In Nomine: Sakarit

   Here we have an enlightened character for In Nomine. Sakarit was noted for his cheery attendence to menial tasks (such as sweeping up, attending to the dying, and teaching students), for his innocent and oblivious helpfulness, for letting hostile individuals follow him across space and time – which they often found exceedingly awkward – and for somehow managing to frustrate quite a variety of demonic schemes through simply wandering through and talking to people.


   Bodhisattva, Path of the Enlightened One

   As an ascended human Buddhist, Sakarit is a manifestation of the Symphony itself, rather then of higher or lower powers. His purpose is to spread enlightenment – but both good and evil can be routes to enlightenment.




















Mind Hits











Soul Hits


   Path Attunement: Piercing the Veil of Maya. Sakarit may switch vessels or forms with a will check without spending essence. Roll (Will) to shift, (Will-2) to shift without taking a round.

Point Expenditures (36)

   Artifacts (7): Sutras (Reliquary [3], +1 Recharge [2], Sutra [3], +2 Essence Capacity [4],Requires lengthy invocation to use [-2], 1/day maximum [-4], must chant and gesture to use [-2], generates a Disturbance-3 when used [-3]. Net 1).

   Attunements (5): The Strength Within: Increases effective level of vessels by (Celestial Forces)/2, rounded down.

   Skills (3): Knowledge: History +1 (Int), Knowledge: The Planes +1 (Int), Emote +1 (Per).

   Songs (9): Roll [Relevant Forces + Level] to use.

  • Healing (Corporeal 3, Ethereal 1, Celestial 1)
  • Harmony (Ethereal 1)
  • Tongues (Corporeal 1, Celestial 1)
  • Form (Ethereal 1)
  • Symphony (Corporeal 1, Ethereal 1)

   Vessels (0):

  • Elderly Oriental Mystic (L5. Hits 35. Charisma -2 (Unworldly Elderly Weirdo, -4), +2 level bonus for type, net -1 effective 0).
  • Young Oriental Woman (L4. Hits 30. Cute but weird, for no charisma modifier), +2 level bonus for type, net 0, effective 0).
  • Ray of Light (L2, Hits 20. Charisma -1 (This is totally weird, -2), +2 points for strange quality (Very rapid flight), net 0).
  • Small Dragon (L2, Hits 20. Charisma -2 (Very odd reactions, -4), Natural Armor-2 (2), Winged Flight (1), Natural Weapons (claws, teeth, breathe fire. All with range roughly equal to a punch and a power of -1, like brass knuckles, cost of 1), net 0).
  • While one of the later books said “no dragons”, that one didn’t happen to be in use in this particular game… If no eastern-style dragons are allowed, simply substitute a Ki-Rin or some such.

    Self-Improvement (10): +1 Force

   Personal History: Sakarit Chogyal was born in northern India in 1897 and lived relatively uneventfully as a buddhist scholar-monk, concentrating on teaching and the doing of good works… He achieved his sixth force, and symphonic awareness, at age 28, and became a healer as well. At 73 he achieved Nirvana in a moment of enlightenment and merged with the symphony, abandoning his self.

   Thirty-three years later he elected to return to activity as a True Bodhisattva – a mortal who had achieved enlightenment during his natural lifespan and who has returned from union with the cosmos to help the inhabitants / aspects of the symphony achieve that same enlightenment.

   (those good Buddhist souls who reach heaven after their deaths are often referred to as Bodhisattva. This is not quite the same, since they’ve died, and so have trouble remanifesting in the corporeal realm without aid and generally haven’t achieved the Satori resonance).

   Favorite Hangouts: Sakarit enjoys the marches, and has been watching the rapid expansion of the d20 territories with some bemusement. The Leng Po tavern, made famous by several classical Chinese novels and supported by the occasional presence of Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, King Arthur, and several other old generals who like to argue strategy, is a special favorite, as is the City of Waterdeep – a place with many entertaining features (especially the way essence manifests as big bags of gold), no matter how fictional.

   On the corporeal plane he likes rock gardens, where he is often found meditating in the form of a beam of light, he still dutifully visits the Mirr Kel temple to study old scrolls and talk with the priests, and he spends a lot of time teaching wherever he can and doing charity work around whichever city or town the universe has seen fit to send him to at the moment.

   Notable Contacts: The militaristic patrons of the Leng Po tavern (Mostly generals and Sarge), Eric Within (Human Spiritmaster), an assortment of Ethereal Spirits, Massiniel (Friend of Christopher), Sophia (Elohim Angel of Enlightenment), Tulpu Vashna (Bodhisattva, path of Tao, a skilled artificer), Jigme Jinpa (“Fearless Activity”, a seeker of the way of the sword), and Bronwen (Malakim of Yves).

   The Music of the Sutras: Since the use of the Sutras produces a unique set of symphonic disturbances, here’s what they sound like… Kyattika Sutra (Chimes, in counterpoint), Anurada Sutra (Rushing waters, drums, and gongs), Migathi Sutra (Flutes, imitating birdsong), Nine Winds Sutra (Bamboo flutes and chimes), Forest Path Sutra (Wind in leaves, with occasional bagpipes), Four Blessings Sutra (Sonorous Chanting), and the Mountain Roots Sutra (Rain and thunder, with harps)


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