Amber Diceless RPG – Sample Characters

   Today, due to a special request, we have a few starting-level characters for the Amber Diceless RPG:

   Malinbert The Inept, Of Chaos

  • Strength;16, Psyche; 5, Endurance; Amber (0), Warfare; Chaos (-10).
  • Good Stuff IV (4)
  • Two Court Friends (4)
  • Chaos Court Devotee (4)
  • Conjuration (20), Spells of Conjuration (+5), Improvised Spells of Conjuration (+15), Simple (spells are quick and easy to make, +10), Alchemy (+5).
  • Power Words (15): Dismissal, Materialize Dream, Dreamgate, Merge with Conjuration (if it’s destroyed, he remains unharmed), Bind Conjuration I-VI (allows him to release a pre-prepared conjuration as a Power Word – essentially innately “racking a spell” in himself. Such spells do not deteriorate).
  • Solvingen, the Sentient PDA: This slim “wristwatch” is actually a full-fledged AI, able to speak, track his appointments, hack basic computer systems really really well, perform a variety of other functions, and store some additional construct-spells for him – as well as keeping an eye out when he’s asleep (which is often). Since he’s bonded it to himself, it works virtually everywhere in shadow and even in Amber. Able to Speak (1), possesses Named and Numbered Power Words (Override Electronics, Remote Datalink, Commit to Memory, Upload Data, Reject Virus / Malware, Break Encryption, Break Computer Security, Universal Password, Reprogram System, Electromagnetic Pulse, Momentary Force-Bubble, Thunderbolt, 2), able to “Rack” named and numbered spells (4).

   Total: 100 Points.

   Malinbert, labeled “The Inept” by his weapons-tutor (although, it’s worth nothing, that – thanks to the Amber attribute scale – his weapon and tactical skills are on a level with any merely human mighty knight, celebrated general, expert commando, or olympic contender) likes to sleep – or at least to lay around. According to rumor, his mother spent most of her pregnancy on powerful “uppers”, and he’s been trying to make up for his loss of sleep time ever since. Even when awake, he usually looks asleep, or at least halfway asleep. In a minor fight, his usual tactic is to twirl a morningstar around in circles, using his (quite respectable) natural strength, in the hope that this will keep everyone away from him. Getting within range of his “attack” can be hazardous, his wild blows are quite unpredictable and his morningstar is usually loaded with enchantments, courtesy of his conjuration talents. If he feels seriously threatened, he’ll usually unleash some major construct-creature, merge with it, and then either use it to fight with or use it’s abilities to escape, as required. He virtually always has five or six “spells” of conjuration ready to use, as they can be prepared and stored while lying around comfortably.

   In daily life, Malinbert tends to casually conjure up minor items as needed; if you run across a comfortable cottage, well stocked with beds, pillows, blankets, gourmet foods, a servant, and a hot stove, in the middle of a desolate glacier with a howling storm, it’s because Malinbert’s nose was cold, and he’s stopped for a casual snack, nap, and change of clothing. If you can convince him that an “adventure” is urgent – and can’t be better dealt with by casually creating some mighty artifact and giving it to someone more appropriate – he can almost certainly make anything you need that doesn’t involve the primal powers.

   If at all possible, Malinbert will have quietly moved into Amber – and preferably into Castle Amber itself – simply because the settings there don’t shift around while you’re trying to sleep.

   In play, Malinbert can be just what he seems; an ineffectual dreamer/narcoleptic who has exploited a natural talent to maximize the hours he can spend sleeping – but there are other possibilities. He could be a lethal schemer who sends deadly conjured monsters after anyone who annoys him, a manipulated pawn of some more wakeful “master”, or a sensible, if lazy, businessman willing to conjure up almost anything you could want – for a price. It’s a bit hard to tell any of these incarnations apart, as they certainly look similar.

 Professor_Challenger_PDProfessor Challenger, Of Chaos

  • Strength 15, Psyche 5, Endurance 5, Warfare 15.
  • Shapeshifting (35).
  • Power Words (20): Comprehend Device, Kit-bashing (build items really quickly), One-Shot Wonder (get an absurd device to function once), Instant Repair (a.k.a. “Hit it and it will start”), Fast Startup, Forge Component (can make tools and components out of basic resources in mere hours or days), Identify Fault, Reprogram System, Emergency Power (power up a device far beyond it’s normal capabilities), Adapt Technology (gets an item to work, at least briefly, in realms where it shouldn’t), Deduce Local Laws, Identify Creature, Identify Plants (both of these also tell him about what the creature or plant is good for and it’s general behavior pattern), Restore Clothing, and Deflect Attack (usually reduces, but does not prevent, injuries).
  • .45 Revolver that inflicts Double Damage (2)
  • Chaos Court Devotee (4)
  • Named and Numbered Personal Shadows (2): these include his elaborate workshop/museum, several realms in which he is a respected authority and has an easy time finding students and recruits, and several more realms full of dinosaurs, bizarre aliens, and other hazards, but also stuffed chock-full of special materials and other unique resources.
  • The Far Voyager (12 total): Engine Speed (4), Invulnerability (4), Shadow Seek (4), Mold Shadow Stuff (large scale, costs 2 points, provides; transport, life support, weaponry, etc), Named and Numbered Alternate Forms (sailing craft, dirigible, mole drill, ethership, timecraft, seaplane, submarine, exploratory “van”, junglebreaker tank, star core probe, spacecraft, and invisibility (selective, may be combined with other forms, 2), and Minor Divination (as appropriate instrumentation, 2). Unfortunately, the’ Far Voyager tends to break down in weird and otherwise inaccessible places whereupon the passengers must find or make something (a new driveshaft, dylithium crystal, supply of helium, or whatever) to get it going again. Whatever is needed can always be found or produced somewhere in the vicinity, but may be time-consuming to make or difficult to obtain. This curious fault reduces the cost of the ship by -6. Despite this problem the Far Voyager is sometimes used since it can penetrate or go around virtually any shadow barrier, a useful attribute. Sadly, anywhere that only it can get to only it can usually get you out of, and, of course, such spots are prime breakdown locations.
  • Well-Known Mental Quirk: Addicted to “Adventuring” and prefers to deal with shadows on their own terms, rather than by overriding them with primal powers (-4)
  • Mental Quirk: Chivalrous Victorian Gentleman (-1).
  • Character Diary (“Journal”) (-10).

   Total: 115 Points – 15 (Disadvantages) = 100 Points.

   Professor Challenger is an enormously enthusiastic inventor, explorer, tinkerer, and researcher, always equipped with some brilliant/crackpot new theory. He has a habit of accepting shadows on their own terms. Instead of using one of the primal powers or principles to override any inconvenience he faces, he surmounts such obstacles with local resources and techniques. While this approach is somewhat limiting, it has let him maintain his vast enthusiasm for exploring and tinkering for more then two centuries, rather then succumbing to the boredom that afflicts so many immortals. While the professor has a vast capacity for locating trouble, he is, unlike most lords of chaos or amber, fairly innocuous himself – and can often be helpful. On the other hand, if you’re silly enough to come along on a trip in the Far Voyager, you’re almost certain to wind up in some absurd situation – say, crash-landed on a Martian plateau, surrounded by hostile flying six-limbed spider-monkey-like natives armed with spears, in a shadow where none of your powers work at all well, and which cannot be escaped without the use of the Far Voyager. Of course, the Far Voyager will be out of action until you can locate a new “Rezulnite Focusing Crystal”, an item which is only to be found deep inside (hopefully) extinct Martian volcanoes.


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