Valerie Soung (Alternate Galaxy)

   The Star Wars characters have recently confirmed that something does happen if you attempt to negate the force. It does indeed bind the galaxy together – and if you tamper with it, or sever your force-links with the rest of the cosmos, you can easily drop out of normal space and time altogether. There are some powerful disciplines available based on that – such as redefining your personal timerate and moving out of phase with normal reality – but using them puts you at severe risk of losing yourself amongst the infinite dimensions.

   It’s a lot risker when you have no idea what you’re doing to begin with.

   Life as the youngest child of a restaurant owner was not exactly a life of luxury. Her parents did the best they could to provide for her and her older sister Virstris, but life out on the rim was not easy.

   Things changed one day when Valerie was out playing with some of the other neighborhood children in the winter snow during her fifth year. Due to an accident in steering the sled, young Valerie found herself airborne and on a collision course with a tree at high speed. In all likelihood, the impact would have seriously injured or killed her had she not suddenly phased through the tree. She crash-landed in a snowbank, unharmed but badly frightened – and her parents realized that Valerie was most unusual.

   She had the Talent.

   The trip to a nearby Enclave world of the Codifiers strained their resources, but her parents knew that, without training in how to control her powers, Valerie was likely to fall out of the universe and disappear. The Codex Masters immediately recognized Valerie’s potential and took her and her family into their care. Her father started working for the administration staff, her mother went to work for the Archives, and her older sister was sent off to a nearby school. Valerie herself was tutored by the masters of the enclave and quickly gained skill and power.

   Quickly, Valerie become the star student at the Enclave. In time she became a full codifier herself – and proved herself resistant to the Fading thanks to the well cultivated bonds of family and friendship that the Codifiers nurtured.

   Then yet another Faded war began – and it was going poorly, as usual. Once again, it looked like the only path to “victory” was to endure until the Faded overstretched their powers and fell – or to destroy their ships before they could approach Alliance territory. This time, the Faded had broken through the Galactic Alliance defense lines and were making a push to annihilate Alderaan. If they destroyed Alderaan, there would be nothing to stop them from reaching the rim and turning the Alliance into a giant crescent. Valerie was among those rushed to Alderaan to try and slow down the relentless advance.

   Their arrival did wonders to bolster morale, but the situation was still looking grim. Nihilus had landed and was devouring the landscape where he tread. Valerie moved to confront him when she saw a young commander make a desperate stand against the monster. Just when it looked like he was going to die, she could feel the Codex awaken within him. Nihilus, caught by surprise by this turn of events, fell prey to a lucky counterattack, as Kira abruptly matched him in Hypertime.

   With Nihilus dead, the threads of binding holding many of his minions in reality were disrupted and they faded from existence. Valerie recovered the exhausted commander named Kira Keldav and took him back to the Codifiers for training. While her former masters provided most of the training, Valerie took a hand in training him as well – and soon found herself attracted to the unbreakable optimism he radiated. Soon they grew close.

   As they went on missions together and fought the remaining major Faded, emotions bloomed and she found herself really enjoying his company. His proposal live on the holos after they received an award for bravery and valor on the battlefield became a media frenzy. Together, the two of them were becoming the symbols of the Alliance war effort against the Faded. Kira even had quiet proposals on how to prevent more from falling to the Fading as so many had throughout galactic history.

   Then suddenly, while out in the middle of a grassy field on Homestead planning their wedding, Kira vanished right in front of her eyes. In his place appeared an unknown (presumed) assassin with highly unusual powers. Valerie fought and defeated the “assassin” only to discover him to be an alternate Kira from an alternate timeline. To make matters worse, this Kira was a snarky ass, and was completely lacking the charm and charisma of her fiancee.

   Switching them back was going to be difficult. It had only happened because this version clearly had no idea what he was doing when playing with Codex powers. If she wanted to bring her fiancee back and send this ass home, then she had no choice but to teach him all over again. What information he had on the Binding would be useful to learn so that she could share it with her fiancee, but that was of secondary priority.

   She had fought hard to gain this life she was living and she wasn’t going to lose it now because some snarky idiot botched an experiment that no sane person would have tried in the first place!


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