Exalted Chronicles – Hearthstones and Motives

Peanut butter blossoms closeup.

You're telling me we could have ended the Primordial War with cookies?!?!?

Radiant Heart Ruby (Fire or Adenic Hearthstone *****): Glowing with the cheerful radiance of an ember in the heart of the flames, a Radiant Heart Ruby sheds a warm and comforting glow, bringing heartening memories to mind to fortify the bearer with the strength of his convictions. If touched by a creature of death, the stones glow will dim for a brief instant – and then shine forth redoubled, causing that creature to recall the joys of life.

  • The bearer gains +2 to his or her effective willpower and may roll to recover willpower once per day, as if just awakening – provided that most of his or her Intimacies are positive.
  • The bearer may treat (Conviction) Positive Intimacies as Motivations, changing each morning.
  • Creatures of Death may find touching the stone renewing and rewarding, as it or it may remind them of things they wish to forget, depending on how they react to having long-forgotten positive intimacies from life dredged up and brought into vibrant focus again.

Since the questions come up, here’s a list of Charles’s Intimacies. They haven’t changed much – in fact, at all – since he started off, mostly because they’re so broad that there isn’t any need for him to change any of them.

Charles’s Intimacies: Life (promote), Liberty (respect*), Happiness (spread), Creation’ (protect), Manses/Geomancy (promote), Thaumaturgy/Sorcery (promote), Fix Things (drive), Science and Artifice (make useful things and see them used), People (like and help), Cute Fuzzy Things (care for^ and promote and pet), Peanut Butter (need), Friends/Relatives (like and help), and Death (dislike).

Charles also generally respects nature, and natural science, but that’s more of a philosophical point and respect for Gaia, whom he likes (of course, he tends to like EVERYONE).

’Not that he has anything against the Wyld, but infinite chaos doesn’t NEED protecting. Nothing finite could either harm it or protect it anyway.

*Charles respect for liberty is rather libertarian. Liberty doesn’t mean anything without the right to make bad choices, to suffer consequences, and even to give it up. He tends to promote liberty on a broad scale; he doesn’t run about letting people out of jail or rescuing murders from the local forces of justice.

^Sadly, Charles found out early on that trying to save all the young rabbits, no matter how cute and desperate to live they were, just starved the equally-desperate and cute young foxes AND led to the rabbits eating all the food the other animals needed. Predation… happens.

Not that he hasn’t tried to moderate that in Aden, by making sure that most creatures don’t need much food and by making sure that their populations don’t grow very quickly. Sadly, the occasional culling and bit of predation is still necessary; even his magical control is less than perfect.

Charles usually opts to treat Promoting Life, Promoting Manses and Geomancy, Liking and Helping People, Fixing Things, and Protecting Creation as additional motivations. This usually gives him quite enough to do…


7 Responses

  1. Peanut Butter (need)

    I have to admit, that made me chuckle a bit.

    • Well, they can’t all be cosmic…

      I like to think of the expression that’s going to appear on the face of the first person who uses some power to detect Intimacies on Charles…

      • It makes me wonder what other funny little tidbits you might find if you used similar charms on the Incarnae?

      • That is an interesting question… I suspect that quite a few of them – at least in our game – have some weird little quirks hidden somewhere!

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  4. […] Hearthstones and Motives: The Radiant Heart Ruby – and Charles’s Intimacies and Motives. […]

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