Arith Lewauken

   Arith is Mecha pilot from the IronWinds campaign. He was a hit-and-run commando-style combatant, who popped up, inflicted a few casualties, blew up anything that looked vulnerable, and dropped back to recover from whatever damage he’s taken from return fire. There were several better fighters in the campaign, but few better commandos or saboteurs.

   Of course, he became a bit more ominous (even if there weren’t any actual game effects) after he acquired the ability to enforce his totemistic faith via soul-stealing Witchcraft. There weren’t any divine protests: apparently whatever divine powers there might be in the IronWinds setting didn’t approve of the Hegemony either.

   He even managed to convert several of the other characters, if only because his minor magical abilities were still better than most of them had ever seen.

   Like all the characters for the Ironwinds campaign, Arith was designed using the rules from Eclipse: The Codex Persona (available in print Here or in a shareware edition Here).


   Arith was a originally a primitive tribesman who – faced with the gradual encroachment of civilization – joined up with its military. After all, his totemistic faith promised that each opponent you killed would forever serve you in the land of spirits – so once you had killed one to stand in your place for whoever eventually killed you, further kills would only increase your otherworldly wealth and status.

   He served his commanders for years with frightening efficiency – and enough attitude to ensure that he never rose in rank enough to take him off of direct combat, scouting, or special-operations assignments. Several times, between wars, he “aged” enough to retire – and then returned to duty under a new name. He seduced women, fathered children, and showed them what he could of the old tribal ways.

   Few elected to follow them.

   Chosen to pilot a mecha, and faced with an opponent that was attempting to kill off all other human life, Arith was pretty much in his element. Given the situation (as per the IronWinds timeline), no one was likely to complain about “Excessive Force” or even “Major War Crimes” unless he actually managed to totally exterminate the Hegemony.

   He’d have to start trying to lay in a stock of weapons of mass destruction just in case the opportunity came up.


Arith Lewauken

   Tribal Warrior. Witch Doctor. Mecha Pilot. Military Trainer. Ironwinds Campaign, Level 8 Human.

   Setting Bonus Feats (0 CP): Mecha Piloting and Mecha Weapons

   Racial Bonuses: Human. +1 Feat (Innate Enchantment, Corrupted [must follow totemistic religion, obvious tribal tattoos, x1.5 effect], +2 Int, Dex, and Con [4200 GP], True Strike 3/Day [840 GP], Skill Mastery [+2 Competence bonus with all skills, 1400 GP], Wrath [+2 Morale bonus to Str and Con, +1 to Will Saves, -2 AC, when active], Resistance [+1 on Saves, 700 GP]. Total 7140 GP out of 7500 available), Fast Learner (+1 SP/Level, 6 CP).

   Character Points: 216 (L8 Base) + 2 CP/Level Duties (active military service), + 10 CP Disadvantages (compulsive womanizer, history, and obligations/dependent children). Total 242 CP.

   Level Based Bonuses: +2 Dex (L4 and L8), L1 Feat: Adept (may buy the Demolitions, Repair, Treat Injury, and Disable Device skills at half cost). His L3 and L6 Feats were devoted to Witchcraft. He also took his three permissible Witchcraft Pacts – Service/Spirit, Service/Epic Quest (destroy the Hegemony and convert others to his religion), and Vow/Rituals (various minor tribal rituals). No cost.

   Basic Attributes: Strength 14 (16/+3), Dexterity 17 (19/+4), Constitution 14 (16/+3), Intelligence 14 (16/+3), Wisdom 14 (16/+3), and Charisma 14/+2.


  • Reflex: +4 (purchased, 12 CP) +4 (dexterity) = +8
  • Fortitude: +2 (purchased, 6 CP) +3 (constitution) = +5
  • Will: +1 (purchased, 3 CP) +3 (wisdom) = +4

Hit Dice: L1 d20 (16 CP), L2-8 d6 (12 CP), HP 74 + 18 = 92.

Move: 30

Initiative: +4

Warcraft: +7 BAB (42 CP)

Armor Class: 10 (Base) + 4 (Dexterity) +6 (Smartclothes and Wealth) = 20 (28 in his Mecha).

Proficiencies: Light Armor, All Simple, Martial, and Exotic Weapons (18 CP).

Usual Weapons:

  • Heavy Pistol: +13/+8, 2d8+2, 40′ Range, Crit 20/x2, 8 Shots, SA
  • Assault Rifle: +131/+8, 2d8+2, 80′ Range, Crit 20/x2, 30 Shots, SA/FA (Integral grenade launcher)
  • Grenade. +13/+8, 40′ Range, 3D6+2 10’R, Reflex DC 15, 8 Shots
  • Unarmed: +12/+7, 1D4+5, Crit 20/x2.

   Arith’s weapon bonuses are straightforward: +7 BAB, +2 Wealth (see below), and either +4 Dex or +3 Strength.


Other Abilities (Adventurer Template Limit: 108 CP + 10 (Disadvantages) + 2/Level (Duties) = 136):

   Innate Enchantment (+6 CP/9000 GP for 9360 available): +2 Wis and Str (2800 GP), Immortal Vigor I (+12 + 2 x Con Mod HP, 1400 GP), Fortune’s Favor 0 (+1 Luck bonus to Skill and Attribute checks, 700 GP), Void Sheathe (1000 GP), Eldritch Armor (+1 Fortification, 1400 GP), Psychic Piloting Link (acts as +2 levels of Neural Interface, 1000 GP), upgraded True Strike (to 1/day/level, 560 GP), and Mending (Repairs one point of Mecha damage, 700 GP). Total 9560, the GM decided to allow the extra 200 GP worth).

   Arith was using Void Sheathe to store his various weapons and equipment kits – including the nerve gas, fusion warhead, and assorted bioweapons he’d managed to acquire. “Ready for anything” – or at least ready to wipe out a few million people – was his motto.

   Fast Learner (6 CP): Specialized in Adept skills, double effect for +2 SP/Level.

   Augmented Bonus (Improved, Advanced) (18 CP): Dexterity to skill points/level. Specialized: only for tribal skills (double effect)

   Assistant (Aid Another actions provide a +4 bonus to skills, attacks, and checks, 4 CP), Reflex Training (Aid Another is a free action once per turn, 4 CP), with Doubled Radius Blessing (Up to [Charisma+2] additional characters, corrupted: previous two abilities only, 8 CP). All Specialized: Only works for 2d4 rounds after he takes a round out to give directions, +50% effect (+6 Bonus), 2/3’rds cost.

   Luck plus Bonus Uses (8 CP): Reroll, or “Take 20” on any roll if used in advance, five times per day. Corrupted: costs 2 Power per use (2/3’rds cost).

   Martial Arts (3 CP): Considered Armed in unarmed combat, may cause 1d4 lethal damage without weapons.

   Reflex Action (6 CP): May take an extra action at any time during a round three times per day. +2 Bonus Uses: Specialized, only while piloting a Mecha (1 CP).

   Mana (8 CP): +4d6 (19 rolled) Power.

   Rite of Chi + 4 Bonus Uses (12 CP): May take a few minutes to regain 3D6 Power 5/Day.

   Privilege (6 CP): Has a Wealth Level Template, as per The Practical Enchanter, basing his effective wealth level on the number of enemies he’s killed. This shot up to “Wealthy” when he set up an explosion that took out a major Hegemony base, killing nearly 30,000 people, at L6. That also allowing him to support his friends/major converts at an effective Wealth Level of Affluent and many more at Well-Off. Sadly, the Legal Privileges, Mounts, Pets, and Familiars, Recognition, Retainers, Skill, and Training benefits did not apply. It still gave him a +2 Wealth bonus on his Armor and Shields, reduced an Armor Check penalty by 2, let him use seven Charms and three Talismans, and gave his Weapons an effective +2 bonus.

   Doubled Enthusiast (Specialized in Mecha Upgrades, double effect for +4 Mecha Upgrades, 6 CP).

   Witchcraft: (13 CP + two bonus feats (worth 12 CP) plus 3 Pacts (Service/Spirit, Vow/Tribal Rituals, and Service/Epic Quest, worth 18 CP), for a total effective value of 43 CP).

Basic Abilities: (Choice of 7, base Power of 17 [36 total], 18 CP)

  • Glamour: Projective Telepathy: +6 on relevant social skills for 1 Power/10 Minutes, L0/L1 spells for 1/2 power. Allows rapid teaching, suggestions, and communications.
  • The Hand of Shadows: Tricks are free, 1 Power/Minute for things you can physically do, 1 Power/Hour worth of light work done, minor animations 2 or 4 power for heavy work.
  • Healing: One day’s worth in an hour for 1 power with +5 bonus vrs diseases and toxins, this also throws off the effects of drugs and intoxicants. Directly heal 1d4/power up to a maximum of 3d4/round.
  • The Inner Eye: Thought-sensing, detect presences, share senses, read psychic impressions. +6 on relevant Spot, Sense Motive, and Listen checks for 1 power per 10 minutes.
  • Shadowweave: 1 power for 10 minutes of minor illusions, can provide +6 to relevant rolls and hide small actions, make blinding flashes, darkness, etc. May cover a HTH strike to gain a +3 bonus.
  • Witchfire: Molecular TK. 1d8/3d6 damage for 1/2 power, +1 for small area, -1 if using flame, create prestidigitation level effects for 1 power/10 minutes), extract, infuse, or manipulate chemicals for 1-2 power, make sounds and voices for 1 power/10 minutes.
  • Witchsight: Sharpen or expand senses, 1 power for hour for a +6 bonus on relevant checks or minor special sensory ability.

Advanced Abilities (25 CP):

  • Leaping Fire (Corrupted: requires obvious tribal tattoos and following of peculiar totemistic religion, 4 CP): Metabolic enhancement. 2 power to add a move-equivalent action or +4 initiative bonus. 3 power to haste yourself for 3d4 rounds. 1 power to heal (1d4+Con Mod) HP per round for 5 rounds or eliminate fatigue, 3 power to eliminate exhaustion.
  • Breath of Puruza (Corrupted: requires obvious tribal tattoos and following of peculiar totemistic religion, 4 CP): Metabolic support. 2 power to override paralysis or agony, 2 power per day to override the need to eat or drink, 2 power per 10 points into “dead” to survive horrible wounds (for a time), can suspend breathing, etc.
  • Longevity (Specialized: youthfulness varies with how recently he’s killed someone in battle, 3 CP): Middle Aged 215, Old 323, Venerable 430, Maximum 496.
  • Grounding (Corrupted, requires obvious tribal tattoos and following of peculiar totemistic religion, 4 CP): Energy dissipation. +2 on a relevant save for 1 power, drain machinery, extinguish fires, neutralize radiation for 1-6 points depending on the size of the effect.
  • Dance of Flames (Corrupted, requires obvious tribal tattoos and following of peculiar totemistic religion, +6 Dexterity for one power/10 minutes, 4 CP).
  • Spirit Claiming. Technically this is a combination of Seize the Wandering Soul, Spirit Binding, 2x Triggering, and 2x Reflex Action – allowing him to automatically attempt to claim the spirits of those he defeats in battle. In practice, this is considered Specialized (spirits are bound to a particular afterlife, and are not accessible until after he dies), Specialized again (only usable against the spirits of those that he personally had a hand in killing), and Corrupted (only against those he personally had a hand in killing). In practice, it’s 6 CP that has no actual game effect.


Available Skill Points: 24 CP + 33 SP (Intelligence) + 11 SP (Human) + 88 SP (Augmented Bonus, for tribal skills) = 156

Major Skills: SP Base Att. Other Net
Balance (Dex)^ 4 3 +7
Bluff (Chr) 2 3 +5
Climb (Str)^ 3 3 3 3 +9
Computer Use (Int) 2 2 3 3 +8
Concentration (Con) 2 2 3 3 +8
Craft (Int)          
Chemical 3 3 +6
Electronic 3 3 +6
Mechanical 3 3 +6
Pharmaceutical 3 3 +6
Primitive^ 5 5 3 3 +11
Structural 3 3 +6
Visual Arts 3 3 +6
Writing 3 3 +6
Decipher Script (Int)# 3 3  
Demolitions (Int)#* 0 11 3 3 +17
Diplomacy (Cha) 10 10 2 3 +15
Disable Device (Int)#* 0 11 3 3 +17
Disguise (Cha) 2 3 +5
Drive (Dex) 5 5 4 3 +12
Escape Artist (Dex) 1 1 4 3 +8
Forgery (Int) 3 3 +6
Gamble (Wis) 3 3 +6
Gather Info. (Cha) 9 9 2 3 +14
Handle Animal (Cha)#^ 3 3 2 3 +8
Hide (Dex)^ 11 11 4 3 +18
Intimidate (Cha) 2 3 +5
Investigate (Int)# 2 3  
Jump (Str)^ 2 2 3 3 +8
Knowledge (Int)#          
Arcane Lore 3 3 3 3 +9
Art 3 3 +6
Behavioral Sci. 3 3 +6
Business 3 3 +6
Civics 3 3 +6
Current Events 3 3 +6
Earth & Life Science^ 5 5 3 3 +11
History 1 1 3 3 +7
Physical Sciences 1 1 3 3 +7
Popular Culture 3 3 +6
Streetwise 1 1 3 3 +7
Tactics 4 4 3 3 +10
Technology 6 6 3 3 +12
Theology 3 3 3 3 +9
Listen(Wis)^ 11 11 3 3 +17
Move Silently (Dex)^ 11 11 4 3 +18
Navigate (Int) 1 1 3 3 +7
Perform (Cha) 1 1 2 3 +6
Pilot (Dex)# 11 11 4 3 +18
Profession (Wis) 3 3 +6
Repair (Int)#* 0 11 3 3 +17
Research (Int)# 3 3 +6
Ride (Dex) 4 3 +7
Search (Int) 3 3 +6
Sense Motive (Wis) 5 5 3 3 +11
Slight of Hand (Dex) 4 3 +7
Spot (Wis)^ 11 11 3 3 +17
Survival (Wis)^ 11 11 3 3 +17
Swim (Str)^ 4 4 3 3 +10
Treat Injury (Wis)* 0 11 3 3 +17
Tumble (Dex)# 6 6 4 3 +13
  • # No unskilled roll allowed.
  • * Fast Learner/Adept combination automatically provides (Level + 3) skill in these four skills.
  • ^ These count as Tribal Skills.

   Speak Language (native language and [Int Mod] others are free, additional languages cost 1 SP Each): Latmul (his native tongue, a new guinea tribal dialect), English, Arabic, and Chinese (no cost).

   Read/Write (native language is free, others cost 1 SP Each). Latmul, English, Arabic, and Chinese (3 SP).

   +3 Specialities (1 SP Each): Diplomacy/Seduction, Pilot/Mecha, Repair/Military Equipment, and Drive /Military Vehicles.

   Charms and Talismans: Amulet of the Stallion, Bracers of Force, Diplomatic Sash, Flux Iron, Merasian Vapors, Phoenix Pillow, Wraith Gauntlets, Helm of War, Endless Rope, and Industrious Tool (mecha repair kit).

   Common Gear: Military-Issue Smartclothes, Personal Kit, Camp Kit, Demolitions Kit, Espionage Kit, First Aid Kit, Mechanical Toolkit, Pocket Computer, Survival Pack, Thieves Kit, and Weapons Pack.

   The IronWinds campaign used a set of standardized equipment packs. Everyone got a Personal Kit and two kits of choice, the Military issued the Smartclothes, a Weapons Pack, and a Survival Pack as standard issue, and characters got up to five kits for having relevant skills at totals of 10+. Arith thus was about maxed out.

   Acquired Gear: a sizable stock of Binary Nerve Gas, a Fusion Warhead, and an assortment of Bioweapons.


Design Notes

  • Using the “Specialized” modifier on Augmented Bonus to double the effect rather than to reduce the cost is cheesy. On the other hand, this is a giant-robot future-military anime style campaign. His having a bunch of “primitive” skills probably won’t help him much if at all (in fact, it usually didn’t), hence finding a way to get them cheap is fair enough. It wouldn’t have been too unreasonable to just take them as a characterization detail, so the game master decided to allow this one.
  • Buying Reflex Action to make Aid Another a free action – and applying it to his friends as well – is also very cheesy. Reflex Action is supposed to be under a narrow set of circumstances; it’s not really meant for a narrow ability. On the other hand, it won’t give him an advantage over the other characters since it boosts everyone – and it will provide a reason why the characters make up an elite force, thus supporting the campaign premise. The game master decided to allow this one too.
  • Specializing Fast Learner in a set of skills and taking the Spirit pact in a setting that seems to lack resurrection magic are both definitely pushing it, but even together are only worth 12 CP.


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