this violate the notion that the PC’s are ALWAYS the protagonists, and that their actions are always vital?

No, it doesn’t. PC’s are always central in pretty much EVERY game – but that doesn’t mean that they have to have the most power. Remember; you can play a mortals game in Exalted, and the PC’s remain the central, most important, people in the setting. In a game with mortal protagonists… Exalts are powerful background scenery and resources for the PC’s. If you ever do want to use something like the Iconic Wyld… you just have to ensure that it’s either a backdrop for the PC’s adventures or that it has some weakness they can exploit. Figuring out that you need to recruit some Raksha entertainers and getting them to amuse the Iconic Wyld until it goes away is just as much a PC victory as punching it out of existence – and a much more interesting one.

3 Responses

  1. Nuh-uh! Can’t be done.

    No creature like that can exist. Twinked starting Solars can kill anything, so therefore anything which can’t be killed by a twinked starting Solar can’t exist. QED.

    (Yes, that’s a joke.)

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  3. […] The Wyld Tides: The Iconic Wyld and powers from beyond. […]

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