Session Thirteen: Try, Try, Again

   In the depths of the Time Vortex, the Chauffeur was attempting his first experiment in time travel. The Brick wasn’t a lot of help with experimental technomancy – but he was handy in an emergency, so he’d brought him along, as well as taking the precaution of going to low orbit before starting. Still unused to how his procognitive abilities operated outside of time, he abruptly realized that he was about to run into himself and swerved wildly, thus averting that possible future.

   Unfortunately, the Brick was impervious to his inertial dampers, as he was to so many other things. He exited both the helicopter and the time vortex – leaving him plummeting from the skies.

   Not that that was a particularly unfamiliar situation. Glowing incandescently – impervious to burning off surface layers to dissipate energy – the Brick attempted to airswim towards an empty field. He didn’t want to hit anyone when he landed.

   Down on the surface, Darius had decided that the LORD was due to arrive, took the new star falling from the heavens as a sign, and headed that way.

   Ranko figured that it might be a crash or something, and that – inevitably, given her luck – it would be something that she’d have to deal with. Most of the rest of the Mandate was busy with projects of course; they’d come if it turned out to be important…

   The Brick landed in a baseball diamond, and there was much confusion before someone set off another global spell. This one was designed to raise zombies across the globe… The counterspell from Alaska was targeted primarily at the earth, apparently an attempt to keep the Dinosaurs, oil deposits, and other fossils from rising. That was good – but the zombies would still be a disaster.

   The White Necromancer began drawing on the power-reserves of the Crypt to weave a counterspell of his own. Darius began erecting walls to confine some zombies, while attempting to turn others against the rest – and then elected to Follow the Lord, even if he was a dolphin (well, that made sense: the world was three-quarters water and . Ranko, the Brick, and the Chauffeur headed off to trace the center of the spell.

   Evidently sealing the nexi was having some impact on the Darkmage: he was having to unseal one to power each of his global spells. The Brick leapt into the sea to talk to the other Dolphins; they’d probably know where the zombie sharks had started from. This spell seemed to originate at… Easter Island. They should have known: the Darkmage had used that nexus before.

   Unfortunately, once they got there, Darius fell victim to his obsessions and started repairing the old statuary and stonework rather than assisting directly – but assisted nevertheless, as the old geomantic structures started draining power from the nexus, rather than allowing it to drain into the zombie-raising spell. The Brick simply swam down through the rock, headed for the chambers at the base of the sacred volcano, while Ranko dropped in from above and the Chauffeur headed off to assist in an emergency in China. Back at home, the White Necromancer had gotten his counterspell up and running – turning the zombies against each other as his mystical contagion spread – and was helping the Werewolves and staff defend the Orphanage.

   Down in the volcano on Easter Island there were more minions – but better co-ordinated, more powerful, and with more demonic support. They very nearly won, especially when disrupting the circle started hitting the chamber with random gouts of necromantic magic and reanimated some of the deceased cultists (Ranko had gone berserk again) as more powerful undead abominations.

   The Chauffeur’s emergency turned out to be an attempt to seize and launch some of China’s nuclear missiles. Nobody’d managed to stop the Russian seizure and launch. They had to do something about the Darkmage! The entire global zombie attack had been nothing but another diversion!

   Worse, there were a dozen nuclear warheads headed for Alaska, and the world was counting down towards a global nuclear war. They needed to stop a flight of missiles… Time to call for help again.

   Fortunately they’d done this before. Unfortunately, this time there were more than three. The Brick managed to break one and brought another one down with an incredibly lucky shot. Ranko got her husband to teleport her aboard one and disabled it and managed to gate one into the realms of the dead (where she figured no one would care). Darius encased two in stone and hauled them out into deep space. Mara and the Warlock got a couple more, and the orbital defenses got some – but they wound up with one coming in hot.

   The White Necromancer had built a layered sphere of spectral bone almost a thousand feet thick over the target zone, but it would still be a disaster – until the Brick decided to stand on top, catch the missile, and try to contain the blast. After all, he’d done it with other explosions…

   Oddly enough, this worked. The Brick was the center of an open temporal rift. The blast tore it open and spent most of its force hurling the Brick through back time. Ranko and the White Necromancer couldn’t figure out exactly what had happened – but there was no death-signature. The Brick was probably back in his own era: he had a destiny to fulfill.

   Darius, meanwhile, had decided that the Earth was too vulnerable to attack from space, and had started trying to build a fortified orbital wall around the planet. The Traveler and the other heroes managed to dissuade him eventually.

2 Responses

  1. There has to be somekind of global spell the party could do to sniff the dark mage out. Immunity to divination is not immunity to being found.

  2. Oh, there are a variety of ways even without global spells – which is probably a good thing, since global spells actually demand more raw power than most of the group has available for magic.

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