Seiden The Enchanter

   Quite some time ago, there was a game where you determined your characters abilities almost entirely at random – including what kinds of spells you could use if you happened to be a spellcaster. In fact, if you turned out to be really good at “fire magic” – getting, say, a score of 22 – you simply named 22 spells, then rolled on the appropriate column (Hopelessly Unsuited, Badly Suited, Ill-Chosen, Acceptable, Suitable, Well-Chosen, or Perfect “for the task”) at +22 to see how you did when you wanted to use one of them.

   As it happened, the character I rolled up turned out to be a grand master of enchantment (albeit poor at most other magic), with a score of +42 out of a possible +45 for mortal magi. Seiden wasn’t much good at direct magical battle without his gear – but he was really good at getting ready for it and at enhancing the rest of the group.

   Here, for no particularly good reason save inspiration for other games, is a list of his enchantment spells.

Quasi-Life Imbuement (all provide the necessary awareness of the surroundings)

  • 1) Ellerans Immortal Animation (provides movement and physical skills)
  • 2) Maxwells Obliging Sentience (provides intelligence, speech, and mental skills)
  • 3) Hardins Chameleon Enchantment (provides adaptive abilities and appearance alterations)
  • 4) Phandals Psychic Habitation (allows the item to host a spirit and channel it’s powers)
  • 5) Phandals Spirit Binding (binds a spirit into a physical item and compels it to obey the user)
  • 6) Lowells Lesser Propulsive Spell (provides an item with the power of flight)


  • 1) Elkens Personalizing Protocol (binds an item to a particular individual)
  • 2) Parells Charm Of Dimensional Linkage (links an item to the energies of another dimension)
  • 3) Orins Rite Of Supernal Dedication (links an item to the energies of a powerful being)
  • 4) Hortens Multiple Singularity (causes two items to act as one item or links them to each other, despite separation)
  • 5) Horaths Mental Linkage (links an item to a particular mind or group of minds)
  • 6) Taboos Sympathetic Activation (allows the item to act as a remote link to a particular mortal creature)

Physical Property Alterations

  • 1) Hagens Material Enhancement (enhances selected existing properties of a material)
  • 2) Elkens Energy Transformation (transforms a material wholly or partially into an energy form)
  • 3) Phandals Unspeakable Envenomment (renders the material, or some aspect thereof, “toxic” to some selection of creatures, properties, or forces)
  • 4) Elkens Charm Of Impermeability (increases or decreases an items ability to transfer some form of energy through itself)
  • 5) Iloneas Variable Metric Distortion (allows an item to change it’s size, whether internal or external).
  • 6) Orwells Physical Influence (allows an item to transfer energies to or from it’s user)

Power Matrixes

  • 1) Soranths Talismanic Conversion (allows the item to convert energies into magical effects)
  • 2) Soranths Focusing Matrix (allows the item to draw on ambient sources of energy)
  • 3) Horganths Power Reservoir (allows an item to act as a battery for a particular type of energy)
  • 4) Mardens Arcane Absorption (allows the item to absorb incoming magical energies)
  • 5) Darwins Reflective Defense (allows the item to reflect particular forms of energy)
  • 6) Mardens Projective Extension (allows the item to transfer energy at range)

Continuous Effects

  • 1) Mardens Functional Amplification (increases the utility of the item, providing bonuses for whatever it’s used for)
  • 2) Phandals Cloaking Mantle (renders the item impervious to selected forms of divination and/or detection; this may simply cover the item itself or anything within it).
  • 3) Talasiens Unfailing Fetish (allows the item to channel energies into enhancing it’s user’s abilities)
  • 4) Kardins Occult Attunement (allows an item to transfer its own effects and properties to it’s user)
  • 5) Murphys Untiring Disruption (allows the item to resist or disrupt particular forces and effects on contact)
  • 6) Orwells Cabalistic Influence (allows the item to attempt to influence its users body or mind)

Master Runes

  • 1) Markats Charm Of Elemental Imbuement (infuses an item with elemental properties)
  • 2) Herkells Puissant Banecharm (infuses an item with forces that are particularly dangers to, and disruptive of, some opposing force, whether to ward off such forces or to damage them)
  • 3) Othins Runic Endowment (bind magic into an item, whether to incorporate other spells or to extend the duration of the spells used to create an item. With enough effort, this allowed the creation of permanent enchantments).
  • 4) Endoras Auric Attunement (causes an item to respond to particular properties of whatever it comes into contact with. Most often used to make things that function only for particular groups, but also good for testing for various properties)
  • 5) Artells Omniscient Enscrollment (allows the item to record knowledge)
  • 6) Artells Potential Incorporation (allows the item to channel the potentials of any items incorporated within it)

Basic Tools:

  • 1) Ortells Expunging Ritual (removes enchantments and lingering magics as well as purifying magical materials)
  • 2) Elkens Arcane Embedment (stores “charges” of other spells within the item)
  • 3) Dampening (selectively suppresses the powers of enchanted objects)
  • 4) Parells Occult Infusion (allows the user to recharge and repair enchanted items)
  • 5) Power Melding (allows two or more sources of power to be combined, including that of an item and it’s user).
  • 6) Myriddins Transporting Depictment (allows the user to create an image of a place, person, or item, and then use that image as a portal to that place, person, or item. Creating places that never before existed is possible, but requires extraordinary power)

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  1. What system was this?

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