Old Mandate Roster

The Mandate:

   This irregular group essentially accreted around two cores – the naive and innocent Brick, a physical powerhouse, and the secretly-possessed mentalist Adrian Maximilian. While they never really decided on a name for themselves, Dr. Who provided them with one, apparently before the group was even firmly established. Of course, the good doctor is a time traveler.



   The Brick was huge, well-meaning, super-humanly strong, almost totally invulnerable, and intellectually about eight – mostly thanks to the neural waste energies from the enormous psionic forces being channeled into augmenting his physical abilities. His general naivete, cheerful and unabashed randyness, and spotty, entirely television-based, understanding of human society could be attributed to his origin as a shapeshifting, super-powered dolphin – a form to which he tended to revert whenever he got too wet. Fortunately, he was more than tough and strong enough to “swim” through the bedrock – or core of the planet – with ease. The brick cheerfully bumbled his way through numerous super-battles, Faerie, the Silver Twilight, deep space, the Depths of the Abyss, several of the Hundred Realms, the Tournament of the Dragon, the Demon Floods in China, most of the Darkstorm War, and the Department of Motor Vehicles. He was among the heroes who volunteered to pass through the Gates of the Silver Twilight and hold off the Genocide Machines while the gates were permanently sealed. He is currently presumed to be lost in the Silver Twilight, although – given his abilities – he’s almost certainly still alive.



   Adrian Maximilian was a psionic omni-talent, theoretically capable of manifesting virtually any ability – albeit at only moderate power levels. Unfortunately, telepathic and clairvoyant abilities came to him most easily – leading him to accidentally contact a powerful, long-imprisoned, entity early in his career. Partially possessed, he used his telepathic and telekinetic talents to help gather a team of super-beings. Fortunately, no one ever discovered why: Neo managed to more-or-less accidentally disrupt the entities link with Adrian, restoring his freedom. Adrian later found his power vastly augmented in one particular area – molecular absorption, a power which allowed him to absorb matter from the surrounding area and grow to immense size and strength, burying his vulnerable human body deep inside an almost indestructible mass of earth, stone, and rubble. Like the Brick, Adrian was lost closing the Gates of the Silver Twilight. The identity of the creature that had originally possessed him was never determined.



   The Chauffeur was a competent, albeit not especially powerful ambient-mana sorcerer, but also instinctively tapped into some power source which was particularly-attuned to creating and enhancing otherwise conventional vehicles – hence he usually provided transportation, backup, data, and communications services for the more directly-powerful characters. Later on he mastered the art of deploying multiple drones in combat: their raw power still couldn’t match that of a major super-being, but he could readily handle several weaker targets. The Chauffeur entered semi-retirement as the director of the Adrian Maximilian Memorial Orphanage after the Darkstorm War, although he still handles transportation for characters who operate out of the mansion.



   “Neo” was a refugee from the Silver Twilight. Typically enough, he was cloned and raised until age 6 by the Genocide Machines, then exposed to a variety of exotic energies. As one of the lucky 1% who survived and gained superhuman abilities, he was promptly medicated into a semi-coma, hooked up to life support and a steady stream of semi-random neural simulations, and used as a psionic-energy generator – a service that only a living sentient being could provide.

   Thirteen years later, the Loa captured the generating station, releasing “Neo”, and five other youthful “generators”. Unfortunately, “Neo” was a powerful reality warper – and woke up confused, panicked, and a lot bigger than age 6. He wanted to get away – and his powers obliged, taking him to earth. In a shopping mall. Wanting to be ignored, he was. Looking for a quiet place where no one would bother him while he thought, he wandered into a dark, quiet, room. Confused, he doubted his memories – and they blurred.

   And then the movie started. He wanted to understand it – so he did. Parts of it actually seemed almost right. It resembled enough of what he recalled, and offered enough of an explanation for his thirteen years of confused and fragmented dreams, to give him a framework to work with. It was exciting, and he wanted to be the hero.

   And so he was. The confused child passed into history, and “Neo” strode out of the late-night showing of “The Matrix” to wander the streets – all the relevant abilities and effects provided by his reality-warping talents.

   While progress in straightening out his delusions was gradual at best, Neo served valiantly in the Mandate. Like most of the other Loa, and their agents, he participated in the final assault on the Gates of the Silver Twilight, and was lost when they were closed.



   “Mr. Smith” was a mid-range agent of the Loa, with a variety of low-grade personal psionic augmentations, a formidable range of practical and martial-arts skills, and the ability to generate hundreds of low-powered copies of himself – although they had an unfortunate tendency to go rogue. Assigned to go after “Neo” after he warped himself to the Earth – the nearest destination, and one the Loa already used as a base and refuge – while being rescued, “Mr Smith” was, of course, using the most generic alias he could – and found that “Neo” had developed a most unfortunate aversion to people with that name, a difficulty that it took him some time to figure out. While the original “Mr Smith”, like most of the rest of the Mandate, was lost closing the Gates of the Silver Twilight, quite a few of his duplicates continue to work at the Adrian Maximilian Memorial Orphanage today.



   The Darkmage was a centuries old natural immortal. Originally a simple farmer, he was chosen by the Cult of Tyrannon as a possible host for their infernal master when it became apparent that he wasn’t aging and healed so quickly that his body might be able to handle a substantial portion of the demon lords mystical energies, So it could – but the Darkmage escaped to fight a centuries-long internal battle against his new demonic urges and an external one against the pursuing cultists and their master’s schemes. While the rising mana levels of the 1920’s and later made the external war easier, he never really realized that he was slowly losing the inner war – using ever-more reckless magics, thinking less and less about the consequences and costs of his actions, and showing more and more disregard for normal human beings (as well as randomly swapping sexes).

   The progression reached a disastrous peak when the Darkmage opened a transtemporal portal into the Darkstorm War period – unleashing a portion of its energies across the earth – scattered a variety of demons around, unleashed corrupted entities which had been sealed away for better than a hundred million years, and finally had his own personality shatter under the strain of Tyrannon’s influence. The Darkmage has recently escaped her countermagical bindings and it is feared that he/she is now fully under Tyrannon’s power.



   The Holy Ghost was the manifested spirit of a long-dead Buddhist monk, with powerful (but rather specific) abilities based on holy light and on his ghostly status. He (re-)appeared on Earth shortly after the Darkmage flooded the solar system with the energies of Darkness, apparently feeling that it was his duty to oppose such forces. While he was willing to use force against demons and similar supernatural menaces he preferred to avoid direct combat, hence he mostly served as an advisor on magical subjects and the astral plane, an exorcist, and a spirit guide. He also spent a lot of time on preaching, counseling, and offering inscrutable advice and odd koans. While the Holy Ghost was “killed” during the Darkstorm War, it seems likely that he’ll reappear when and if a similar crisis arises.



   The team briefly worked with Ballistic, a sniper-expert with the psionic ability to enhance and guide conventional weaponry, but found her blatant insanity, psionically-generated “enemies”, tendency to solve hostage situations by massacring hostages first so as to ensure that their captors knew that threatening any remaining hostages was useless, and other bad habits, too much to deal with. After she casually killed a smart-mouthed, but defenseless, kid the team turned her in for trial – and therapy – as soon as they could manage it. They’re still trying to locate all of her weapons caches, but have begun to feel that they’re still manifesting as a result of some obscure power of hers, since they keep popping up in places that have been searched a dozen times before.



   Ranko Tendo, now Ranko Anchienkienda, is still active, and so is described on the current characters list.



   Dr Who possessed a powerful, if difficult to use and somewhat erratic, ability to open portals across both time and space as well as considerable durability, expertise in many different skills, and basic skills in Personal and Invocation magic. He claimed that some of the tales of his adventures had formed the basis for the popular television series, but only dropped by erratically, apparently due to a desire to prevent some horrible future disaster that he alone foresaw.



   Matsumoto is a sort of mercenary-idealist-combat addict. He’s been circulating the world since sometime before World War I, relying on his general toughness, incredible regenerative talents, and ability to produce bladed weapons and samurai-style armor from nowhere, to keep him alive while he attaches himself to the “right” (according to his own notions) side of any available conflict and runs amok – stopping only if his chosen side “wins” or if there’s no one else left on it to fight. By all rational standards he ought to be dead: he probably has some additional talents for escaping as well. Despite his semi-hero status left over from WWII, virtually no one actually wants to work with him.



   The Sniper was a relatively normal human with a collection of military weaponry, plenty of skill in using them, too much combat fatigue to operate sanely, and an unfortunate marriage to Jia Daiyu (“Beautiful Black Jade“), a mad necromancer-sorceress of considerable power. Most notable for shooting Vasilko through the head (for no really apparent reason) while he was out playing catch with some of the children, getting smacked around by him and his pack – and then being persuaded by him that the only way to prevent him from becoming a werewolf was to make being him so unpleasant that no wolf-spirit would bond with him. Accepting the logic, he volunteered for twelve hours of being repeatedly beaten to a pulp and healed. This was baloney – Vasilko hadn’t started the transformation process in the first place – but nobody objected much. They thought that a gratuitous bullet through the brain pretty much excused a desire to beat on someone for a while.

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