The Chronicles Of Heavenly Artifice CLXXV – The Houses Of The Primordial

Ruki sighed… She was talking to a winged snake. Fine. “Unexplained Phenomena” it was. It really didn’t seem to have much to do with those ridiculous fakes who used to claim to have magical powers in Roanapur anyway…

(Ruki) “OK then… You’re saying that I should have some of these “unexplained” powers? Then lets test them, and we’ll see just how much of this is real.”

(Coatl) “Well, the facilities here should suffice! Lets get started then!”

In Yu-Shan… the fires of rumor were burning hotter than ever – and it wasn’t just the Canal Gods intriguing for increased rank. That open-ended writ from Luna, the obsessiveness, his tendency to ignore deiphages as if gods could not attack him, and his (recently installed) elemental poles… At this point the deception was pretty much complete; It would likely take an actual Primordial saying, “Nope, not one of us!” to break the illusion – and even that might not work. He might well qualify as an “actual” nascent one by now.

The Yozi’s were going to be surprised – and not necessarily in a negative way.

Meanwhile, in Yu-Shan, Charles was tracing Cangha, the Seed of Worldspeech. Not only was she linked to the blue jade emergency pillars, but to the Heart of the Canals as well! Besides… “Worldspeech” might be the tongue of the Primordials, which should have all kinds of interesting implications!

Some of the great blue jade pillars were carved with imagery that might or might not be associated with some of the other Primordials. It was hard to tell; they were one of the few parts of Heavenly architecture that the lions had been unable to alter. It was also well-known that most pillars in the empty quarters summoned deiphages instead of lions these days – which made sense to Charles anyway. He was more inclined to wonder why they had EVER summoned lions… Nevertheless, his trace led to… an area that Yao Xin was also tied to and to a particular blue jade pillar carved with glyphs. Some the glyphs were recognizable as Old Realm pictographs, written in a cramped and ragged hand simliar to that supposedly used to write the Sidereal scriptures.

Despite the region being in the middle of a western empty quarter, there was a large and well-warded camp nearby.

Charles waved cheerily at the camp, laid a hand on the pillar, and launched a simple communications-spell with his usual cheerful “Hello!”

The pillar… was warm to the touch; a tone resonates in his mind and he had feelings simliar to those he’d experienced when he’d delved into the human racemind to make Mothra Leo. If imagination could be tangible, it would be while he was touching the pillar.

Also, he got a thaumaturgical hail from the camp: not from an actual spell, but from a communicative artifact. It was a somewhat familiar person.

(Astrid) “Charles! Is that you? It’s been a while.”

Hrm… May have to broaden things; this Deva’s consciousness may be spread over all the pillars.

(Charles) “Hello Astrid! Yes, it’s Charles; how have you been?”

(Astrid) “I’ve been managing… what brings you out here? Curing more deiphages?”

(Charles) “Well… in a way! Oh, do you have enough room now?”

(Astrid) “Ah, right! Thank you very much for that… it’s protected against all intrusion, right? Gus explained a good deal of it to me – you built a Manse of that size, that fast?”

(Charles) “I like making manses, so I made lots of ways to make them faster!”

(Astrid) “I see. You must be aware that you’re touching a Manse right now, then… That place was very well hidden. It took us a week to track down its signature.”

(Charles) “Well yes! I kind of need to check on it!”

(Astrid) “What for? Gus wanted me to investigate it, but he wouldn’t tell me WHY!” (The frustration with her Sidereal husband was palpable… Chosen of Secrets indeed!)

(Charles) “Er… I’d have to ask you not to pass the information on; it’s very private!”

(Astrid) “I promise, dear.”

(Charles) “Er… it has to be formal I’m afraid! (and trot out the classic form). I’ll understand if you don’t want to do that – but I think that having the information will help you. It’s just that this is the only way I can pass it on!”

He included a classical unbreakable oath, perfect privacy defences and a privacy manse link – although with the usual two-to-three month time limit. After that… it wouldn’t matter!

(Astrid) “I… see. If I must, I must. Even I can tell that’s a place of ancient power-and it isn’t like him to withhold that kind of information from me.”

(Charles, opening a link to demonstrate honesty – and to make sure that Astrid would KNOW that it was all true) “Well… I’m on a comission from Luna and Gaia; If Yu-Shan isn’t properly treated VERY soon, she will die and become a new Neverborn, the Celestial City and the Loom of Fate will be sucked into the Labyrinth, the celestial gods and likely the Incarnae will become insane creatures of the underworld or be lost in pure chaos if they survive in any form at all, her geomantic collapse will spread to the elemental poles since she’s still linked to them, and Creation will fall back into the Wyld. It needs fixing very badly indeed, which is why I’m making arrangements for treatment with Yu-Shan’s Devas, like Miss (?) Cangha here!”

He was ready to prop her up if she fainted – but she seemed less surprised than he would have expected.

(Astrid, having left one of the nicer tents in the camp, and seeming awfully steady.) “So the rumors of you investigating the Calibration Gate’s plaza were true. This is a surprise to me; does this mean we’re currently in a Primordial? I THINK that’s what you’re suggesting.”

(Charles) “Oh yes! And most of her Deva’s are manifested as various major features of the City.”

(Astrid, looking at the pillar…) “What’s this one?”

(Charles) “Cangha is the Voice of Yu-Shan, the word that reaches throughout the Low-Hanging Star which is the Celestial City, to carry her commands and all lesser communications throughout the city. Even the simple messengers are touched by her power, but all the major communication systems of Yu-Shan are a part of her aspect.”

(Astrid) “Why didn’t… never mind. I’d say you’re going in there, or at least going to search for a doorway, right?”

(Charles) “If I can’t reach her central consciousness from outside!”

(Astrid) “I see… hrm. Can you wait a few minutes on that? I need to get the archaeological team over there.”

(Charles) “Well… One reason I (sigh) can’t share too much information with the Bronze Faction at the moment is because their attempted solution to some of the same issues will precipitate the catastrophe. Their prophecy is – as usual – quite accurate; their current plan will indeed be an end to all of Yu-Shan’s problems, a cure for deiphagy, and will eliminate causality errors and most of their current workload. It’s just that it will do so by destroying the universe”.

There was a pause – and, once again, not as much surprise as Charles would have anticipated.

(Astrid) “That would explain some things – and sadly, be above my factional security clearance. So that’s why we were being evacuated.”

(Charles) “Well… they don’t realize what it will do of course; they think that it will just cause geomantic upheaval in Yu-Shan. Since they don’t realize that she is a living being, they don’t realize that it will kill her even faster than she’s dying already.”

(Astrid) “I assume you don’t want anyone else to come with me, then… (sigh) which is fine. I want to listen in if you do reach… her?”

(Charles) “Well, you promised to keep it a secret, so you’re quite welcome! I’m sorry that it needs to be a secret for the moment, but it shouldn’t be for more than two months.”

(Astrid) “Right. The Manseguard won’t be pleased with me, but I do have some warding talismans… and this sounds dangerous if someone doesn’t do something about it!”

(Charles) “Well, I can give you some more protections if you’d like! They include faster mote regeneration, wound regeneration, a selection of immunities, improved thaumaturgy, and other things…”

(Astrid) “Eh heh heh… Gus is very good in that – not up to your level, though I’d never say that in front of him. I should be fine.”

Besides… having that much of Charles’s energies hanging around might make for troubles in the faction.

Astrid was out to join Charles in a few minutes, bearing the adamant reaper daiklave Raugdring and wearing the commando armor he’d made for her – the latter currently in the form of some practical but elegant robes and boots.

(Astrid) “Up close, I can feel that SOMETHING is different about the Essence.”

She touched the pillar very carefully – while Charles went back to probing and trying to get in touch! (And looking for a way in in case he couldn’t get a response). The region was warded against mental intrusions… but it definitely felt like there was some connection to the racemind here, and to other beings besides.

Not to mention to the energies of water.

Charles put more power into it – boosting to the Celestial level and (if necessary!) boosting up to the Solar/Primordial level, even if it WAS expensive.

That turned out to be necessary – even if the energy-flux of casting a spell at that level sent essence-ripples racing across the city as blue-green-gold radiance bloomed around Charles and a whirling circle of thaumaturgic symbols (one for each of the twenty-four basic fields – each glowing in it’s appropriate color save for a single flaw – the symbol for Necrotics… was merely utterly black, rather than a devouring void.

(Charles) “Cangha, Voice Long Silenced, Yao Xin and Dumenza have spoken with me in search of Healing for the Low-Hanging Star, and I ask that you to do the same!”

The pillar started to glow with a blinding blue light, and pulsed with shimmering mental energies. Astrid stepped in front of Charles just in case – but the image of a woman, wrought of blue jade, with numerous tendrils coming out of her head and shimmering moonsilver eyes, appeared before them – projected from a glyph even Charles couldn’t quite identify.

(Charles) “Hello!”

(Cangha) “Query: Primordial? Shinma? Deva? Shapeless? Unrecorded?”

(Charles) “Probably Unrecorded! Although some of them say I’m a Nascent One!”

(Cangha) “Analysis: Devas, Multiple Energies with Single Dominant, Poles, Manses and Demesnes. Unrecorded Wyld Entities within. Query: Xiang, the Gallery of Captured Dreams awake?”

(Charles) “I haven’t gotten to him (?) yet! And I made some sort-of Raksha because they’re fun!”

(Cangha) “Statement: Uncertain as to whether you are a Nascent One or an Unrecorded entity.” (Turning to Astrid) “Unrecorded entity for certain; Essence signature is not associated with any known being. Query: Five Fates are extant?”

(Charles) “Yes!”

(Cangha) “Query: Five Fates are playing the Games of Divinity?”

(Charles) “Well yes – along with the Sun, Moon, and Gaia!”

The Sun and Moon required a fair amount of explaining.

(Cangha) “Query: Other Primordials are not playing the Games?”

(Charles) “Unfortunately there was a major conflict; Autochthon and Gaia (and possibly others really) against most of the others. The others are almost all stuck, which also needs fixing – but they’re stable and Yu-Shan is not, so she’s most urgent!”

(Cangha, after a pause.) “Statement: Games of Divinity confirmed in backup mode; other Primordials missing. Warning: Progenitor likely to be irrational upon awakening to only immature siblings present.”

(Charles, sighing) “I suspected as much! But there’s very little choice and I’ll try to arrange temporary isolation until she calms and things can be explained.”

(Cangha) “Query: Progenitor has 58,000,000,000 messages from older siblings in my systems; permission to release upon awakening?”

(Charles) “Er… It might be best to wait for a day or two!”

(Cangha) “Acknowledged. Query: close progenitor’s access to the immaterial drive system? Early input after my systems were compromised caused psychological stress. Psychological stress has continued to this day.”

(Charles) “Yes. Once again, just until things get settled down a bit!”

(Cangha) “Understood. Query: You are a guest of the Low-Hanging Star; though my humanoid form is unable to awaken at the moment, is there anything else you need?”

(Charles) “Well, I am preparing to heal the Low-Hanging Star in this (show basics) fashion; are there any of your fellows that you can pass this on to or information you would wish to contribute?”

(Cangha) “Statement: I can communicate with any of my peers, though certain geomantic disruptions might interfere. The Low-Hanging Star sleeps within the immaterial drive system, watching its input; I sense she is frustrated, and will not interfere with any attempts to awaken her.”

(Charles) “Ah! Is it possible to hold a conference? That would speed things up!”

(Astrid) “Charles… if she says yes, I want a private conference with Yu-Shan too.”

(Charles) “Well, you’ll need to ask her really! I can not attend, but I can’t arrange one!”

(Cangha) “Statement: The Low-Hanging Star will no doubt welcome input from the material world; stagnation always caused irrationality.”

(Charles) “Well, that should be useful then!”

Hm… it was probably going to require a fair amount of consciousness-expansion to handle that – but he’d already arranged for that; he’d just have to engage the conceptual translators and much more of the Synergeistic Overmind part of himself to handle a full primordial conversation.

The blue of the pillar turned soft and fuzzy.

(Astrid) “Charles, look out!”

She reached out to grab him, which smelled like lilac flowers as her hand passed through his body.

(Charles) “Not to worry!”

Cangha was reaching out for him; that smelled like… peanut butter. Hm… was it simply that voice has insufficient bandwidth and it was overflowing into other senses?

(Cangha, who sounded like terrycloth at the moment) “Mrumph… the opposing geomancy forced me into a more… mechanistic frame. I can resist it for a few hours, but not long enough. Shall we meet with the progenitor? She tried to contact you before, but I fear her stasis interfered with her reaction time!”

(Charles) “Certainly! Was that at Dudael?”

(Cangha) “I believe you entered the immaterial drive system earlier – you refer to it as the racial hivemind, apparently. I was fortunate enough to be linked to one of the Fates’ chosen too, once…” (She looked wistful.)

(Charles) “It may work out again once things are fixed!”

(Cangha) “If all goes well… we don’t have much time to waste. Off we go!”

The trip was once again through the hivemind, moving through the collective dreams and stories of humanity. It was more hostile this time, though… waves of geometric Essence lashed out at both Charles and Cangha like beartraps and snares. They sounded like yellow. Hmm…. If Yu-Shan was bound this closely to humanity things might soon get VERY weird!

Up ahead, there was a huge seed of adamant, flickering with orichalcum, moonsilver, and white jade. There was an indistinct form within.

(Cangha) “When I give the signal, hit the barrier as hard as you can… it’s become easier over the millennia, but the stasis is still difficult to penetrate. (Shrugging) Adamant.”

Charles got ready as the traps of yellow and fear closed upon him. He had to slam into the seed with considerable force – but once he’d done that he felt a warm, embracing sensation that reminded him of the Wyld… less chaotic, but no less vibrant and vital. He emerged in a large playroom, filled with toys from various eras – dollhouses, riding horses, and even some of those toys parents hated that played music. The synesthesia was still present, but lessened.

(Charles) “Hello?”

At this point… the narrative goes into metaphor; primordial communications won’t fit into a blog.

The occupant… seemed to be a blend between a flower and a small child, made of adamant, with eyes of orichalcum. She was playing with a popup book. She wore a common outfit for toddlers in the Celestial City: a white, hooded full-body suit. Four petals of white jade poked out from the hood. They depicted a perfect map of the canal system. The child’s face was simultaneously innocent and grandmotherly. The book… was open to a depiction of a figure made of silver sands being crammed into a sieve.

Oh dear, she was getting some updates.

Charles went to sit down by her.

(Charles) “It will take a lot of fixing I’m afraid, but at least it’s gotten started!”

The “child” shook her head. Tears of ambrosia formed at the edges of her eyes, and her lips quivered, but she remained composed at the moment.

(Cangha) “Mother…”

(Charles, with some dismay) “I’m sorry that I can’t fix it all right away.”

(Yu-Shan, shutting the pop-up book) “The most painful part is not knowing where they are. Oh, yes, I know they did SOMETHING to the King, but after that?” She shrugged.

(Charles) “They’re basically suspended in elsewhere, inside Theon. At least they’re stable though.”

(Yu-Shan) “But… they can’t change that way. I… haven’t felt the King in many eons. They must be clawing at his body, desperately trying to return to the source, wanting to be fixed.”

(Charles) “I know – but I’m working as fast as I can; I’m (Hm… best to count time since exaltation) only nine now.

(Yu-Shan) “Did you know what older sister Cecelyne told me? ‘Don’t worry, it will only be for a few thousand years; we’ll leave soon.’ I… I tried to warn them! Stasis can only lead to destruction, but not even older sister Adrian would listen to me! Not even baby brother Autochthon or baby sister Gaia! (Shaking her head) “It’s… so heavy. How big is the house now?”

Charles pulled out an equivalent of his powers-of-ten video, forged into an idea-artifact!

(Charles) “Fortunately it’s not total stasis; the Wyld has infiltrated the structure to a considerable degree.”

The “video” caused immediate crying, and some tantruming… the synesthesia became more hostile feeling, at least until he told her that the Wyld had permeated creation.

(Yu-Shan) “But… I’m still going to be stuck here for a while, right? Can’t you do something about that?”

(Charles) “Well, I’m trying to get the spike of pole unbinding, and the main repairs will be going into effect in a little under two months now. Gaia hasn’t entirely told me what it does, but I think it should disconnect your poles from Creation’s.”

(Yu-Shan) “Then… there’s still hope! I won’t become as stagnant as the others! Maybe I’ll even grow up and prove it’s possible to remain flexible!”

The synesthesia, while it remained heightened, shifted away from the sensations of rage and blood.

(Charles) “I don’t see why it shouldn’t be! That’s why you’re studying the Raksha? I kind of made my own…”

(Yu-Shan) “You see, I was trying to put them in a more… ordered form without compromising their natures! Baby brother Autocththon thought it might be possible too, but silly older sister She Who Lives In Her Name refused to let me connect to their hive mind! Oooh, ooh, let me see!” (And there was much pounding with her hands on the floor.)

Charles cheerily showed her some details about the Mardi Gras Raksha, the manse, and the Sea of Chaos.

(Charles) “You need a lot more geomantic power, and repairing everything will be a major change – so you may wind up with your own version of the Sea of Chaos.”

(Yu-Shan) “Oooh, oooh! Want to hold a shaped raksha!” (The air in the room was now smelling of anticipation.)

Hrm… It might be nigh-impossible to call one HERE – or did she mean that she wanted to have her own? The tickling did feel very literal though – and she was expanding in size greatly.

(Charles) “It will still be almost two months before everything is ready, but I can add some of them in pretty easily!”

(Yu-Shan) “Aw… I want to hold one NOW! I can’t hold ANYTHING outside, not even you! So frustrating! Only watch!” (And she pouted).

Charles considered… COULD he pull one through into “here”? It would be pretty tricky to yank one through – after all, it was an interaction between two immaterial realms, one of which had been somewhat sealed. She did seem VERY bored, though! There were only so many stories once you stripped away all the extraneous details… Well… A wyld gate should be able to go pretty much anywhere at all, even if it wasn’t quite as effective (or even remotely as dangerous) as traveling through Oblivion… And it was the details that made the fun! He’d try to get her at least some temporary company! Still… introducing a Raksha to the Primordial of Reality Shaping might be hazardous… Ah! He’d find out if Uthorian wanted to visit! He should probably come back out for the actual fix though; his presence in here might complicate things.

Uthorian did have other things to do – but there were three of him, and he could get one of himself over for this. Nobody deserved to be sealed up like that for that long.

There were wavers in certain areas of the hivemind as Charles opened the gate: storms that smelled of potential, and gales that tasted like intrusion. He had to concentrate to keep the gate up – but Uthorian was able to come through – and was immediately scooped up by Yu-Shan. She was saying something – but much like excited young human children, her speech was hard to comprehend. The room tasted like joy and relief however. She then scooped up Cangha in another arm and played with them like dolls. Cangha went limp, much like a rag doll – but still seemed to be conscious. When Yu-Shan squeezed her there was a distinct squeak that sounded like friendship. Yu-Shan continued to speak, and sprouted another pair of limbs, along with sleeves for them.

Charles stayed out of the way for the moment; Yu-Shan’s souls seemed to be adapted for this… Cangha and Uthorian were now conversing – focusing on the inclusion of the wyld in her structure and the various echo-charms it should give her since she seemed to like the idea of flexibility and a certain amount of Chaos first, then on the unbinding of Yu-Shan from Creation so she could get out of it. Yu-Shan did not currently have charms like that, although she did have some that had additional capabilities within her own world-body or realms she’d forged out of chaos. Cangha believed that she would want Echo Charms that improved her capabilities within the Wyld and mitigated some of the disadvantages of working in Creation. It did seem like (sigh) the little meat-dollies (humans) would have problems without shaped existence.

(Charles) “Well, I’m trying to make Creation independently stable – and, since primoridal charms are at least partially dependent on their Geomancy, giving her geomancy multiple aspects will give her Charms multiple aspects.

(Yu-Shan, rubbing Uthorian’s head with her extra left hand) “Yay! The dollies are still generating! A dolly for every concept!”

(Charles) Now… there should be an aspect for the modern gods, one for mortals, one for the tenders, one for the baseline geomancy, and one for Chaos” – although there is a possibility that more might pop up… According to some of the never-failing geomancy gods, a Neverborn aspect is possible since Yu-Shan has been stagnating for a while. Much like how the Great Maker’s stagnation is causing his Neverborn form to creep through in the form of the blight zones… I’ve been trying to optimize against that happening though! It would not be a good thing! Now… do you have any thoughts, recommendations, or requests?

(Yu-Shan) “I can’t sense Ayuji!”

(Cangha) “None of us can. Since Lady Ayuji is the core of Mother’s being, this is a major concern!”

(Charles) “She’s hiding I think! I talked briefly to a consciousness sort of within the Loom of Fate (and show them) – but it just kept insisting that it had to stay hidden.”

(Yu-Shan) “But the thread is still there… and that doesn’t sound like Ayuji at all! (Furrowing her brow) Somebody did something to my fetich without asking! That’s REALLY rude!”

(Charles) “Uhm… It may have been Autochthon… or she might currently be being the primary pattern spider!”

(Yu-Shan, scratching her head) “Then that’s REALLY rude! He can change his own dollies all he likes, but I don’t want any of his yucky stuff on me. I’ll have to spank him for that one!”

(Charles) “Well. he’s pretty sick at the moment too!”

(Yu-Shan) “He’s always sick! Very boring!”

(Charles) “At the moment he’s not even conscious.”

THAT gave her pause.

(Yu-Shan) “Baby brother Great Maker… isn’t even MAKING? Has he… come back?”

(Charles) “No – but unless I can fix him too he will soon! Less than a thousand years most likely!”

Yu-Shan put both devas down, toddled over to the popup book on her roots, and shut it. She then reopened it, and it revealed the Great Maker’s planetary world-body… riddled with black spots.

(Charles) “It’s been going quite badly! That’s why I have such a lot to do!”

(Yu-Shan) “Baby brother… I’ll come for you after I’m fixed.”

(Cangha) “As the Primordials of Reality Shaping and Invention… they were very close. Not that she wouldn’t engage in the teasing, of course.”

(Charles) “I’m sorry I wasn’t around to get started sooner!”

(Cangha, crossing her arms) “And not that it was unjustified… changing your devas that much is unhealthy.”

(Cangha) “Ergh… my head. Maintaining the link is becoming taxing, though you’ve made Mother quite happy.”

(Charles) “I think that I’ve got to go and continue working – but I’ll look forward to seeing you out and about again shortly!”

(Yu-Shan) “Aw… Thank you for letting me play with your dolly! Nobody lets me do that… let.” (And she looked sad again, with matching sensations of that in the air.)

(Charles) “You’re welcome! Maybe again later!”

He left her a bunch of new toys and things. Yu-Shan was a little jaded when it came to non-living toys, but nonetheless appreciated it. (If it had made an impact in the hivemind, she had a copy).

Meanwhile, Charles was considering… where Gaia powered the physical aspects of shaped existence, Yu-Shan was powering the mental aspects, from the basic drives to reproduce and survive to the urges to make imaginary things real. If something had made an impact on enough people, Yu-Shan knew about it. Thus, her distress: the Primordial War made enough of an impression for her to have SOME idea of what had happened to her siblings. She likely knew about all the major events in Creation’s history, at least up to the Reshaping. After that… certainly some interstellar history. Thus, the Hivemind was… more or less, Yu-Shan’s TV/movie theater.

Perhaps her siblings had known that she would get bored being in stasis that long. It would have been a kindness at first.

Still, that was awkward! He’d have to do a lot of substituting, even if there were enough minds out there now to make the general principles self-sustaining… Otherwise there wouldn’t be mental domains. Still, if he wasn’t VERY cautious there might well be some wide-ranging effects on the human mind from awakening her – especially on those minds within her. Still, it would be MUCH better than leaving her to die, and even a Primordial had trouble affecting interstellar distances. The devas embedded in the racemind might help though…

So… since there WERE mental domains, and the ones she was sustaining would be associated with her second and third circles, and the establishment of a manse automatically stabilized the domain… Then he’d just have to go on a mental manse building spree, and make manses to stabilize each of her input-domains. That… would require several hundred though. He’d have to put those on the schedule. It took a lot to work on one of the fundamentals of physical existence. A good thing that his infrastructure was optimized for that! He’d… have to use the Mardi Gras Raksha, Wyld Gates into the Mental level, and Djinn for manse-construction. Fortunately, the spell would do; as long as they were there to stabilize things and were maintenance free the design details were relatively unimportant.

And Uthorian had escaped unharmed, though sadly not ungummed! He could dry off pretty fast though, thanks to the Adenic power suite.

So… Manses to stabilize the primary physical nexi, mental manses to stabilize the mental level… Hopefully the spiritual side was stable on it’s own; after all, something had to be self-stabilizing to get it all started… And the place did keep creating gods for places and new concepts unattended, even far beyond Yu-Shan’s reach… As for the Primordials, they should be stable on their own, at worst the energies of the Divine Ignition Cytherea had yet to run out in any of them; not even the dead ones could die fully – perhaps why it only took some exposure to Wyld energies for them to regenerate. At least on that level, she was likely to be fine.

And at least she’d have some idea of what was going on when she woke up all the way – even if she WAS liable to grab gods and start playing house. But it wasn’t like they could resist a Primordial; instead they’d be confused as they wondered why they were going along with it. In any case… there were plenty of gods around, and most of them had nothing better to do.

From Yu-Shan’s prospective… she had an earnest toddler playing doctor – but at least he was giving hope; after all, she saw all the horrors inflicted on the bigger Primordials in her popup book and they were in no condition to help – and he was in an incredible rush…


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