Star Wars – The Keldav Family Background

   Here we have something from one of the players for the upcoming Star Wars game…

   Marcus Keldav (age 48)

   Marcus is the son of a mediocre landscaper that has managed to take his father’s business and turn it into a firm renowned across Alderaan for it’s work. He met his future wife, Ceren, at a botanical exhibition and the pair hit it off quickly. The pair of them have three children: Sabrina, Kira and Nichel. He likes to involve himself in all details of his business, from selecting seeds for color to working out the elevations of the landscaping for optimal lighting. He has tried to involve his children in his work, with Sabrina more fascinated with the botanical side of things and Nichel more interested in the artistry of the work. Kira, although talented at being able to differentiate colors, repeatedly expressed no interest in grass painting. He has prided himself on being able to send all of his children to school and give them the opportunities he did not have.

   Marcus and Ceren are as inseparable as they were when they first met. His relations with Sabrina have always been warm with him constantly doting on her as his little girl. The fact that Sabrina may be able to enter one of the most prestigious medical centers on Alderaan is something he reminds people of constantly. With Nichel expressing interest in pursuing the family business, the two have become quite close and work together more and more.

   Kira has always been a point of contention. While Marcus is protective of his children and wishing only the best for Kira, he would wish Kira would quit spending all his money and time on “women and wine”.

   Ceren Keldav (age 49)

   Ceren is a botanist specializing in manipulating gene expression. She met Marcus at a botanical convention and during conversations into finding a breed of grass with a certain shade of blue, the pair of them quickly hit it off. They married and had three children together: Sabrina, Kira, and Nichel.

   While pleased that Sabrina is following a career in the medical field and Nichel is finding himself a place in the family business, Ceren was frequently at odds with Kira. Kira would continually test the limits of her patience and her voice with his antics that only seemed to grow as he did. Her almost supernatural ability to know what Kira was up to at a given time was quietly commented on by the rest of the family. Speculation focused on the idea that Kira was taking after her before she found her passion in botany and Marcus and ergo she knew what antics to look for.

   Sabrina Keldav (age 25)

   Kira’s older sister by 4 years. Like her mother, Sabrina is very much interested in the medicine and biology. Her studies through school and college consistently got high marks and she is well on her way to gaining a position at the premier medical center on Alderaan.

   Her interests include studying unusual medical cases, collecting dna samples, and playing the piano. Sabrina respects her parent’s career and takes pride in the fact that many prominent locations on Alderaan have been landscaped by them. Sabrina and her mother share a professional comraderie often will have friendly discussions over genetics and biology. She and her father often fall into the “daddy’s little girl” relationship with him taking pride in her accomplishments he doesn’t quite get. Sabrina looks upon Nichel as a fine continuence of the family business.

   Sabrina’s relationship with Kira is one of the odder points of the family. The two are close, with Kira often listening to her more than he listens to their parents. While she frequently harps on his uncouth behavior and less than stellar academic performance, she also recognizes his softer side, such as when Kira beat one of Sabrina’s cheating boyfriends senseless. She frequently is the one to bail Kira out of jail for whatever his latest transgression against society is and is the first to defend him when Kira is disregarded by others. Although she isn’t above berating him for his behavior and how it might tarnish her career and name.

   Nichel Keldav (age 18)

   Kira’s younger brother by 3 years. Nichel very much takes after his father with a flair for artistry. Nichel has always been the one most eager to help out with the landscaping work his parents do. Currently going to school to learn enough botany to eventually take over the family business.

   While he shares Kira’s popularity with the ladies, Nichel has thus far managed to keep it from being a problem. Nichel has managed to maintain the cute persona and winning smile that served him well in childhood. Interests include: painting, animal riding, and history. Nichel gets along quite well with his father and the two can frequently be seen critiquing each other’s work. While he and his mother are not particularly close, she does consider him to be a fine kid and just wishes he would pick a nice girl. While his relations with Sabrina are warm, and the two are frequently seen arguing over something, usually Kira.

   Nichel and Kira frequently do not get along as only brothers do. Kira accuses Nichel of being a “pretty boy” and Nichel calls Kira of being a thug. Nichel has repeatedly said that Kira needs to find out what he is rebelling against and stop just rebelling on principle. He wishes Kira would show more respect for their parents and what they do for the three siblings.

   Kira Keldav (age 21)

   Middle child of three siblings. Kira was born with a genetic defect preventing his body from generating pigment, also known as albinism. The black sheep of the family (although affectionly referred to as the “white sheep” by his sister), Kira’s lack of respect for authority was only matched by his utter lack of direction in life. While Kira managed to avoid getting kicked out of school, he did have to be bailed out of jail by his older sister more than a few times.

   Pasttimes include: drinking, chasing women, and brawling. Usually the brawling would follow the first two. He frequented the seedier taverns, pubs and catinas on campus and near port. He is also a particular fan of a particular style of folding chair “As it is strong enough to block most serious blows while light enough to easily swing with only one hand.” Kira has little respect for his parent’s grasspainting calling it “the most incredibly idiotic system of half-trained landscaping I’ve ever seen – and even DULLER to actually be involved in than watching grass grow was normally.” Relations with his father are cool under the best of times and the two have argued frequently about Kira’s conduct. Kira and his mother have led to an understanding where Kira tries to behave at dinner, and she ceases to compare him to Sabrina and Nichel.

   Relations with Nichel are a heated sibling rivalry, Kira views Nichel as the son that can do no wrong, and himself as the son that can do nothing right. That hasn’t stopped Kira from on occassion trying to emulate Nichel on some occassions, Kira just does not like having this pointed out to him. On the whole, Kira deep down likes his little brother, but finds he can’t stand the cute face Nichel always puts on around others.

   Sabrina and Kira are close, easily the closest relationship Kira has in the family. Kira respects everything Sabrina has managed to accomplish and Sabrina appreciates the fact that Kira has yet to find his calling. The fact that she has called upon Kira to teach her ex-boyfriends true fear is not lost on the two of them, nor that she is the one to most frequently bail him out of jail and not inform their parents about it.

   After the Battle of Alderaan

   In the wake of the defense of Alderaan and the news of the destruction of the cruiser Naichron (which Kira was on when it was destroyed), the Keldavs have been a family in quiet mourning. Though now with rumors swirling of a Sith by the name of Kira matching his description connected to numerous acts of intense violence across the galaxy, the family has begun to feel an odd mixture of hope and fear. Hope that Kira may have survived the Naichron, and fear at what that survival might have changed him.

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