Vampires Monte’s Way

   For a minor request, here’s a quick Eclipse conversion of the basic Vampire, from Monte Cooks d20 version of the White Wolf version. Does that sound roundabout? Well, after three editions and a system conversion, it probably should. It’s not like there aren’t a thousand versions of vampires out there anyway…

   So, what do we need to buy to reproduce this version of the Vampire in Eclipse?

  • Bonus Hit Dice: +2 Bonus d8 Hit Dice, Specialized for Double Effect (four bonus hit dice)/can be bypassed to do damage to constitution by critical hits and special attacks, Corrupted/are rolled rather than taken as the maximum since they’re available at level one (16 CP).
    • That covers the basics of the wounds-and-vitality style systems, wherein a characters basic hits are considered to equal his or her constitution. You can buy that in Eclipse too, and fairly cheaply, but – in this case – it’s a world law that applies to everyone, and individual characters don’t have to.
  • Self-development: +2 to Strength, Constitution, and Charisma, +1 to any ability score (42 CP).
  • Attribute Shift: +2 to any one attribute, -2 to any other attribute, normally depending on bloodline (6 CP).
  • Martial Arts/1d4 Natural Weapons (3 CP). Normally fangs and a bit attack, but characters who want to rip at people with their ghoulish talons – or poke them with their supernaturally sharp and pointy elbows – may do that if they like instead.
  • Leadership/May create ghouls (6 CP). Some characters may want to upgrade their ghouls with a few positive levels via the Emperors Star enhancement, but that can wait until later.
  • Occult Sense/Low-Light Vision (6 CP). No, they don’t get Darksight. That’s because there has to be enough light for the movie cameras to pick up the action. We might as well admit that this is a semi-romanticized cinematic version of the vampire.
  • Occult Sense/Blood Sense. Can detect other vampires nearby and get a rough estimate of their power level, and can obtain more details about blood – including bloodlines, who’s controlling a ghoul or thrall, and so on – by tasting it (6 CP).
  • Immunity/Bleeding (Common, Major, Trivial, 3 CP). These vampires will not lose hit points while below zero hit points – and won’t crumble away at zero hit points either.
  • Immunity/Critical Hits (Common, Major, Major, 9 CP to reduce damage from critical hits by 30 points). Critical hits won’t usually do much to these vampires. After all, their bodies are basically dead.
  • Immunity/normal metabolic needs (Very Common, Major, Minor, 10 CP). This should be enough to let them get along without food, water, air, warmth, and similar things.
  • Immunity/normal diseases, toxins, and things that affect the metabolism (Common, Major, Major, 9 CP). Technically they might be vulnerable to rotting, but that might well be why they have to spend a little power each day just to stay active. They have to make up for the daily ravages of bacteria and time.
  • Immunity/Age (Uncommon, Minor, Major, 3 CP).
  • 4d6 Mana, Corrupted/only usable for special-purpose disciplines, no normal recovery, can be drained away or stolen by draining their blood (16 CP). That covers the “Blood Pool”. Of course, in Eclipse, there’s nothing to keep them from buying this up a bit.
  • Rite of Chi with +12 Bonus Uses, Specialized/must drink blood from victims – draining their constitution – to recover Mana (12 CP). Technically the basic vampire can drink and spend without limit – but a daily recovery limit of 13d6 really ought to cover most situations and can probably be treated as “unlimited” without any real problem.
  • Inherent Spell/Curse (a limited, but fairly potent one: drinking their blood – and thus taking a Mana point from them – causes addiction and enthralment), Corrupted/powered by Mana (4 CP)
  • Grant of Aid with the Mighty Modifier, Corrupted/powered by Mana (6 CP). A vampire can recover 1d8+5+Con Mod hit points, or 1d3+1 points of attribute damage, or two negative levels per Mana point spent.
  • Hysteria (Physical Speciality) with the Great, Extended, and Mighty modifiers (24 CP). May spend one Mana to double any one physical attribute for one minute. That doesn’t quite match the original; for that you’d have to buy Immunity/stacking limits and upgrade the cost. On the other hand, allowing a character to get +60 strength for one minute – at the cost of a fairly-easily replenished reserve – will overwhelm a lot of games. Hence a compromise: Vampires can briefly double their physical attributes relatively cheaply, but can’t go higher than that. An attribute pumped up into the 30-40 range is quite supernatural enough for most games.

   The entire package is specialized, reducing it’s cost to a net 90 CP – or a +2 ECL race. Elements that help make it specialized include:

  • Must spend Mana to remain awake during the day, appear alive for a time, awake (or remain so) at nightfall, or otherwise counterfeit being alive, such as by eating food and/or drinking, showing body warmth or a pulse, etc.
  • Takes four points of constitution damage per round from full exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Do not naturally heal, and cannot benefit from conventional medical attention.
  • Being generally regarded as predatory monsters, undead, and enemies of all life.

   I may do some of the other groups as well – but this should suffice to provide the general idea: I expect that most of them will come out around the same ECL range.

   One basic problem with this sort of thing in Eclipse is that – in point-buy – characters are not obliged to stick with the “Vampire Theme”. If the game master wants to make sure they do, it’s best to tell the players that you’re going to be enforcing the genre separations in advance.

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  2. […] ECL races/templates from Monte Cook’s World of Darkness White Wolf adaption: Vampires,  Werewolves, Demons, Awakened and Mages (with sphere-based magic and notes on the innate […]

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