Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 54

A green lightsaber.

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From my vantage point leaning against the wall outside the main reactor housing, I could see the presence of three Varen Council members was unnerving several of the others. Ben looked to be having flashbacks of his upbringing among the Sith Artificers while he worked on yet another weird contraption (well, there had been the kids who’d flunked tests, and had been taken away never to be seen again). Jacob was still going on about that being eaten nonsense (although he was finding that they didn’t want to eat him! Yay!). Lazlo at least seemed to be distracted ordering parts for that fighter of his. I think the Council members were rather amused at the effect they were having on the others.

I ignored them, as did Valerie, but for different reasons.

Suddenly I got the impression of being thrust into stasis as all hell was about to break loose. I barely managed to fumble the stasis belt of in time before all of my equipment suddenly activated. The lightsabers powered on, the blaster and laser fired at the floor, the shield bracers activated, the variable stars fired at the walls, my commlink started dialing randomly, the HUD lenses went nuts, and the fire suppression spray started discharging. I also sensed that the detonators for the explosive gel would have gone off if they had been charged. Oh, and my robes had become a horrid combination of mauve and neon yellow. I could see the others were having similar issues.

Then someone’s grenades went off. That blast knocked me off my feet but otherwise left me unharmed. Regaining my feet and extricating myself from the variable star tangle, I looked for the attacker. I saw that Ben was stuck in stasis (having managed to prevent some buttons from being pushed, but not all of his stasis mines), Lazlo was annoyed, Councilman Brooke was lying on the floor unconscious, and Councilwoman Morrowain and Councilwoman Rote were both glaring at Jacob hard (with Rote having administered a mental spanking). Valerie was quickly trying to power off her lightsaber before anyone noticed. I still wasn’t sure what happened, but it didn’t look like we were under attack.

(Morrowain) Why do you tolerate this idiot? Especially when he feels the need to push every button in the room telekinetically?

Oh he didn’t…. but the big stupid grin on his face pretty much confirmed he had. I had to shift to the Codex side of things given my frustration. It took a few moments to come up with a good answer why we hadn’t thrown Jacob out the airlock already.

(Kira) Because his ability as an atavist is a handy tool to have considering it anchors his time rate against stasis and similar effects. He is the only person I know of able to go into a galactic black hole and make “repairs” given the stasis effect inside the event horizon.

(Morrowain, gesturing at Ben) And how do we free that one over there?

From what I was able to see, the stasis effect on Ben was being generated by a number of upward facing stasis projectors scattered on the floor beneath him. That was a simple enough fix as I started telekinetically pulling the projectors to me and turned them off one by one. That freed Ben in short order. Medics were tending to Councilman Brooke too.

(Morrowain) Interesting, so they only affect organic matter?

(Kira) Yes, until you get above a certain volume limit. Inorganic matter apparently takes more power and volume to stasis for reasons I really don’t understand. Rather handy for medical emergencies and such.

I could see that Morrowain was now pondering potential applications for the technology, but I turned my attention to other matters.

(Kira) Ben, do you have that faux lightsaber on you?

(Ben) Yes, why?

I gestured at Jacob.

(Kira) Well you can start beating Jacob savagely with it first until your arm gets tired, then we’ll begin rotating between us until we either break it or Jacob learns his lesson.

Ben’s eyes lit up with that pronouncement as he suddenly started digging in his bag for parts. Within minutes he rigged up some sort of droid arm mechanism to swing the faux lightsaber in a clubbing motion repeatedly. It took some effort to grab Jacob and tie him down, but soon the droid arm was beginning the beatings. Most everyone there was enjoying the show, except Jacob of course.

A small swarm of Varen soldiers arrived in response to some sort of distress call that had gone out from one of the Council members. It took several minutes to explain what had happened, and the soldiers were very amused to see the droid savagely beating Jacob. Morrowain and Rote eventually managed to convince them that everything was fine and it was all a false alarm.

Then the lights flickered and an automated announcement declared the facility had switched to backup power. Ben ran off to one of the consoles to check on things. I tried to sense for any sign of an attacker loose in the facility, but was coming up with a blank. Even knowing what a Codex user felt like was not a lot help with so much background interference. I was going to have to have line of sight at best to really tell.

Ben announced that the Hypermatter Reactor had initiated an emergency shutdown and the techs were attempting to begin the restart sequence. This seemed entirely too coincidental to me and many of the others also picked up on that fact. Someone had let Jacob loose as he then began to channel power into the Hypermatter Reactor much like the Artificers can do. Ben then discovered that the system had been sabotaged to initiate an overload by feeding too much fuel into the system before shutting down confinement as power output reached it’s maximum.

Even I knew that was going to leave a crater.

Ben started working feverishly with the control panel while Jacob did more weird things with pouring the Force into the reactor. I stood watch again looking for anyone attempting to interfere with the repair work. It was obvious our Faded saboteur had done this, and from the nature of the job, I would say the guy was a Hypertime specialist of some sort. The timing was too coincidental though. Either Jacob had purposefully provided a distraction at just that exact time, or the Faded was able to sense that then was the best time to strike. Could probability analysis determine what moment was likely to give the best odds of success? My training with A-Valerie was nowhere near complete before we parted.

Ben finally announced he had stopped the confinement shutdown, but needed someone to cut the fuel line for him since he didn’t have the precision needed. Valerie got to it first and derided Ben’s lack of coordination as she cut the fuel line. The finally stopped the runaway reaction and the technicians went to work repairing the damage. Luckily nothing was too seriously damaged and the parts needed were minor in the scope of things.

We also got confirmation from some of the other Varen Councilmembers that a chemical plant had also been hit nearly simultaneously with the attack on the Hypermatter Reactor. Apparently they were distracted by the alarms Jacob had triggered here and missed the Faded saboteur entirely. They had caught on to the sabotage though and were able to use precognition to pinpoint the needed repairs to keep things from blowing up. The plant was going to need a week for repairs, but considering the damage it could have been, a week was minor.

Well, we failed to stop the saboteur, but we did stop the sabotage for all practical purposes.

(Morrowain) Alright, presuming the Faded was using that super speed technique, why didn’t he hit more facilities or try to kill us all instantly?

(Kira) Because it doesn’t work that way. You’re ultimately accelerating your own time rate with respect to everything else. This works well enough against machines and the like, but the moment anyone else becomes involved the more the timerates try to equalize. You can’t interact with people in that vastly accelerated timerate without slowing down drastically. You also run into serious issues with trying to sleep in Hypertime too. After all, you aren’t typically aware of the passage of time while asleep and that isn’t a good thing when trying to control your own timerate.

(Morrowain) So he purposefully avoided confronting anyone and has just spent the equivalent of a days work in a few seconds? And now he is going to need to eat and rest for several hours before doing it again?

(Kira) Yes, that would be correct.

I had to admit it was a valid point, but locating the Faded in the short time we had wasn’t going to be easy. Then Ben and the Council members all started pulling on the Force using precognition. I hadn’t tried that because sensing for the future of a Codex user was more or less impossible for me. Ben had a chance since he was ultimately divining against himself.

(Rote) It looks like there is a restaurant on the east side of town. There we will get into a large battle with a stranger.

(Ben) Nixon’s Diner on Grelot Ave.

Alright I was impressed. It never occurred to me to just look for big fights in our future with strangers. Of course, with Sith and trouble magnets, a big fight with someone was almost inevitable. Still, this was the best lead we had at the moment so we got in some vehicles and made our way to Nixon’s Diner.

The place looked like the typical grease pit you would expect to find on the Outer Rim of the Galaxy. Surprisingly I felt a feeling of nostalgia from Valerie and memories of an older woman called “Nanna”. She quickly caught on to the fact I had seen that and suppressed it. Well, it wasn’t my business to pry into her memories anyway.

Our entrance into the diner was one of the more comical scenes I have witnessed. Several Sith Masters, would-be artificers, guys in heavy battle armor, and a cat person walk into a diner on Alderaan and no one paid much attention to us. I could just imagine us wearing fake nose and mustache disguises on an infiltration mission with the locals too stupid to see through the ruse like on some comedy holo. Valerie caught the image from me and snickered.

In fact, most everyone here was paying attention to Jacob of all people with his “wooden” armor and me with my mask.

To be fair, none of the locals had ever heard of a “Sith” or seen a lightsaber.

Looking over the menu was a bit of a shock as the prices were substantially lower than back home. It looked like everything here was actually grown on farms and such without the need for industrial food manufacturing technology. Maybe the population decline was sufficient to ensure there actually was enough to go around purely by farming? That was a scary thought.

Then the section labeled “Organic Food” was a bit of a puzzle. Last I checked, the locals weren’t eating rocks and minerals, so what in the Galaxy was “Organic” signifying about the regular stuff? Asking the waitress about it got me a confused look, but eventually she explained that organic food was grown without the use of chemicals. Jacob then asked about the fertilizer and the answer caused most of us to lose our appetites.

Right, I am not ordering anything off the “organic” menu.

Eventually I decided to order the pancakes. I couldn’t resist making a show of using the voice distortion to sound really menacing…. as I ordered pancakes. One of the children at another table pointed to me.

(Child) Mommy, why does that man’s face look so funny?

(Jacob) Because he didn’t eat his vegetables!

That got the kid eating the food on his plate really fast. Eventually the food did arrive, and the waittress apologized for the wait. She said it was due to one of the patrons tying up the cook’s time with multiple plates. Apparently the man was on his fifth plate now. Looking over to the table indicated, I saw a rather young man busily wolfing down his food while stealing glances at Jacob and I. It was easy to tell he didn’t have much of any Force potential at all compared to everyone else present.

I briefly entertained the idea of picking a fight while pretending to be a local defending his “turf” from the newcomer. If I could get him to take a swing at the “punk” trying to pick a fight, then I had a good chance of landing a hit before he knew what was happening. Ben beat me to the punch though as he activated some sort of shield around our table and the supposed Faded’s.

He promptly proved our conjecture as he burst into flame by entering Hypertime. That set much of the area on fire, including the deep fryer as it spilled onto the shield and floor, creating a massive amount of flames. The waitress was calling for the cook to come out and help when Ben began boosting his shields. The expanded the shield bubble to the point it crushed all the neighboring furniture and began breaking apart the diner.

This left me and most of the others inside the shield with the Faded. I was left holding the remains of my plate of pancakes and threw it at the Faded in mock frustration.

(Kira) Damned Faded interrupting my meals!

He easily dodged it, but that did give me a good indication of his reaction time and thereby his acceleration with respect to us. He was fast, but not so fast as to be impossible to fight. Plus he was trapped in close quarters with a number of melee specialists. Then he pulled out what looked to be a hand-held shield projector of some sort and pointed it at us. What the hell did he think he was going to accomplish with something so small….

Oh hell.

I realized the danger just as he pulled the trigger and we were all hit with a massive blast of force. That sent us all flying towards the opposite wall of Ben’s shield, except that Ben was hit as well. And since the shield was centered on Ben, this resulted in the shield bubble plowing through what was left of the diner and into the street. My wrist was not happy from trying to break my tumble as the shield rolled around.

The Faded then shot as Jacob several times which Jacob neatly deflected three of those shots and tanked the last one. That definitely seemed to surprise the Faded. Jacob responded then by boosting Ben’s shield. That expanded the sphere even further and the shield bounced up high into the air as it pushed hard against the ground. Councilwoman Rote went down from the blast of force and subsequent tumble. Councilman Brooke wasn’t looking good either and Morrowain seemed to be busy assisting Rote via the Force.

Valerie was the next to be able to respond she leapt at the Faded in Hypertime herself and attempted to engage him in hand to hand. The Faded was able to dodge her three times while failing to dodge the last in the series. I heard a loud crack as she smashed her shielded fist into his upper arm and broke it. The Faded was obviously surprised as well to be taking damage from someone punching him.

Lazlo took the opportunity provided by Valerie’s assault to sneak behind and grab the Faded in a bear hug. I thought for certain the Faded would break free of that, but Lazlo held strong and I even thought I heard the sound of ribs cracking. The smell of burning flesh and fur was not pleasant though.

I finally managed to move again as the shield sphere went into freefall. Enhancing my own durability against damage so I would survive the fall, I pulled out my lightsabers and pushed myself towards the Faded. I focused my power on the lightsabers to negate the reduced resonance and stabbed one lightsaber into the side of his chest into his heart and swung to decapitate him with the other. Except my second attack bounced off his neck and I found I had trouble removing my first blade from his side too.

Within moments a thin shell of ice began to form around the Faded and then thicken. It took turning off the lightsaber to remove it finally from the freezing mass of air that was quickly becoming like a rock around the Faded. It looked like we finally managed to knock him unconscious and the fact that he was in Hypertime when we did it was the only thing that saved him from decapitation and death. Lazlo had an easy time peeling himself off the frozen air though, much to everyone’s surprise. Just to be safe, I took out one of the spare stasis belts I had on, wrapped it around the block of ice and activated it just to be on the safe side. I wasn’t going to rule out more powerful Faded being able to extricate themselves from self-stasis.

At that point I became aware of the fact that a hovercar (piloted by Alys) had caught our little shield bubble and Jacob was now loading people inside it. What really bothered me was a simple fact: I was sure the lightsaber attacks would have given me Dark Side feedback had I not been attacking a Codex user at the time. His use of the Codex prevented that feedback, but I was apparently focusing too hard on attacking as opposed to overcoming the inherent disadvantage of the lightsaber. Evidently I was doing something wrong, but I wasn’t sure what.

Eventually everyone was loaded into the hovercar and Alys took us back to the ground. Everyone began tending to injuries and I nursed my wrist for a bit. Morrowain had questions however.

(Morrowain) How was he able to get such an effect from such a small shield projector? Is it some new technology we aren’t aware of?

(Kira) Not really, it’s an application of a simple fact: the effect of a shield system is directly proportional to the frequency input. He was cheating by using the time rate manipulation to shove an apparently higher frequency through the crystal as an intense pulse.

(Morrowain) Really? And how far can you push this? I could see lightsaber applications.

(Ben) Eventually you start getting pair production around the generated field. Then you are effectively putting out as much power as you are putting in.

(Kira) Plus there is the fact the crystal tends to detonate like a good sized grenade when you do this. Attempting to repair it on the fly while doing this is effectively impossible as far as I can tell. Besides, I don’t like having my hand blown off because I pushed my lightsaber too hard.

(Morrowain) I see.

The cook from the diner finally caught up to us at that point. He was most upset by the destruction of his diner and wanted to know what we were going to do to fix it. The Varen were watching his tirade with amusement. I reached into my pockets and found my wallet. I took out what credits I had and tossed them to the cook.

(Kira) Sorry, but consider this a downpayment, I’ll repay the rest once my supporters get around to paying me. In the meantime, I have a Faded invasion I am trying to stop.

I wasn’t about to have yet another galaxy demanding my head for property damage and death toll caused by others. I would soon run out of galaxies to hide in at the rate we were going.

With that settled for the moment, we then had Lazlo probe the Faded’s mind for information about the other Faded and any other major threats to Alderaan they might have squirreled away. We knew about the one Akira and A-Valerie were busily chasing and pretty much confirmed my suspicions that he was just a distraction. He was a shifting specialist out to start fires and other disasters by importing energy from elsewhere. The other one was apparently trying to snipe at Codifiers going after the first.


So the first one wasn’t a distraction for the one we took down so much as he was a distraction from the threat hunting Codifiers hunting the distraction. A clever feint to be sure. And one that was potentially very deadly. What data was available on his preferred attack suggested a variation of the hyper automatic fire routine. That would dump the power output of a powercell into a series of blasts only a fraction of a second long. Even with phasing or Force strength enhancement, I didn’t like the odds of being able to take one of those blasts and surviving.

I got on the commlink and contacted Akira and A-Valerie.

(A-Valerie) What is it? We’re very busy at the moment trying to chase this guy down.

(Kira) He’s a distraction from the other Faded that will be taking pot shots at you as you hunt the first one. Those sniping shots are going to be lethal if you get hit.

(Akira) Well that explains all those ominous feelings we’ve gotten about going down certain roads and alleys.

(A-Valerie) How did you learn this from the other side of the planet.

(Kira) We captured the Faded saboteur and got him to spill his guts, we’re still trying to get some more information out of him.

(A-Valerie) Captured one and made him talk? How did you manage that?

(Kira) Trade secret.

That annoyed her to no end.

(Kira) Look, we’ll come and assist there once we’re done here. I get the feeling there is something else going on here. Try not to get shot in the meantime.

After disconnecting the commlink, I turned to Lazlo and asked if he had found any other major plans the Faded had in store for us. Lazlo then told of a plan in case the invasion failed. In that case, multiple missiles loaded with neutronium would be fired from the Faded fleet at the planet on slow drive from a long ways off in an attempt to penetrate the planetary shields and irradiate the planet.

Ben started analyzing the attack strategy and was able to determine several facts. First was that these missiles could be coming from just about anywhere. Second, the missiles would be hard to detect until just before impact. Third was the simple fact that the Codifiers didn’t have the resources to stop those kinds of warheads given the short time they probably had. The Codifiers weren’t going to be able to handle this themselves, so we were going to have to.

First thing first though, we needed to cut of the supply of missiles coming at Alderaan. Alys began organizing our fleet resources towards routing the Faded fleet out of the asteroid belt. Next issue was going to be trying to detect where the missiles were that were already inbound. Ben’s precognition wasn’t cooperating enough to tell us more than the fact that we had a few months before the first impact.

(Valerie) You know, if those things do hit the planet, the locals are going to need some method of concentrating the radioactives for cleanup purposes. Perhaps something botanical?

Damn her, damn her to hell.

(Kira) We are not importing that idiotic mess of half-trained landscaping here! I refuse to be a part of such a plan!

I was tempted to fire off a remark about pretty pink princesses with their pretty pink lightsabers, but held my tongue. She still caught the image though and gave me a murderous glare. From there it escalated as we each came up with increasingly ridiculous images to send to each other. At some point it stopped being infuriating and started to become funny, but then I noticed the others were still talking.

They were still arguing how to track down the incoming warheads since precognition had failed to shed much light on the issue. I asked if they had Shipwreck with them as he might be able to find the missiles. That got most of them staring at each other for a few moments before they called up Shipwreck and explained what we wanted. Soon enough he responded back with a set of coordinates and trajectories for the five warheads currently inbound. First one was anticipated to arrive in a few months.

Well, that gave us time, and worst case we could have the asteroid eat the neutronium warheads as fuel.

Alys got to work giving orders for the fleet to take care of the missiles after chasing off the Faded (and trying to get Xiang to stop trying to divert all the manufacturing capacity to making probe-droids to hunt for Lazlo. The trouble was, she had a lot of backdoors into the system left over form when she’d been leading a rebel force against their crazed doctor). That just left the two Faded playing cat and mouse with A-Valerie and Akira as the remaining threats. The obvious answer was for us to concentrate our resources along with the Codifiers to corner and overpower the Faded. But that led to the problem that Valerie and I couldn’t operate near our duplicates without a lot of problems. The others didn’t really seem to appreciate this fact.

Ben was quite horrified when he got a look at the Faded fleet. There were… multiple technical standards in use. How was that POSSIBLE? Was the galactic mind THAT close to failure mode?

Lazlo had gotten his fighter fixed up, and laid in a stockpile of spare parts.

Jacob was greatly enjoying organic food, as opposed to synthetics and such…

This ultimately led to a discussion over which set had better odds of helping kill the Faded. They had more experience with Faded, but we had better precognition, durability, and other abilities when it came to flushing out an opponent. The matter was eventually decided when the plan developed that a Valerie and Kira would deliberately get shot at so the others could pinpoint the sniper and converge on his location. A-Valerie and Akira were having a hard enough time avoiding positions where they could be shot at. Their limited precognition wasn’t enough to try and protect them out in the open. That left only one choice then. I fired up the commlink as we loaded in a transport to the other side of the world.

(Kira) Alright listen up, we’re swapping out.

(A-Valerie) Why?

(Kira) Playing cat and mouse in the streets isn’t going to catch these guys. We need to flush them out and get them to reveal their positions. That means someone has to act as bait and get shot at.

(Akira) If this sniper is as good as you say he is, we don’t stand a chance out in the open.

(Kira) You don’t but we do. Our Force abilities are stronger and we have a much better chance of dodging attacks than you do.

(A-Valerie) This is one of the most crazy and idiotic plans I have ever heard.

(Kira) Tough, I am willing to bet we have a lot more combat experience than either of you. Plus I am certain we can do a lot of things a Faded would never expect is even possible. We’ll be arriving in Manfreety Square in half an hour.

We landed shortly thereafter and the Codifiers were there to meet us. A-Valerie and Akira weren’t happy to be told to sit on the sidelines, but there weren’t many options. We could only operate in the same area if we all used just Codex abilities and that wasn’t going to happen. All Valerie had to do to match her counterpart was a change of clothing and pull back her hair. I on the other hand was going to need a change of clothing and do something about my new hair color. Washing the dye out gave me white with red highlights, which wasn’t going to work. I actually had to bleach my hair for the first time in my life. Virstris and the others on Valerie’s team weren’t happy with the removal of the disguise, but there weren’t many options available.

Virstris did make a show of meeting her “other” sister. That was an amusing scene to say the least as she insisted on introducing herself and hugging her alternate sister and brother-in-law. That neatly got the alternates out of the way as Virstris insisted on going with them to help coordinate efforts between the two groups. I could tell Valerie was feeling amusement and sympathy for hr counterpart in the situation. Virstris got them loaded into the transport and off into the air once we were ready.

Jacob decided to take overwatch, using his flight systems and cloaking systems to survey the city. Alys took tracking and coordination. Ben stuck to bodyguarding Alys, and Lazlo went out to set up a block party…

The various groups split up at that point, with the remaining Codifiers joining the strike teams and the party members beginning their own hunts. The Varen Council announced that since no one was targetting them right now, that they would wander the streets and watch my performance closely. I swear, the arrogant, stuck up attitude of the Varen Council was almost as bad as the Jedi Council. The fact that they were enjoying the idea of me getting shot at only made it more frustrating. Here we are fighting to save the local existence and they are wandering the streets with datapads judging my performance. Wishing me luck on being shot at forced me to respond with an outburst.


(Alys) Remember Kira, emote!

I could have killed her then and there if it weren’t for the repercussions of that action. Valerie’s snickering certainly wasn’t helping my mood either. Eventually everyone shuffled off to their respective positions, leaving Valerie and I alone on the street.

<Kira> Our ability to return to our own galaxy hangs in the balance and they prefer to watch me get shot at.

<Valerie> It’s not like there is much they can do until we flush out the Faded. And they will assist if we get into too much trouble.


<Kira> I suppose you are right. Still doesn’t make me happy with it though.

Well, our counterparts were supposed to be hunting for the terrorist Faded, so it seemed like a good place to begin our baiting. Using my precognition to determine what I could, and then feeding the information gleened to my Probability Analysis suggested our terrorist was in a section of town near the hills. It was highly likely the man was atop one of the highest points he could find with a good view of the city below. From there he could shunt energy onto anything within visual range. And given a decent set of binoculars, a large part of the city would be in visual range.

We started off walking towards that section of the city. The streets were largely empty as all the people had either evacuated or gone into hiding given all the fires and explosions that have occurred. Couldn’t really say I blamed them, but it gave the sense of slow decay I have been feeling a more potent sense. Despite the name, similar landmarks, and such, this was not my Alderaan. Alys thought that the Mrs Beasley could begin making a major difference once we won the war, but part of me had to wonder. This was a galaxy that has been slowly dying for millennia, I wondered if things would really be that simple.

We turned down one street we felt was likely to provoke an attack and stuck to one side of the road for easy access to cover once the shooting began. That meant we were walking by a number of shops and displays. I focused on sensing for an impending attack while trying to reason out which hill or building the terrorist was sitting on top of. At first I figured Valerie was doing the same, but then I realized she had fallen behind and was distracted by something. Turning around to look, I saw that Valerie was staring at a store display filled with a number of promotions for couples.

I was about to chastise her for getting distracted when that ominous feeling started becoming very acute. Focusing on it hard, it didn’t look like it was aimed at me though. That meant the attack was targetting something nearby, but what?


I dove into her side as she was too preoccupied with how the store display to notice the threat. She didn’t see my tackle coming and fell to the ground with me landing on top of her. Unfortunately, a lifetime of martial arts training and reflexes kicked in and she used my momentum to throw me into the brick wall and through it. Then everything went white for a moment.

Sensation returned as numerous bits of shrapnel collided with me and the entire wall blew apart into glowing hot debris. I hit the floor hard and rolled several times as more debris hit me. At first I thought Valerie had thrown me hard enough to make the wall explode, but then I realized this was the sniper’s attack. I finally rolled to a stop after only a few seconds. I had numerous cuts and bruises from the shrapnel but looked to not be seriously injured. That was surprising to say the least.

(Valerie) KIRA!

That too was surprising. I don’t think I had ever heard concern in her voice. She found her way into the ruined building while I was still attempting to stand and dust myself off. While nothing looked serious enough to impair my ability to fight today, I knew I was going to be sore tomorrow.

(Valerie) I’m sorry, I got distracted and acted on reflex. Are you all right?

(Kira) Nothing serious, and I definitely am doing better than the wall is. I guess I have you to thank for that. Three years ago, being thrown through a brick wall and then hit with that much shrapnel would have killed me.

(Valerie) It looks like the sniper left his position immediately after firing. The others are tracking him down now.

(Kira) Well, that’s good. Alright, the first rule of being bait is to get shot at. The second rule is to not actually get shot.

(Valerie) Presuming to lecture me?

(Kira) This isn’t like your stealth assassination missions. You saw what that blast did to that wall, do you really think either of us would have fared much better?

She sighed and looked at the remains of the wall long and hard. She was doing some sort of internal assessment for a few moments before deciding on something.

(Valerie) Kira, thanks.

(Kira) Don’t worry about it. Now let’s go get shot at some more.

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