The Reiskaer: An Exalted Enterprise

20110511 Flying Saucer Armada

They are coming!

With the energies of the Elemental Pole of Earth spread over a radius of fifty million light years, the Jadeborn have a hard time locating their deceased brethren – who may be anywhere within that radius – to once more release them from their stony slumbers.

Of course, the Jadeborn’s answer to any difficulty is always the same; “build more”. Today the Great Search has been underway for more than thirty thousand years, it’s fleet is vast, and it’s base “ships” – the flying cities called Reiskaer – are quite impressive indeed, capable of transporting millions, colonizing worlds, enabling interventions on a tremendous scale, continuous operation across millennia, and supporting hundreds of lesser ships. They’re crewed by Earthfolk (the “Grays”), Humans, Jadespawn (and other godbloods) – and usually only captained and regulated by a small group of actual Jadeborn. Their limited population is spread fairly thin. In it’s true (and rarely-seen) form a Reiskaer is a ten mile across hemisphere of stone, supporting the towers, parks, and waterways of a gleaming arcology-city, bordered by an eternally-spinning ring of jade and steel, and wrapped about by a an atmospheric seal of magic and warped space. In some ways, the classic “flying saucer”.

As observed from the outside, the Reiskaer may take a wide variety of forms – but they are always mighty ships of space.

Fortunately, however, the Reiskaer need not be built as artifacts. They’re actually built around rank-5 Lunar Manses, and they solve the problem of separating a manse from it’s demesne by simply… taking the demesne along.

Creation Points: 10 (Rank) +5 (No useful Hearthstone) +9 (Boosting Artifacts) +4 (Maintenance 4) = 28.

  • Extended Zone of Influence (4): At rank five the powers of a Reiskaer Central Manse cover a five-mile radius – almost eighty square miles and far more than enough room for a substantial city.
  • Advanced Magical Conveniences (2): The manse provides modern water and sanitation services, power and lighting, a normal-gravity environment, computer services, and communications throughout it’s zone of influence.
  • Comfort Zone x2 (2): The environment within the Zone of Influence is always livable – with clean fresh air, comfortable temperatures, and related benefits. Thanks to the Metric Isolation power (below) even without magic the conditions within a Reiskaer are pretty much unaffected by conditions in the greater universe.
  • Central Control (2): The manse’s central control room offers control of the primary manse’s functions, as well as (thanks to the Harmonic Convergence power, below) control over those of any associated manses.
  • Integrated Utility Artifacts (3): These complex control consoles each provide their operators with +10 successes on a particular Thaumaturgic Art or Science – but are quite immobile, occasionally zap their user’s with energy feedback, and require considerable expertise to get the best results from – problems which, reduce them to one-dot artifacts. The standard selection includes:
    • Alchemy (synthesizers).
    • Detection (sensors).
    • Energetics (the weapons console and array; attacks are often referred to as “phasers” since they phase through the metric distortions surrounding the ship without difficulty – although massive blasts of explosive electromagnetic energy are also known as “photon torpedoes”).
    • Healing (sickbay).
    • Illusion (the holodeck, displays, and various deceptions).
    • Technomancy (the engineering room).
    • Telekinesis (“impulse”drive and tractor/presser beams).
    • Telepathy (communicators, universal translator, and hailing frequencies).
    • Travel (the “warp drive” and “transporter”).
    • Warding (shields and the brig).
  • Wyld Revocation. Thanks to these being lunar-aspected manses, the cost of Wyld Revocation is a mere three points – and it’s used several times to provide…
    • Wyld Spaces (3): Further incidences of Wyld Revocation can be purchased at half cost, rounded down.
    • Geomantic Bounding (1): The manses energies are turned back on itself, making it independent of external geomancy beyond it’s own boundaries.
    • Metric Isolation (1): The area within the Manses Extened Zone of Influence is warped into a private pocket realm, much like a Freehold (and, like a freehold, tends to appear to outside observers as some acceptable sort of feature – a ship or planetoid or some such). Unlike a freehold, the area is only loosely anchored within space; and may be relatively easily moved around without respect for inertia by any form of internal drive – including thaumaturgy (although it usually takes at least a dozen thaumaturgists or some artifacts even with this effect running; Reiskaer are BIG even with the Spatial Scaling effect below).
    • Spatial Scaling (1): Thaumaturgy worked within the area uses space scales rather than measurements suitable for a planetary surface. Thus “drive” effects will allow the Reiskaer to far exceed the speed of light, short-range apportion will allow groups of people and stockpiles of supplies to be transported to and from any convenient planet, communications magic operates over many light seconds, and magical attacks can be launched at incredible range. Sadly, there’s a slight problem with this near Earth; while the rest of the cosmos was shaped out of a rather limited amount of space, the geometry near Earth is a lot more stable. Thus the unfortunate need to land to try to retrieve Jadeborn entrapped on earth.
    • Harmonic Convergence (1): The powers of any secondary manses constructed within the manse’s Zone of Influence will ALSO extend throughout the zone – and can be controlled through the central manses control room. Unfortunately, this is limited by the usual limits on demesnes (no more than ten levels of demesnes within any single “waypoint” sized area, and no more than one of them may be of rank-4 or above).
  • Factory-Cathedral (5): Yes, they generally are – with most of the facilities located underground, in the main structure of the supporting disk. The manufacturing capacity of the Jadeborn is quite immense – far, FAR, more than it was in Creation Classic.
  • Network Node and Geomantic Nexus (2): Not only are the Reiskaer equipped with geomantic communications links, but they can be powered with the vast geomantic energies of the far-flung Jadeborn Empire… A Reiskaer that’s under serious attack can usually pull up near-limitless reinforcements through gates, erect massive energy barriers, power up arrays of essence weaponry, erect citywide perfect defenses against pretty much every keyword, and infuse it’s structure with enough essence to render it quite indestructible. They’d be vulnerable to a mass attack – since even the Empire doesn’t have the geomantic reserves to reinforce more than a few Reiskaer that way at once – or to sabotage aimed at their planetary bases and manses – but few entities or groups can seriously threaten a Reiskaer through direct assault.

A “Standard” Reiskaer will be equipped with two support manses of it’s own:

  • Wood Manse-3 (Creation Points: 6 Rank +3 Hearthstone +4 Maintenance +3 Artifacts) = 16. Spent on Life-Sustaining (2), Advanced Provider (3), Advanced Archives (a so-called “Thought Depository”, 3), Archiv
    es (2), a Master’s Workshop (specialized in artifact vehicle maintenance, 2), Network Node (1), and Geomantic Relays (3).
  • Earth Manse-2 (Creation Points 4 rank +2 Hearthstone +4 Maintenance +3 Artifacts) = 13 points. Immutable (2), Masters Workshop (2), Geomantic Subtlety (2), Magical Conveniences (these vary with the individual Reiskaer, 1), Jadeborn Soul Anchor (Earth Favored, 2. This power will – provided there are sufficient massed of Jade aboard – pull in the spirit of any Jadeborn who dies within the Zone of Influence to await rebirth), Well-Favored Aspect (the Jadeborn, 1), Network Node (1), and Geomantic Relays (2).

The geomantic energy points from those are most often used to add life-sustaining to the primary lunar manse – giving everyone in the area of influence near-immortality. Of course, in a serious emergency, they can easily be switched to something else.

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