Michael’s Diary

   For today, by special request, it’s Michael’s Diary/Campaign Log. Michael was a junior-superhero character in a campaign a bit more than twenty years ago now. but he – and his friends – are still good examples of characters who grew, changed, and suffered a variety of traumas over the course of a game.  There won’t be anything else for today: this section is pretty lengthy.

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  1. Hm. Looking at this, now that I’ve formatted and posted it, I see an minor villain named Kevin Sandwell, although he preferred to be known as Jack. He was a bullying schoolboy with a gun and connections to much darker and more troublesome powers. I remember playing in this campaign rather fondly – and, while I haven’t looked at these old notes in several years, I see that one of my recent characters – a teenage boy with connections to far darker powers – was christened Kevin Sanwell, while another player in that same current game made up a character named Jack – also a troublemaker with a gun. I don’t know if its coincidence or my subconscious, but it’s interesting either way.

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