Orin Markala – Level Two Upgrades

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Here we have an example of leveling an Eclipse character – although, like most of my examples, it’s a fairly extreme case. Orin is currently the only magical support for the party he’s in – and so must handle healing, defensive casting and counterspells, and offensive magic. This isn’t easy… Thus Orin is – at least for the first few levels – going for an extremely optimized power build.

It helps that he has a pretty definite character setup; he’s a mage-priest, trained as an outrider for his dimensional crossroads realm – there to aid and guide the lost and innocent and to keep the forces of darkness from intruding into his world.

He’ll find plenty of work waiting for him in most d20 worlds.

He may have more freedom to indulge his personal idiosyncrasies later on – but trying to cover all that at level two requires a lot of compression.

Available Character Points: 24 (Base) +2 (Duties) = 26.

Available Skill Points: 2 (Int) + 4 (Fast Learner) = 6 (Plus any character points spent – which he can’t afford as of yet).

Required Basics for the game:

  • +2 Warcraft, Specialized and Corrupted/Staves Only (4 CP).
  • +1 Reflex (3 CP).
  • 1d4 HP (3 +4 Con Mod = +7 HP).

Optional Items:

Servant of the Light: +1 level of Priestly Package Deal Spellcasting, Specialized/the user has no control over his or her spell selection, Corrupted/the emissaries who actually bestow such powers tend to only refresh the user’s spells during formal religious ceremonies (weekly at best) or when they have some sort of request to make (3 CP).

  • Clerical Spells (GM Choice): 3xL0, 2xL1, and L1 Domain.
  • Spell Conversion to Healing Spells.
  • Meditation Domain: L1) Comprehend Languages, L2) Owl’s Wisdom, L3) Locate Object, L4) Tongues, L5) Spell Resistance, L6) Find the Path, L7) Spell Turning, L8) Mind Blank, L9) Astral Projection. Granted Power: Once per day, you may cast one spell as though it had the Empower feat applied to it without knowing that feat, raising the spell level, or increasing the casting time.
  • Mysticism Domain: L1) Divine Favor, L2) Spiritual Weapon, L3) Visage of the Deity, Lesser, L4) Weapon of the Deity, L5) Righteous Might, L6) Visage of the Deity, L7) Holy Word, L8) Holy Aura, L9) Visage of the Deity, Greater. Granted Power: Apply (Cha Mod) as a bonus on all saving throws. If you already do this, add another +1.

Ritualist Package Upgrades:

  • Upgrade Augmented Bonus (Dex Mod adds to magically-related skills) to Corrupted/only works on Arcana, Concentration, Shadow Walking, and Knowledge/Religion (2 CP).

Rune Weaver Package Upgrades:

  • Upgrade Rite of Chi from Half Cost to Double Effect (4 CP).

Rune Weaver Runebinding Extension:

  • Create Relic, Specialized and Corrupted: only usable to make one and two point personal relics, only usable with points from Enthusiast (2 CP).
  • Double Enthusiast with Adaption, Specialized and Corrupted, points from Enthusiast are only usable to make Relics (3 CP).
  • Immunity/the normal XP costs of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Minor, Trivial / only covers L0 and L1 effects at caster level one), Specialized and Corrupted / only for making temporary relics with Enthusiast Points (1 CP).

Current Relics:

  • Wanderer’s Talisman / Innate Enchantment (7 CP, 1 CP as Relic): Immortal Vigor I (1400 GP), Shield (2000 GP), Personal Haste (2000 GP), and Detect Magic (700 GP).
  • Ring of Oak: +2 DR (3 CP) and Augment Attack/+1d6 damage versus evil outsiders (3 CP).

Those are pretty useful at the moment – and he can always trade them out at higher levels when his needs change.

Staff Mastery Package Upgrades:

  • Mana to Double Effect rather than Half Cost (2 CP).
  • +4 Bonus Uses on Reflex Training (2 CP).

New Skill Totals:

  • Acrobatics: +5 (SP*) +5 (Dex) +2 (Race) = +12
  • Arcana: +5 (SP*) +2 (Int) +5 (Dex) = +12. +3 Speciality in performing rituals, additional +5 with memorized rituals.
  • Athletics: +5 (SP*) +2 (Str) +2 (Race) = +9
  • Concentration: +5 (SP*) +4 (Con) +5 (Dex) = +14.
  • Diplomacy: +1 (SP) +2 (Cha) = +3.
  • Knowledge/Religion: +5 (SP*) +2 (Int) +5 (Dex) = +12, +27 with respect to his own faith.
  • Perception: +5 (SP*) +4 (Wis) +2 (Race) = +11
  • Shadow Walking: +1 (SP) +4 (Wis) +5 (Dex) = +10
  • Specific Knowledges: 7 SP*. This adds an additional +5 memorized minor rituals; Eyes of the World (short-range clairvoyance through the eyes of various birds and animals), Touch of Grace (cures congenital and birth defects in children), Mists of Avalon (keys gates, dimensional nexi, and similar locations – although moving to and from the realms of the fey is easiest), Hedge of Dreams (weaves a variety of minor illusions about a group or area for some time, making them hard to find or divine about), and Lesser Bane (requires knowing a creatures name, but turns a weapon – or bundle of ammunition – into a bane weapon against that particular target), and a memorized book – The Protocols of Creation (the etiquette of approaching the spirit courts of the elemental and totem kings).
  • Survival: +5 (SP*) +4 (Wis) +2 (Race) = +10
  • Wind Dance +9, Martial Art Techniques Known (5): Defense 4, Mind Like Moon

*Effectively 2.5 – half cost – due to Adept ability

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