Exalted – Wyld Revocation and what you can do with it.

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You want to build WHAT into your Manse?!?

Like quite a few things in Exalted, the Wyld Revocation manse power is not terribly well defined. Ergo, here are the possible applications which have occurred to me today… Does anyone have any additional suggestions, or feel that any of these will destroy the game, need further restrictions, or need expansion to make them suitable?

  • Revocation/Aspect of Entropy: Mechanisms, furnaces, and similar apparatus do not need mundane power or fuel sources. This is convenient for industry – as well as for all those idiotic corridor traps, constantly rotating blades, and similar items out of video-game dungeons.
  • Revocation/Restrictions on Imagination: Anyone can perform Wyld Stunts, as per a Raksha in the Wyld.
  • Revocation/Restrictions on Thaumaturgy (Space and Time): Thaumaturgy can be used to access other dimensions, timelines, and similar alternate worlds. Such gates invariably emerge at points where the same process can be used to return home. Go on. You know you want to.
  • Revocation/Being in only one location at once. Visitors may choose to spend a few hours of meditation to transfer their lowest health level from themselves to the manse. Thereafter they are always considered present in the manse, as well as wherever they are. If they’re killed or otherwise destroyed in any fashion that does not destroy the manse as well, they will reform at the manse as a spirit unless they were already a ghost, in which case they will reform as a ghost. Note that there is always some unique flaw which can prevent a character from reforming – but the nature of the flaw is usually very difficult to discover. Equally unfortunately, if all the health levels above the one you transferred are gone, your body will die immediately. Note that this does provide a practical explanation for the semi-indestructibility of Deathlords and such. They’ve simply got a level of ox-body technique and are tied into two or three powerful underworld manses.
  • Revocation/Essence Distinctions: Within the boundaries of the manse any creature may respire normally, and remain despite the time of day outside, regardless of the manse’s location and whether the creature is alive, a ghost, a raksha, demonic, or whatever. As a minor side effect, ghosts enjoy experiences and sensations just as if they were a living spirit. This does make for a most interesting embassy.
  • Revocation/Essence Restrictions. Within the manse all creatures gain an effective +1 to their essence scores, may increase their essences by training (at x8), gain full access to a good-sized mote pool, and gain access to charms appropriate to the manse type if they do not already have them up to an upper limit of charms requiring an essence rating of (Manse Rating -1). Of course, the stuff you buy this way only works within the manse and no single entity may have access to more than one type of charms through this function.
  • Revocation/Geomantic Restrictions. The manse is now self-sufficient, and is not dependent on external geomancy. The demesne outside does not become uncapped however; the fact that the manse does not NEED external power doesn’t mean that it won’t take what’s available.
  • Revocation/Temporal Stability. The flow of time in the manse may be accelerated or decelerated by up to (Rating x Rating) times. Optionally, a rating-5 manse could generate a modest area of complete stasis – but that isn’t very useful save, perhaps, to build the manse around something you want to keep trapped forever. Of course, most manses will eventually fail due to external geomantic changes even if they’re eternal otherwise – and then the sealed evil in a can wakes up.
  • Revocation/Shaping Restrictions. An area within the manse functions as a Chancel of the manse rating. That area is insulated from creation, hence shaping is unrestricted; anyone within it may spin fantasies or engage in shaping combat. More importantly, no one can be truly killed or harmed there save by someone who actively uses charms or sorcery to import the rules of creation. This makes it a wonderful place for practice duels and such.
  • Revocation/Difficulties: (AKA “The Easy Button”). All unresisted task difficulties are set to zero within the manse.
  • Revocation/Probability: Those affected by the manse may reroll any dice which fail on any roll.
  • Revocation/Biology: Those affected by the manse find all normal metabolic needs are met by pure essence. They need no longer eat, drink, or breathe (although they may if they wish to do so). Since little details like “blood circulation” are no longer vital to them they are immune to bleeding and double up their base health levels.
  • Revocation/Mental Restraints; Those affected by the manse are impervious to all unwanted mental influences, including the Great Curse, Clarity, and Unnatural Mental Influence (Natural Mental Influence still works just fine). Sadly, this doesn’t grant any special knowledge or understanding of such effects, it just means that they don’t apply for the moment.
  • Revocation/Exchange Difficulties: Within the walls of the manse things can be exchanged for things of equal value without restraint. Thus experience can be withdrawn from charms that don’t do what the user thought they did and invested into other charms, artifacts can be exchanged, and so on. Like most things, this can be abused – but it can be very useful to let someone back a character out of a set of choices which simply doesn’t work properly or to upgrade old combos rather than throwing them out and starting over.
  • Revocation/Lethe: Anyone within the manse may draw on the full memories of his or her past lives, both of the soul and of his or her exaltation (if any). This is NOT necessarily a good thing; most people have pasts full of irrationalities – and, if you’re overwhelmed by a past incarnation who cannot leave the manse, getting you out of the place may be pretty problematic. Fortunately, just because an elder self knows a lot of charms, that doesn’t mean that your current incarnation has the essence to use them. Of course, this one brings up a lot of interesting possibilities of bargaining with an elder self of one of your circlemates – perhaps promising to complete some projects for him or her in exchange for training, or aid with an ancient horror, or vital information.
  • Revocation/Essence Manipulation: All essence within the manse has a perfect defense against being used of manipulated by anything except the manse itself. In effect, all essence pools become inaccessible, artifacts become inert, and everyone is stuck being a heroic mortal. For exalts used to powering their way through things, this can be a definite shock.
  • Revocation/Sensory: Within the manse, one or more common phenomena – such as light, sound, temperature distinctions, or the differing scents/tastes of differing substances – simply does not exist.
  • Revocation/Physical Stability: Within the manse creatures can readily be remolded with simple medicine checks – with results changing from minor disguises and hair alterations on up through complete changes of species.
  • Revocation/Perceptual Limits: Anyone within the manse can directly perceive the underlying structure of reality. In game terms, this is equivalent to being able to study the Loom of Fate, but it can also be used to trace threads into the past. You can’t change the past – it doesn’t truly exist any longer to BE changed – but you can peer into what once was. This is a very powerful research tool there – but one likely to drive you nuts in short order.
  • Revocation/Solidity: You can phase through solid matter without injury. In fact, you must intentionally desire to interact with matter for it to affect you. This is useful for some things, but very awkward for security.

Now, for those with less… practical desires, you can throw in a lot more powers with less exotic implications. How about:

  • All things float in water.
  • Ambrosia can form and exist here.
  • Animals are sapient here, can talk, and can even learn all the skills a human can. Somehow, they can manage without hands.
  • Anything colored blue is perfectly invisible.
  • Chicken eggs hatch into dinosaurs.
  • Concepts take on solid form here.
  • Every mobile being walks on its front legs only.
  • Everyone gets subtitles.
  • Everyone has letters floating over their heads, proclaiming their names, current state of health, what kind of being they are, and something called their “level”.
  • Everyone can fly.
  • Inorganic solids are liquid by default.
  • Iron melts at 120 degrees.
  • Music takes on physical form.
  • No one has to speak, they need merely think of what they want to say and others will hear it.
  • Nothing ever weighs more than thirty pounds.
  • People in the manse are dressed however they think they are.
  • Plants grow jewels instead of flowers.
  • Poisons spontaneously turn into antidotes.
  • Thaumaturgic procedures only take one-tenth the usual time or five minutes, whichever is shorter.
  • The narrator is everywhere.
  • The place is a freehold, and anyone who wants to can be a Raksha as long as they’re there.
  • You can pull duplicates of things out of mirrors, although they vanish when it gets dark or if you take the original away from in front of the mirror. Yes, you can send out copy-you to do things – but if it dies, you’ll never have a reflection again.
  • You can build or walk around in mid-air, with no need for support.

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  2. […] Wyld Revocation and what you can do with it: Ways to use Wyld Revocation to create exotic powers. […]

  3. […] Wyld Revocation and what you can do with it: Ways to use Wyld Revocation to create exotic powers. […]

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