Wolf’s Head Banner

wolfbannerThis is a graphic I worked up of Shigure’s banner. He used it once or twice, and it mostly says, “Hey, I’m a pathetic little Ronin! I suck!” For no apparent reason, the wolf is a symbol of Ronin as the clans have their own animal.

Edited 3/25/2011: Yoyu’ll note this is a tweaked Clan Gangrel symbol, from Vampire: The Masquerade.

One Response

  1. Normally, I think samurai carry banner so that if they kill someone it will be recognized, and so people will come to kill them. I’m not sure this is a good plan, and apparently you can just hang around waiting for some mighty warrior to cream a few other samurai (getting wounded in the process), then finish him off. Apparently this is honorable.

    In fact, it’s apparently honorable to trick your siblings into going after said mighty warrior, letting them die, then killing said man. This nets you an easy succession to your family’s wealth, great glory, and the halo of having gained vengeance for your family honor.

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