Godlike Distractions

   First up for today, one of the usual players is thinking about trying out the Godlike system. Ergo, I have reached back into the files for a few random bits for that particular game – a rule for adding in Quirks, a sample character and his three gourmet powers, and one power that should NEVER be allowed.


   Insane talents can be incredibly powerful – but aren’t suitable for play. You can, however, find a bit of extra will in lesser obsessions.

   Quirks can be taken during character creation – or later if the GM allows it – and are “worth” 1-3 extra points of will each. They can be bought off later at a cost of 10 points of will each. Perhaps sadly, unless the GM makes a specific exception no one character may have more then five points worth of quirks.

   It must be noted that, thanks to talent, purely psychological quirks can have physical effects for a Godlike character. Sample quirks include various Personality Flaws (a classic master race fixation, claustrophobia, chivalry, always keeping your word of honor, ultra-patriotism, obsessive vengefulness or arrogance, tending to go berserk), Unluck (life just goes wrong for you. You get flats, your soup is cold, the light turns red, and you suffer other bits of self-sabotage and self-inflicted misery), Sensitivities (you’re bothered – or even injured – by things which don’t affect other people; you may be pained by iron, disabled by magnetic fields, or repelled by crosses), and Addictions (you suffer a bothersome “itch”, one die, or two die, penalties, if you don’t get a regular dose of something, get submerged in water every hour, have plenty of cigarettes, or just be a drunk). More serious problems are usually represented by limitations on talents.

Jason Carpenter:

  • Attributes: Body 2, Coordination 3, Sense 1, Command 2, Cool 3, Brains 1 (Base Will 5).
  • Skills: Athletics 1, Dodge 3, Grenade 2, SMG 3, First Aid 1, Mental Stability 2, Sight 1, Stealth 2, Anti-Tank Rocket 1, Pistol 1, Pilot 1, Education 1, and Tactics 1.
  • Will Expenditures: The Scottish Rite 1D (1), Respawn 1HD (2), Telekinetic Reconstruction 1D (1), a latent +1 to each Attribute (6), and +15 to his base Will – (Making it a 20), of which he promptly spent 2 to get his “Respawn” up to 2 HD – and 1 to activate it.

   Jason actually started off his career as a “talent” by dying. Stupidly. Falling over a cliff. He wasn’t exactly expecting to wake up, perfectly healthy, back under the tree where he’d let his crazy Aunt Evelyn talk him into her shamanistic “bonding with the earth” routine. Fortunately, he found and disposed of his body (and was THAT ever a weird experience) before anyone else ran across him – er, it – er… whatever.

   He could feel that there were other ways to channel energy. On the other hand, given that his first ability seemed to be a sort of immortality, there wold probably be time for that later. At the moment, there was a war to fight – and, while his talent might not have much (OK, anything at all) in the way of offensive or conventional defensive functions, it certainly had its uses. The ability to spot and identify other talents was worthwhile on its own, and a lot of them went down when shot.

  • The Scottish Rite: Teleport with the Global Range and Maximum Capacity extras, plus the ability to use pictures to “target” (+2/4/8) ports and the Silent extra – for a total of 20/40/80. It no longer Attacks (-1/2/4) or Defends (-1/2/4) either, in part because it also has Nervous Habit (a chant, -1/2/4), Loopy (-2/4/8), and 14 levels of “Slow” (-1/2/4 each) – meaning that it takes 14 actions in Combat or 14 minutes out of combat to activate, for a net cost of 1/2/4. A couple of hard dice there, and you have a wonderful way to ship up to six tons of stuff to pretty much anywhere on earth that you need it.
  • Respawn: This gourmet power is pretty simple: when you die, you return twenty-four hours later (or at dawn or some such) at the place, and in the physical condition, at which you last “saved”. The base costs is, as always, 1/2/4 – but this power is Robust (+1/2/4), and Useful Outside of Combat (+1/2/4) – and arguably pretty much has to be both Endless (+1/2/4) and Unconscious (+1/2/4), for a net base cost of 5/10/20. Perhaps fortunately, it requires a complex ritual to set up a “save point” (-2/4/8), which is also Expensive (-1/2/4) and “Glow” (the power surge when you respawn is pretty blatant, -1/2/4). That gives us a net cost of 1/2/4 – the minimum.
  • Telekinetic Reconstruction: This gourmet power physically reshuffles atoms and subatomic particles to rebuild matter on either the molecular or atomic (at 1/20’th the base amount) levels. Sadly, while this is very useful in many ways, it’s too slow to attack or defend with – at least via conventional use of the ability. Still, it is both Robust (+1/2/4) and Useful outside of Combat (+1/2/4), for a net base cost of 3/6/12. Of course, you’ll also need Intuitive (this allows the user to unconsciously understand the structure of items, and thus use this power effectively without either massive skills or massive superintelligence, +2/4/8). The usual version of this power has a Very Short Range (-2/4/8), can only handle 1/10’th the amount of material which “normal” methods of transmutation can handle (-1/2/4), and comes with a Nervous Habit (must chant the “words of change”, -1/2/4) – for a net base cost of 1/2/4. As a telekinetic physical re-arrangement – however complex – the effects are automatically permanent, just like moving a rock or forging a piece of metal through mundane methods.

   Finally, here’s a power that no sensible game master should EVER allow:

   “Deathwish” is based off of “Instant Death“, and thus has a base cost of 6 per HD. Modifiers include

  • 2 levels of Vicious (+1/2/4) (Adds +1 level of Killing Damage per).
  • 12 levels of Area (+1/2/4); (x10, x20, x40, x80, x160, x320, x640, x1280, x2560, x5120, x10240, x20480 (a 12-mile radius).
  • No Upward Limit (+2/4/8); +5 will doubles the limits of the power (mostly radius).
  • Friendly Fire (+2/4/8): Does not affect friends and neutrals.

   This has a base cost of 42 points per hard die.

   We’re going to need a lot of limitations. Lets go with…

  • Does Not Affect Other Talents (-2/4/8). It only works on normal people.
  • Backfires (-2/4/8): Does one point of killing damage to the user’s Torso when activated.
  • Expensive (-1/2/4): Always costs one point of Will to activate.
  • Mental Strain (-2/4/8): Using this power does a point of shock damage to the user’s head.
  • Nervous Habit (-1/2/4): User must scream a curse at his or her enemies.
  • Beacon (-2/4/8): Any talent nearby can sense it when you use this power.
  • Glow (-1/2/4): You blaze with the wrath of god when you use this power.
  • Loud (-1/2/4): When you use this power the curse you are shouting echoes for hundreds of yards.
  • Can’t Interfere (-2/4/8): You can’t spend will points to interfere with other talents when this power is being used.
  • No Range (-2/4/8): This power is always centered on the user.
  • Go Last (-2/4/8): Yes, this always goes last in the round.
  • Graphic (-1/2/4): Causing so many heads to melt and then explode is astoundingly horrific, both for the user and for anyone anywhere near a victim.

   That leaves us with a net cost of 4 points per hard die. Not bad for pretty much being able to destroy a small army. Even better if you can scrape up 46 Will; with that you can get a 12, 288 mile radius – enough to wipe your enemies off the face of the planet.

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