L5R Dark Dawn Campaign

Legend of the Five Rings -Darkest Dawn Campaign-

This is just a simple xeplanation of changes in the base settings. Players should consult a book, or at least the generic information on Wikipedia and elsewhere online. Yes, you can ask to borrow the base book if desired.

Rokugan is a heavily Japan-themed fantasy setting. All characters thus far are Samurai, and therefore expected to:

Behave Honorably (in Rokugan this means obedience)

Act Courageously (Samurai do not fear death!)

Think Wisely (Hard for idiots to command respect.)

Of course, reality varies. Best two out of three?

Over 200 years ago, the Empire faced its bleakest hour (or maybe week), but defeated the Forces of Fu Leng… who then was promoted to one of the chief divinities of the Empire. The major heroes of that very confused event were…

Asahina Ninsei

Ninsei held great influence on the Empire until the day he died, and few wanted to stand up to his fiery magic. He was thus able to mostly keep peace in the Empire while he stayed on the mortal plane, but eventually was forced back to the Heavens before he damaged the mortal world through sheer power. As of yet, there are no temples to him, though that may change in time should he receive an official celestial position. Ninsei tried and partly succeeded in reordering the entire Empire into a centralized state. Ninsei’s greatest legacy is quite unintended: the Crane clan’s position strengthened greatly, as everyone wonders what secrets the pacifist magicians hold.

Ninsei’s changes principally take place in two areas. First, the Imperial throne has a much more powerful position, controlling more military forces of its own in addition to strong support from the Crane. Second, his Power Matrix grants potent wonders to each of the Great Clans, though its controlled from the highest levels only. This has led to the mightiest works and wonders of the age.

The Imperials Legions aren’t as large as any Clan army, but still has immense prestige. Because of its sheer fame, it can attract the very best recruits, including experienced veterans. It doesn’t go into the field all that often, but when it does the Legions form a small but elite force endowed with fanatic courage. This is its only weakness. Retreat would be unthinkable, a fact its commanders know well, so they can’t deploy the force except when victory is assured. Defeat wouldn’t simply mean a withdrawal to better circumstance, but complete annihilation. Fortunately, any Clan finds it politically difficult to willingly fight against the Emperor’s representatives.


Shigure supposedly died four times, and had three funerals, all of which he crashed. He founded the Wolf Legion and Guard, and technically owns the city of Toshi Ranbo, which was deeded to him for all time, with the Emperor as his personal guest. He spent his time annoying Ninsei in weird ways, as well as pushing Samurai to start good clean wars and breaking up political domination by any person or group including Ninsei. His 72 grandchildren, other relatives, and third cousins twice removed still lead the Wolf Legion and Wolf Guard and manage the city, although as the Emperor’s official residence have a great deal of tribute to offer and equal security to maintain.

The Wolf Legion and Wolf Guard are unofficial enforcers of the Emperor’s will, or at least whomever has enough coin. They’re larger than the Guard but no less dangerous in a fight; the Legion frequently sent on scouting missions outside the Empire, where it also recruits. Both are ways for foreign refugees to get by, while acting as a source or needy Ronin to find work. The Guard protects and polices the city, though it also sometimes goes off on adventure. Both have a poor reputation for being skilled but uncouth glory-hounds. It’s no accident that the Emperor’s authority is often handled by people nobody much likes – it gives them considerable latitude to bend the rules in ways he wouldn’t like but doesn’t have to acknowledge, or just make a huge mess for someone to clean up.

Shigure, having become a (sort of) deity of trickery and annoyance, supposedly still tweaks people to this day, and possible arranges for enlightenment or heroism. The major change he introduced to the Empire was breaking the idea of the Clans themselves. After two hundred years of implication, the entire Empire’s political foundation of tradition has weakened drastically. Potential for change hasn’t been this strong since the early Empire.

Tamori Kochige

Kochige did something, and something happened. WHen i can talk to Margaret, we may learn more.

Bayushi Michio

Michio, though not often connected with the Michio who helped save Rokugan, is now the behind-the-scenes leader of the Scorpion. He is also the last of the heroes left. Officially, he doesn’t even lead. He simply makes suggestions or listens quietly to what other have to say. However, when he talks, everybody listens. Under his leadership, the Scorpion have become much more effective in avoiding complete idiocy and disaster. It’s hard to tell exactly what he does with his influence, simply because he’s so quiet and unassuming.

Master Alex

I have not the first clue what Danielle would suggest here, nor am I sure I want to know…

This may be upadted later is we get players adding more.

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