Dragons are very large predators

As such, they are highly territorial and competitive.

Other dragons are the worst sort of competition.

They do not get along.

Their children hatch innately educated and ready to hunt.

Roughly equivalent to human adolescents.

Know any fourteen-year-olds? Know any young cats?

They are not big on happy family life.

They are sapient.

As such, they need social interactions to stay sane.

They do not get along.

They need a world with sapient life.

Sapient life exploits it’s resources.

On a world with magic, it uses magic.

The body of a dragon is a rich source of magic.

Young dragons are in terrible danger.

Extinction is no fun either.

The young must be hidden, to learn and grow in secret.

Where does one hide a dragon? What magic must be used?

Metamorphosis. Among the lesser races.

A few gifts to set them up, and they are on their own.

If they are lucky, they may grow into their power.

Reclaim their true form.

And turn the cycle once again.

If not;

Another egg is hatching.

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