How to play a Balor – or other large flaming things.

   Today we’re going to see about converting a Balor to Eclipse: The Codex Persona classless d20 Point Buy. This classical giant, flaming, demon-lord is a mighty creature which has risen through the ranks of demons to it’s current form and powers based on success, exceptional abilities, and sheer ruthless malevolence and treachery.

   Why bother since we’re reproducing the creature almost exactly? Well, if you want to play one, or make a weaker creature which is developing into one, you need to see how they grow into their full power.

   At full strength, the standard Balor is a CR 20 creature without much equipment – presumably, since a 20’th level character with gear is also CR 20 – making it equivalent to a properly-equipped character of level 22 or so. Since it has twenty hit dice, that means a +2 ECL template and 20 Outsider levels.

+2 ECL Evil Outsider Template (94 CP out of 95 available):

  • Str +6, Dex +6, Con +6, Int +6, and Cha +6: 180 CP.
  • One Level of Growth: Size Large: +8 Str, -2 Dex, +4 Con, +2 Natural Armor, -1 AC and To Hit versus medium-sized creatures, 48 CP.
  • Fast Learner x2 (Specialized in Skills, +4 SP/Level, 12 CP)
  • Immunity: Need not Eat, Drink, or Sleep (Common / Minor / Major, 6 CP).
  • Skill Bonuses: +8 on Listen and Spot (16 CP)
  • Occult Sense/Darkvision (6 CP)
  • Mindspeech (6 CP)
  • Spell Resistance of (5 + Level) (6 CP)
  • Returning (Specialized: must be slain on home plane or can come back after a year, 3 CP)
  • Fortunately – or unfortunately – for them, the entire template is both Specialized and Corrupted: The user is an obvious hideous demon, is inherently evil (and vulnerable to things that target evil creatures regardless of its current alignment), is vulnerable to spells that affect outsiders, and cannot normally be Raised or Resurrected. One-third cost.

Available Character Points:

   Level 20 gives us a base of 504 CP to work with, plus limitations and disadvantages – which are, for such a creature, substantial:

  • Duties (To Demon Princes and Dark Gods, +2 CP/Level)
  • Restrictions (Hated and Feared, Inherently Evil/Hunted by Rivals and Powers of Good, Cannot use most magical gear due to innate resistance and powers, +2 CP/Level).
  • Disadvantages: Compulsive (Treacherous and Demonic), Irreverent, and Unarmoured (+10 CP).
  • To fairly represent most such creatures – as veterans of centuries of supernatural conflicts, surrogates for demon princes and dark gods, and survivors of ruthless infernal competition, they should probably have some sort of infernal Package Deal and even some Unique Training – probably worth another 30 CP or so, for a total of 120 extra points.
  • That gives us a total of 624 CP to work with, on top of that +2 ECL template.

So what do we have to buy?

  • Hit Dice: 20d8 at L20 (80 CP)
  • Saves: +12 to all saving throws, totaling +36 (Resistance, 108 CP)
  • Warcraft: +20 BAB (120 CP).
  • Skills: 184 Skill Points (92 CP + 92 SP from Fast Learner)
  • Proficiencies: All Simple and Martial Weapons (9 CP)

   That costs 409 CP, leaving us 215 to spend on buying its special abilities:

Special Abilities:

  • Celerity +10′ Move Ground Movement (6 CP)
  • +60′ Flight Movement (Corrupted: requires room to spread wings 16 CP)
  • Defender +9 Natural Armor (Corrupted: does not stack with Armor and Shield bonuses, 24 CP)
  • DR 15 (Corrupted: Not versus Cold Iron and Good Aligned Weapons, 40 CP. Note that this also applies against energy and magical attacks, and thus subsumes a variety of other defenses)
  • 1d10 Natural Weapons (Martial Arts, 12 CP)
  • Immunity/Electricity, Fire, and Poison: all Common / Severe / Major for 30 points of effect, 27 CP total)
  • Immunity to having personal channeling-conversion spells dispelled (6 CP)
  • Negative Energy Channeling (3 + 4 x Cha Mod uses, Specialized: only for Spell Conversion, double number of uses, 24 CP).
  • Channeling/Conversion: Packages of L6, L6, L7, L9, and L9 spells. Corrupted: blatant dark magic only, at least one spell in each package (marked with an “*”) is once-per-day only. 64 CP.
    • L6) Eldritch Weapon/+1 Vorpal Sword, Eldritch Weapon/+1 Entangling Whip, Resist Fire and Electricity (Adds Resistance-30 for 24 Hours), Swift Flyer (Adds +30 Flight movement to existing flight movement for 24 hours)*,
    • L6) Deathtrap* (explodes when slain), Dispel Magic (Greater), Stone Ox (+8 Natural Armor at CL 12+, 24-Hour Variant), Telekinesis.
    • L7) Blasphemy, Fire Storm*, Insanity, Teleport (Greater).
    • L8) Flame Aura (6d6, 24 hour), Power Word Stun, Summon Demons*, Unholy Aura.
    • L9) Dominate Monster, Enhance Attributes (+6 to all for 24 hours), Implosion*, True Seeing (24 Hour).

   Now this version converts a lot of “Unlimited Use” items to the usual Eclipse “Limited use – but unlikely to run out during any given encounter”. It also normally expends at least six Channeling uses per day on powering up its personal abilities. Given that this creature also enjoys a +12 to its base Charisma, and gets [(3 + 4 x Cha Mod) x2] Channeling uses per day, that rarely matters. It also winds up with 2 CP – and seven level-based bonus Feats – left over. The 2 CP can be invested in a contact or something. The seven Feats can either be invested in the usual array for a Balor, or used to customize things a bit.

   As far as attribute totals go, they get +5 from being level 20, +10 from their size, +30 from their Template, and +36 from their spells. Nevertheless, I’m still assuming a “natural” average of 13-14. After all, these creatures have risen through the ranks over thousands of years. Presumably they were well above average to start with.

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