Shadowed Galaxy – Mummies

“That is not dead which can eternal lie,
And with strange aeons even death may die.”

H. P. Lovecraft, who understood a great deal more than most people thought.

While many species dabble in Informational Technology, few other than Informational Creatures are truly good at it. Such creatures exist primarily as patterns in the informational substructure, and only secondarily as physical organisms – their “bodies” mere puppets controlled by occult strings, their true selves invulnerable to most physical assaults. To the physical races they may appear as little more than masses of crudely-shaped earth, stone, or water, as shimmering veils of light – or, sometimes, as being very like themselves but with immortality and various powers.

A lot depends on whether or not they are natives of the informational level. Creatures who have transferred their consciousness to that level – usually in exchange for long “life” (even if it’s not all that much like their original physical life) – usually relate to physical creatures a great deal more easily and often use their original bodies as their primary host.

Here’s the package for someone who’s actually received the full effects of a Mummification Ritual – whether through one actually being performed or through some combination of other effects.

Humans are very bad at Informational – or perhaps Conceptual – manipulations. They simply are not capable of handling more than 24 CP worth of active informational powers (6-: Novice, 12-: Initiate, 18:-Master, 24-: Grandmaster) with three major exceptions

  • They may employ up to 4 CP worth of Relics if they should happen to acquire any.
  • Informational Powers built as Witchcraft may have their cost reduced by Pacts.
  • They may buy up to 3d6 Mana – whether as Mana, Generic Spell Levels, or Power – without it counting against the limit. Beyond that point, it does.

The core of this particular package is based on one simple effect:

  • Returning with Major Rewrite, Specialized/only to switch back and forth between two alternate versions – the relatively normal “living” version (as an informational creature anchored into a more or less “living” body) and the “dead” version (as a bodiless informational entity), Neither, of course, is all that human. Corrupted/achieving the “dead” version is quick and easy (the physical body gets killed, releasing the informational spirit), but returning to “life” requires that the body spend three to seven days in an especially-prepared sarcophagus. The user can be prevented from making a full return by completely disposing of the body or denying him or her access to an appropriately prepared sarcophagus and can be disposed of utterly by destroying him or her on the informational level (6 CP).

In the “Mummy” form at least 18 CP worth of other abilities are swapped out for:

  • 0 Constitution (0 CP).
  • Finesse/Uses Chr in place of Con for HP purposes (6 CP).
  • A set of Informational Powers, built as:
  • Witchcraft III (18 CP).

Basic Witchcraft Abilities:

  • Dreamfaring, Specialized for Increased Effect (The first 7 power spent on this ability per day do not reduce his reserves)/only allows the user to travel the Informational Plane, perception of the physical world is quite vague.
    • Note that, while “dead”, this is in many ways a Mummy’s default state. Squeezing back into that physical body is a drawn-out and boring process, while going other way is quick and easy. Worse, on the physical plane… you want to keep your body within easy reach of that sarcophagus and in a well-protected area – which really limits your mobility. Mummies rarely get out that much.
  • Elfshot. As an informational manipulator, a mummy can inflict, or counteract, all kinds of minor problems on his targets.
    • Unfortunately, it will take many applications of this ability to build up (or dismantle) any really major effects. Building up anything really good in the way of a “Mummies Curse” will probably take quite some time.
  • Shadowmaster with the Shadowmaster Shadow Magic Enhancement (6 CP), both Specialized for Increased Effect/only to manifest “real” versions of things there are images or diagrams of handy. The first seven points worth of Witchcraft Shadowmaster effects generated each day do not actually cost power and the image manifestations are 10% per level “real”.
    • While this is a simple trick on the informational level, where the presence of a concept matters more than it having an actual physical existence, it’s still one of the best tricks in an elder Mummies arsenal. Weapons, armor, troops, and even fanciful monsters, may all be plucked from simple images. And yes, Masterwork Images contribute 20% more “reality”.
  • The Adamant Will, Specialized / only works on the Informational Plane and does not block detections, but there it allows the user to generate powerful psychic and “physical” shields (equivalent to relevant first to third level protective spells for 0/1/2 Power for levels 1/2/3).
    • Mummies are generally seekers of immortality. Unsurprisingly, they tend to be well-equipped to resist attacks on their informational fastnesses.
  • The Hand of Shadows/Specialized in personal effects only for increased effect (The first seven points worth of effects generated each day do not actually cost Power). This allows the user to approximate the effects of first-level movement-enhancing spells such as Accelerated Movement, Expeditious Retreat, Jump, Updraft, and Wings of the Sea, for one power per hour of activity. Note that the nature of movement on the Informational Plane is a bit odd anyway since “space” is more of an abstraction there.
    • Despite their reputation for slowly shuffling around the pyramid, Mummies are notoriously hard to evade. It comes of having a body that’s basically being moved around on puppet strings. Making it go a little faster isn’t that difficult.
  • The Inner Eye, Specialized for Increased Effect / a Mummy may detect the general health, mood, and name of any creature he or she encounters without cost, as well as knowing if they are being affected by active informational effects automatically, without cost, Specialized / getting details requires touching the target from the Informational Plane to get internal details, which may result in entering the informational landscape of the target or which has been imprinted on an item.
  • Glamour/Specialized for Increased Effect (The first seven points worth of effects generated each day do not actually cost Power) / only to send visions, strange sensations, and various emotional influences to people in the physical world while in the informational realm.

Advanced Witchcraft Abilities (12 CP):

  • Apparition, Specialized for Increased Effect (The first 7 power spent on this ability per day do not reduce his reserves)/Apparitions must center on pre-prepared foci, incorporating an image of the user and a physical link, such as a strand of hair (6 CP).
    • Powerful mummies may build constructs around images, statues, and relics of themselves with a good deal of freedom about the details, emerging from pictures, “possessing” statues, and even springing up from small relics. It costs them a bit of course, but doesn’t everything?
  • Wrath of the Sea (6 CP): Mummies are notorious for being far stronger than they have any right to be: +6 Strength for 10 minutes for 1 Power covers that quite nicely – and works on Apparition-generated bodies perfectly well.

Witchcraft Pacts: Corruption, Essence, and Epic Quest (-18 CP). Mummies inevitably find themselves becoming more and more distant from humanity – and being drawn into strange projects which somehow become a part of their concept.

Thanks Pacts and to the extreme efficiency of using Witchcraft as a mechanical base, this power set comes out to only 12 CP – leaving room for another 6 CP worth of informational abilities.

Mummies are fairly powerful, but it’s mostly in a “wear them down” style; they aren’t all that enormously effective when it comes to direct combat. They are very good at haunting a properly prepared crypt though. 

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