Companions of Atrocity

   The same person who requested that hideously broken Atrocity Build would like to know what it’s equally-broken companion creatures would look like.

   Well, to start with, those were Leopard Companion Creatures with a level seventeen master.

   So, Basic Leopards: 3d8 HD, Move 40′, Climb 20′, +1 Natural Armor, +2 BAB, 1d6 Bite, 1d3 Claws, Improved Grab, Pounce, Rake, Low-Light Vision, Scent, +3 Fortitude, +3 Reflex, +1 Will, Str 15, Dex 19, Con 15, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 6. Balance +8, Climb +8, Hide +4 (+8 in areas of tall grass or undergrowth), Jump +8, Listen +5, Move Silently +4, and Spot +5. They may use their Dex Mod instead of their Str Mod when attacking with their natural weapons.

   The bonuses for a Companion Creature include Improved Fortune/Evasion, using their master’s saving throw bases, +8d8 Hit Dice, +8 Natural Armor, +8 Warcraft, +4 Str and Con, +51 CP, and Int 8.

   Thanks to their master buying some upgrades for his companions, they’re also getting:

  • +2 Positive Levels. That provides +2 BAB, +2 to Saves, +2 AC, and 12 CP.
  • The ability to shapeshift into a form similar to their master’s current form.
  • The Spirit Fetch Template. That provides:
    • No Strength with the Incorporeal ability – although they may materialize, in which case they have normal strength.
    • A Mystic Link with their Master, with the Communication, Power, and Summons Modifiers.
    • Major Privilege/Spirit Messenger. A Fetch will normally at least be given a hearing by most entities in the various spirit worlds and outer planes – and is normally treated as a neutral messenger, rather than as a target.
    • Major Spirit Favors with +6 Bonus Uses (15 CP).
    • Immunity/having to pay back magical spirit favors at full value. Since the Spirit Fetch provides the channel, rather than forcing the spirit called upon to project it’s powers across the dimensions, working through a Fetch means that magical favors are very little trouble for spirits to provide – and so require only occasional, or relatively small, favors to repay. Still, spirits will occasionally call on the Fetch’s master when they need something done in the material world.
    • Immunity/dimensional barriers: The spirit fetch can move between the dimensions – although this may take it some time; being able to breach the dimensional boundaries doesn’t mean that it may not be a fairly long trip.
    • Extraordinary Returning. “Destroying” a Spirit Fetch normally requires permanently killing off it’s master; otherwise it will be back within a week.

   Now, the heart of the Atrocity Build is that horrific collection of continuous ninth-level buffs. Since our companions will be sharing them, they include:

  1. Enhance Attribute: +12 Int (Level Nine)
  2. Enhance Attribute: +12 Chr (Level Nine)
  3. Enhance Attribute: +10 to Str, Dex, Con, and Wis. (Level Nine)
  4. Immortal Vigor X: +20d6 HD (Level Ten)
  5. Warding Rune/Epic: +10 Resistance to Saves. (Level Nine)
  6. Skill Mastery/General: +12 Competence Bonus to all Skills. (Level Nine)
  7. Grand Haste: Extra full action each round, +3 to Hit, +3 Dodge bonus to Reflex Saves and AC. (Level Nine)
  8. Fortunes Favor IX: +10 Luck Bonus to Skill and Attribute Checks. (Level Nine)
  9. Superheroism: +6 Morale Bonus to Attacks, Saves, Checks, Damage, Str and Con, Immune to Fear, +60 HP. (Level Nine)
  10. Force of Will: +4 Effective Levels (in Eclipse: +4d8 HD, +4 all Saves, +4 BAB, and +24 CP. The spell is only level seven, but it is the highest-level spell available in this category; the next step in the sequence would be level twelve).
  11. Spell Resistance (a bit of a waste since it’s only level five, but SR 52 is not bad – and the spell-based version definitely applies against psionics too. If necessary, I can simply assume a more advanced version that also provides psionic resistance and protections against any local, campaign-specific, powers).
  12. Armor of Light: +(Cha Mod) Sacred Bonus on all saving throws. (Only a level three spell, but – at this level of Charisma – it’s far too useful to pass up. Wait! I can assume a more advanced version, which will also include the level one effects of Ward of Light and Wrath of Heaven. At caster level forty, those will have hit their limits of a +6 Sacred Bonus to Armor Class and a +6 Sacred Bonus to Attacks and Damage. That would still only be level five or six – but it’s not quite so wasteful).
  13. Grand Ward of Heaven: +12 Luck Bonus to Armor Class and Saving Throws. (Level Eight)

   Given that spell effects – including those of Wishes – are shared, the +4 Inherent Bonuses to Intelligence and Wisdom that their master has will be shared as well.

   Spending those 87 available CP we can buy:

  • The Identity Modifier on their Mystic Link. That means they can share their master’s horrific assortment of enhancing spells – which are already impervious to being dispelled (3 CP).
  • Immunity to transmitting unwanted effects over the mystic link (Uncommon, Severe, Epic, Corrupted/only keeps effects from being transmitted from them to their master, not the other way around, 12 CP).
  • Improved Superior Power Words with Harbringers, Specialized (only powers from master, 12 CP).
  • Twelve levels of the Wilder Spell Progression based on Constitution with no caster levels, Corrupted/doesn’t get any powers (24 CP). That will provide a base of 126 Power +(6x Con Mod) or 72 for their characteristics bonus, for a total of 198 Power. Not bad.
  • A Dweomer Feat (6 CP) – offering access to a particular set of Eight Dweomer Skills.
  • The Unity Feat – allowing them to fuel their Dweomer exclusively with Power (6 CP).
  • +12 Skill Points (12 CP).
  • +1 Base Caster Level, Specialized in Dweomer (3 CP). That still wouldn’t be enough to get them very far, but with an enhancement from their Master – Spell Storm, with Metamagic stacked on it to make it permanent and cast at Caster Level 56 by their master – will give them a Caster Level of 18. That could be dispelled, but it’s not very likely.
  • Reflex Training with +(Dex Mod/2) Bonus Uses (9 CP).

   Darn. Not enough points for Luck with Bonus Uses and their master can’t afford to give them more than the Staves of Fire and Healing that he’s already provided.

   So, to summarize the statistics:

  • Attributes: Str 35 (Incorporeal unless materialized), Dex 29, Con 35, Int 24, Wis 22, Cha 22.
  • Hit Dice: 3d8 (Base) +8d8 (Companion) +20d6 (Immortal Vigor) +4d8 (Force of Will) +60 HP (Morale). Going with the averages, that’s 138 (Dice) + 420 (Con Mod x 35) +60 = 618 HP.
  • Movement: Move 40′, Climb 20′ – but gets two full actions, including two move actions, every round.
  • Armor Class: 10 (Base) +9 (Natural) +2 (Positive Levels) +3 (Dodge) +6 Sacred +9 (Dex) +14 (Master’s Permanent L9 Force Armor) = 53.
  • BAB: +2 (Base) +8 (Companion) +2 (Positive Levels) +4 (Force of Will) = +16. Gets an additional +3 (Haste) +6 (Morale) and +6 (Sacred) bonus to attacks – but not to their BAB. This really doesn’t matter; they’re at four base attacks anyway, even if they do usually suffer from a non-proficiency penalty with anything but their natural weapons.
    • Melee: +43/+38/+33/+28, Damage +24 (12 Str +6 Morale +6 Sacred).
    • Ranged: +40/+35/+30/+25, Damage +24 (12 Str +6 Morale +6 Sacred).
    • 1d6 Bite, 2x 1d3 Natural Weapons (Crit 20/x2). Other weapons take a non-proficiency penalty.
  • Saves: +3 (Master’s Bases) +2 (Positive Levels) +10 (Resistance) +6 (Morale) +4 (Force of Will) +6 (Cha Mod from Armor of Light) +12 (Luck) = +43 base. Fortitude +55, Reflex +55 (Includes +3 from Haste, has Improved Evasion), and Will +47.
  • Skills and Attribute Checks: All +12 Competence +12 Luck and +6 Morale, for a base of +30.
    • Total Skill Bases: Str +42, Dex +30, Con +42, Int +37, Wis +36, Chr +36, and No Attribute +30.
    • Additional Bonuses: Balance +8, Climb +8, Disable Device +1, Hide +4 (+8 in areas of tall grass or undergrowth), Jump +8, Listen +5, Move Silently +4, Sleight of Hand +1, Spellcraft +1, Spot +5, and Use Magic Device +1. +1 (no attribute base) in each of the eight Dweomer Skills associated with their particular fields (I’d suggest Psychokinesis and Healing). That will easily suffice to generate ninth and tenth level effects – although those will cost them 20 power. Lesser effects will cost proportionately less.
  • Special Powers: Improved Grab, Pounce, Rake, Low-Light Vision, Scent, Spirit Messenger, Spirit Favors, Immunity to Dimensional Barriers, Extraordinary Returning, Spell and Power Resistance 52 or 68 (If cast while Spell Storm is active – which is likely), May Shapeshift to match master’s current form, May communicate with and share spells with their master at transdimensional ranges, Immune to Fear.
  • Gets an extra full action each round.
  • Power Words: Will be carrying 23 levels worth of spells provided by their master; up to two may be released each round as move actions. In general, they’ll be “cast” at level 56.

   Equipment: Minor normal items, Staves of Fire and Healing.

   Yes, they are – just like their master – quite ridiculous. Of course, that is pretty much the entire point of the Atrocity Build to begin with…

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