Champions – Nguvu

Akilah’s parents pushed her to excel in academics, sports, and group status from an early age. Unlike most children, however, Akilah seemed filled with a sparkling energy, a pure vigor that allowed her to meet those expectations. She was strong, fast, and healthy enough to excel in any physical activity (with the martial arts a favorite), bright enough to do well academically with a little tutoring, and sociable enough to let those strengths take her to the top of the class.

Admittedly, there were problems here and there. Perhaps most notably when Nicholas Orvadeci, at fifteen to her thirteen, tried his hand at a little aggravated sexual assault. Her kick dead-ended that particular branch of the Orvadeci tree, and resulted in the permanent enmity of the wealthy and influential family, but was blatant self-defense.

She was fifteen when the bus she was on was involved in an eighteen-vehicle pileup in a patch of fog.

Escaping the bus with her friends called for smashing open the jammed back door, which proved easy enough. It didn’t even hurt her hand.

Getting a couple of little kids out of the next car called for yanking the car door off – and so she did.

By the time she reached the worst cases… the video that got the most play on the news showed her picking up a fully-loaded tractor-trailer to get at the car beneath it.


An attempt at government recruiting did not go so well. Her parents had some pretty major doubts about THAT, even if their daughter suddenly having super-powers was quite a disruption in their plans for her – and Akilah had some pretty strong doubts about the government in general and the military in particular.

On the military side… Akilah didn’t yet have any real control over her various power-boosting abilities (her Multipower and Strength Aid) – and so tested out as possessing a rather low level of super-strength, and a similar level of toughness. The was certainly far better than human – but it was not the kind of power level they were looking for in a fast response team intended to handle world-threatening menaces. From their point of view… Akilah fit in best on a “call in appropriate emergency” backup list and could safely be left to play “local hero” if she wanted. She was quite tough and strong enough for THAT.


Akilah dropped her competitive sports of course. With her new powers it wouldn’t have been fair – and might well have been dangerous to the other players. Over the next few months, however, she found that her talents were FAR more versatile than she’d thought – and it was nice to help people.

She got into college at sixteen. The local university had had it’s doubts – but while there was the possibility of some sort of attack or complication, the bad publicity from a series of on-campus sexual assaults was killing them. Admitting a young, African-American, female, superheroine who was known to violently oppose such crimes – and thus getting her to effectively patrol their campus for free – looked like the advantages would far outweigh the potential complications.


The military was quite right as far as it goes. Akilah’s powers aren’t particularly epic; her super-strength and inhuman toughness are strictly mediocre (although it helps that the only thing that costs her any endurance is her base movement). On the other hand, her ability to either boost her strength a bit more or add modifiers such as Affects Desolid, Armor-Piercing, or Cone Explosion to it is pretty handy – and throwing in her martial arts talents on top of that can make her quite effective.

At least until a technique fails and abruptly leaves her near-exhausted. She’s going to want to work on that. 

Nguvu (“Strength”)

Value Characteristic Points
10/40 STR 0
16 DEX 18
18 CON 16
10 BODY 0
14 INT 4
8 EGO -4
10 PRE 0
13 COM 1
10 PD 2
4 ED 0
4 SPD 14
12 REC 0
20 END -8
39 STUN 0
Total 43


Points Powers END
22 Martial Arts Multipower (60-pt reserve); Linked (to Strength): -½; Activation: 15-, -¼; Side Effects (Drains End if skill roll failed): 30/Half, -½; Generic Limitation (Slots are limited to a maximum of 30 active points.): -½
u-1 +20 STR; Doesn’t Affect Figured: -½; Reduced END: Zero, +½; Generic Limitation (Only for combat purposes; cannot life massive weights, rip apart entangles, etc.): -½ 0
u-1 Hand-to-Hand Attack Nerve Strike (4d6, Total 8d6); Range: 0; No Normal Defense: +1; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
u-1 Hand-to-Hand Attack / Martial Strike (6d6, Total 14d6); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
u-1 1d6+1 Killing Attack (HTH) / Iron Hand Strike (Total 2½d6); Range: 0; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
u-1 +10 DEX Practiced Kata; Doesn’t Affect Figured: -½
u-1 Running / Light Foot (+10″, 16″, NC: 32″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 30; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
u-1 Superleap / Light Foot (+20″, 28″, NC: 56″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0; Non-Combat (MPH): 60; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
u-1 Enhanced Perception (all) (+10 to PER)
u-1 Armor / Iron Shirt Technique (10 PD/10 ED)
u-1 Life Support (total) / The Rejuvenating Manual
u-1 4d6 Healing Touch / Chi Healing; Reduced END: Zero, +½ 0
10 Elemental Control: Your Basic Brick (15-pt reserve); Only in Hero ID: -¼; Variable Limitations (Normally either maintaining an intensive training routine or activation checks): -½, -¼
a-30 +30 STR; Reduced END: Zero & Persistent, +1 0
b-10 Armor (10 PD/10 ED)
c-11 2d6 Aid to Strength and Strength Modifiers (Fade/turn, Max. 20); Range: 0; Active Points: 38; Autofire: 5 shots, ½; Affects: Single Power of Special Effect, +¼; Reduced END: Zero, +1; Generic Limitation (The boost is personal-only and lasts only as long as the power is “fired” each action. ): -½ 0
94 Total Powers  


Points Skills, Talents, Perks Roll
10 +2 level w/Multipower
3 Animal Handler 11-
3 Breakfall 12-
3 Scientist
1 Anthropology 11-
1 Biology 11-
1 Psychology 11-
1 Sociology 11-
23 Total Skills, Talents, Perks  


100+ Disadvantages
10 Public Identity (Akilah Gowan)
5 Distinctive Features; Concealability: Easily, 5; Reaction: Noticed and Recognizable, +0
20 Honorable (Common, Total)
15 Hatred of Bullies, Molesters, and Similar (Common, Strong)
20 Vulnerability to Life Force Drains (2× STUN and BODY); Attack: Uncommon, +5
10 Watched: The Authorities (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Only Watching: ×½; Punishment: Harsh, 0
10 Dependent NPC: Relatives (Normal, 8-); Skills: Normal, +0
10 Hunted: Orvadeci Family (8-); Capabilities: Less Powerful, 5; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Hunting, ×1; Punishment: Harsh, 0
10 Tends to swing between over-analysis and impatient action (Common, Moderate)
5 Reputation: Overprotective, Crazy-Ass, Militant Bitch (11-, Extreme); Generic Limitation (Only applies to militant, male-supremacist, assholes): -2
10 Vulnerability to Negative Energy (1½× STUN and BODY); Attack: Uncommon, +5
125 Total Disadvantages


COSTS: Char. Powers Total Total Disadv. Base
43 + 117 = 160 225 = 125 + 100


OCV DCV ECV Mental Def. PD/rPD ED/rED Phases
5 5 3 0 20/10 14/10 3, 6, 9, 12


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