Eclipse d20 – Professor Arcane

   Professor Arcane

Level Two Anime-Themed Human Occultist

   Located in the foothills of the highlands near Torridon, Kinlochewe is notable for its regular reports of monsters, hauntings, and other strange events. Such reports are so frequent and persistent that Kargoth University, nearby, has endowed a Chair of Occult and Psychic studies. That position is currently held by Professor Anselem Hite – a man of exceptional talent and one of the youngest full professors in the centuries-long history of Kargoth University.

   Personally, the Professor is polite, formal (in both behavior and dress), and very, VERY punctual. He knows all too well that the minor rituals of hospitality and human society are, in fact, an occult ritual on a massive scale – an orderly binding that holds the chaotic creatures of the wild magic at bay. Where those patterns, the order imposed by human ritual and belief, begin to break down – or are at their thinnest, in the wilds – dangerous things can enter the world and old terrors reach for freedom. It is not cold iron that holds back the wild hunt…

   Where society either breaks down, or does not reach – whether in the depths of the wilderness or in the heart of a riot-stricken city – men, and other things, run wild. The ancient university system still holds firm, binding the world into order with the chains of countless tomes, but there are few knowing mages of order left.

   Professor Anselem Hite – or Professor Arcane – is one of them.

   As Professor Arcane, Anselem wears a formal magicians outfit, complete with tuxedo and tails, white gloves, black top hat, red-lined black cape, and – occasionally – a white mask. Unlike most magicians, however, his crystal-tipped cane actually is a powerful magical weapon – although it’s one he is most reluctant to use to it’s full potential, given how it tends to stir up more magical difficulties than it solves.

   While “Professor Arcane’s” disguise is paper-thin, it is – thanks to one of the few side benefits of his being subject to various anime conventions – actually quite effective. Admittedly, that’s mostly because most of the people who have seen Professor Arcane in action against supernatural menaces ascribe it to a bout of hallucinations, but it’s working for the moment.

   Available Character Points: 72 (L2 Base) +18 (Human, L1, and L3 Feats) +10 (Disadvantages: History, Hunted/assorted dark spirits, and Accursed/Subject to anime conventions, like it or not) +4 (Duties/defend civilization against the creatures of wild magic) +2 (Restriction/cannot use armor without crippling his magical abilities) = 106 CP, of which 34 CP may be spent outside the restrictions of the Adventurer template.

   Basic Attributes (32 Point Buy): Str 10 (–), Dex 12 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Int 17 (+3), Wis 11 (–), and Chr 12 (14) (+2).

   Combat Abilities (30 CP):

  • Proficiencies: All Simple Weapons (3 CP).
  • Initiative: +1 (Dex).
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +1 (Dex) +4 (Armor) = 15
  • Hit Points: 13 (1d8, 1d6, 6 CP, 8 and 5) +12 (Immortal Vigor) +8 (4x Con Mod) = 33
  • Saves:
    • Fortitude: +0 (Purchased, 0 CP) +2 (Con) = +2
    • Reflex: +1 (Purchased, 3 CP) +1 (Dex) = +2
    • Will: +4 (Purchased, 12 CP) +0 (Wis) = +4
  • Base Attack Bonus: +1 (6 CP).
  • Usual Weapons:
    • Cane (Club with Shillelagh Spell): +3 (+1 BAB +1 Magic +1 Martial Art), 2d6+1 (Magic), Crit 20/x2, 100′ Range Increment with additional +1 to hit at range (Dex).

   Other Abilities (66 CP)

  • Respected Academic (20 CP).
    • Tenured Professor/Privilege: Professor Hite gets free access to the university facilities, a comfortable salary, and a variety of minor perks – like being able to enlist helpful students. Corrupted/he must, occasionally, actually teach a class (2 CP).
    • Scholarly Prodigy/Adept x2: May purchase Knowledge/Arcane, Knowledge/History, Knowledge/Psychic, Knowledge/Theology and Philosophy, Two Martial Arts, Spot, and Listen at half cost. Corrupted/only works as long as he can return to the university library, obtain rare books to study from, pay for (and show up for a reasonable percentage of) martial arts lessons, and so on (8 CP).
    • Dedicated Student/Self-Development: +1 Int for skill-related purposes only, Corrupted/causes bouts of excessive enthusiasm and curiosity, the GM is entitled to demand a will check to turn away from the prospect of gaining new knowledge (4 CP).
    • Fast Learner, Specialized in Skills for +2 SP/Level, (6 CP).
  • Psychic Mastery (20 CP):
    • Natural Expertise: Witchcraft I, II, and III (18 CP): Provides 12 Power and access to The Adamant Will, Glamour, The Hand of Shadows, Healing, The Inner Eye, Shadowweave, and Witchsight. If used against a resisting target, the save DC is a 15.
    • Guardian of Order (-12 CP): Pacts of Guardianship (Professor Hite has to look after a variety of ancient talismans and cursed objects) and Rituals (He is also regularly called on to enact binding rituals at various odd and inconvenient locations).
    • The Second Sight/The Path of Air/The Sight, Specialized/the Professor may give “readings” and has spontaneous visions, but may not otherwise control this power (3 CP).
    • Mana/+3d6 (10) Power (6 CP).
    • Mana/+3d6 (14) Power, Specialized and Corrupted/Only usable to power special effects and tricks used for pure convenience, like cleaning the house and mending clothing (2 CP).
    • The Second Wind/Rite of Chi with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/Only works once per dramatic scene or confrontation, and only when either the character has a chance to rest and recover for a bit or when the game master feels that some great emotion will allow the Professor to draw on his deep reserves (such as making a heroic last stand, rescuing the girl he’s in love with, seeing a friend being murdered, and so on), and only to recover Power (3 CP).
  • Ritual Enchantments (8 CP):
    • Summons of the Athame (or Rod of Blasting): Witchcraft II (yes, again): Specialized and Corrupted for Double Effect and two-thirds cost/requires the use of an especially-prepared rod or blade (the ritual requires three days to enact), use of the Athame attracts supernatural attention, can awaken dormant magics and magical creatures in the area, requires invocations, and costs power from the special reserve given below. The Athame allows the use of Elfshot, Infliction, and Witchfire at Save DC 15 (4 CP).
      • Athame Reserve: 12 Power (from Witchcraft II) plus Mana for 3d6 (10) Power, Specialized and Corrupted/does not recover normally and so must be externally recharged from the professors own reserves via an hour-long ritual, only for use with the Athame powers, and, naturally, sharing the limitations of the Athame itself (2 CP).
    • The Spirit Outside of Time: Reflex Training/Three Actions per Day variant, Specialized and Corrupted/magical actions only, requires his pocket watch as a focus (2 CP).
  • Shamanic Lore (19 CP):
    • Synidoth/Cat Familiar with the Spirit Fetch Template. Synidoth usually takes the form of a small cat, but “he” is actually a spirit-entity of considerable age. There are benefits to being linked to a mortal mage, but that doesn’t prevent Synidoth from being more than a bit snarky about it, from sometimes going off on business of his own, or from occasionally arguing with, or lecturing, his “master” – all of which counts as Specialized, reducing the cost to (6 CP). Technically, Synidoth simply uses his master’s skills – although that’s more because of his bosses limitations than his – but he does roll independently.
    • Innate Enchantment (10,000 GP effective value /11 CP):
      • Detect Spirits (allows the user to see and hear spirits within 60′): Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal-Only = 1400 GP.
      • Spirit Speech: Spell Level One-Half x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal Only = 700 GP. Note that this does not guarantee comprehension; it simply allows nearby spirits to hear you clearly on whichever plane they exist on.
      • Mage Armor: Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal-Only x .8 Only when in “Uniform” and prepared for trouble = 1120 GP.
      • Immortal Vigor I: Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal-Only = 1400 GP.
      • Fast Healing I: Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x.7 Personal-Only x .2 Once per day (a limit of 18 HP in total) =280 GP.
      • Void Sheathe: Spell Level One-Half x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 for inability to store more than three items at a time = 700 GP.
      • Detect Magic: Spell Level One-Half x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x.8 Requires Concentration to Use = 800 GP.
      • Enhance Attribute/+2 Charisma: Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .7 Personal-Only = 1400 GP.
      • Shillelagh: Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .8 Only works on especially-prepared and consecrated items, not on any club or quarterstaff the user happens to pick up x.8 blatantly conspicuous; the staff or club affected glows incandescently whenever affected = 1280 GP.
      • Ranged Strike (allows the user to “fire” melee attacks for the next three rounds with a 100′ range increment): Spell Level One x Caster Level One x 2000 GP for Unlimited-Use Use-Activated x .8 Only works with especially-prepared and consecrated weapons x.8 blatantly conspicuous; the weapon affected glows incandescently = 1280 GP.
    • Immunity/the normal XP cost of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Minor, Trivial/only covers cantrips and first level spells at caster levels of three or less, 2 CP).

   Skill Points: 20 (Int) +5 (Human) +10 (Fast Learner) + 9 (CP Spent, 9 CP) = 44 SP.

Skill SP Base Stat Bonuses Total
Computer Use 4 4 +4   +8
Decipher Script 3 3 +4   +7
Diplomacy 1 1 +2   +3
Disguise 1 1 +2   +3
Investigate 5 5 +4   +9
Arcane* 2 5 +4   +9
History* 2 5 +4   +9
Psychic* 2 5 +4 +2 Sy +11
Tactics 2 2 +4   +6
Theology & Philosophy* 2 5 +4   +9
Listen* 2 5 +0   +7
Martial Arts  
Arnis-Barang* 2 5 +1   +6
Kulam-Kali* 2 5 +4   +9
Research 5 5 +4   +9
Sleight of Hand 2 2 +1   +3
Speak Language 5 5 +4   +9
Spot* 2 5 +0   +5

*Adept, Half Cost

   Known Languages will depend on the campaign setting – but the character will read, write, and speak, a total of ten languages, counting whatever his native tongue is.

   Martial Art: Arnis-Barang (Dex)

   Arnis-Barang is a stick-fighting form related to Escrima – but its development has focused on the ability to do battle with creatures with natural weapons and an unpredictable anatomy, rather than with armed human opponents. With that distinction, it has gradually lost most of the lock/disarm techniques typical of Escrima to focus on swift blocks, long-range strikes, and versatile attacks.

  • Requires: The ability to magically enhance a stick weapon (cane, cudgel, baton, or stave).
  • Basic Abilities: Attack 4, Defenses 4, and Power 4.
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Combat Expertise, Improved Trip, Reach, and Versatility.
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Iron Skin, Light Foot, and Paralyze.
  • Known Techniques (3): Attack 1, Defenses 2

   Martial Art: Kulam-Kali (Int)

   Kulam-Kali is the mystic art of gazing-mazes – purely mental kata designed to focus and amplify the user’s psychic powers, incidently building a semi-solid aura of defensive psychic energies along the way – an aura which will eventually become (when the user pours sufficient psychic energy into it) far more mobile and enduring than the body it surrounds.

  • Requires: Witchcraft II+
  • Basic Abilities: Attack 4 (Every +2 increases the DC of saves against the user’s witchcraft by +1), Power 4, Toughness 2, Synergy/Knowledge Arcana, Synergy/Knowledge Psychic.
  • Advanced and Master Techniques: Breaking, Combat Reflexes, Instant Stand, and Mind Like Moon.
  • Occult Techniques: Inner Strength, Resist Pain, Vanishing, and Wrath (Lightning).
  • Known Techniques (5): Attack 2 (Increases the DC of saving against his Witchcraft by +1), Toughness 1, Synergy/Knowledge Psychic, and Combat Reflexes.

   Professor Arcane is actually quite powerful, at least at first. Unfortunately, while Witchcraft is powerful and efficient at lower levels, it doesn’t scale all that well and is VERY short-ranged. About the only major offensive upgrade he can get is to boost his Athame up to triple effect – which will be effective for a while, but will do absolutely nothing about the various drawbacks of using the thing.

   Further advancement will probably revolve either around getting Power Words (possibly in the form of having to creature ritual talismans to store spirit favors in), investigative skills, and either upgrading his fighting abilities or buying additional psychic abilities – probably in the form of Wilder Casting Levels. That will give him access to a few high-powered effects while retaining his low-end versatility very nicely.

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