Champions – The Feytouched and the Imaginal Wars

The Imaginal Realms – the astral reflections of ideals, cultures, and beliefs – simmer around any sapient race, in constant turmoil as cultures – and even popular superstitions and fads – rise and fall. Many such nexi are transient, or are associated with actual persons, places, or things through which their energies may be expressed – and grounded out. Those which achieve some semblance of enduring unity but lack such a physical focus… manifest within the astral.

The more… aware… of such entities engage in something of a competition; the more humans who think about a particular being or realm, the more personal and ambient magic is focused upon them – and the stronger they become. Thus they compete in various ways for attention, time in the news, appearances in movies, or whatever else will get humanity to pay attention to THEM.

Realms and entities which can acquire souls… have an automatic share of humanities attention, have true believers who will not lose that faith, can far more readily touch the earth, and can – like any other ensouled entity – grow and change with time and experience. True, they will eventually die – but that is far better then to be forgotten, and slowly fade away, which is the inevitable end of all myths as the centuries pass.

Now, as magic rises once again, and the wards are crumbling… the maneuvering is underway. The Imaginal Realms seek to bind themselves ever more closely to humanity, to gather belief, to have an impact on the world -and to become the channels through which ambient magic becomes personal power, molded by the collective minds – and beliefs – of humanity. Humanity has known a thousand dreams, of wonder, of horror, of beauty, of light, and of darkness. How many of those dreams, and which ones, it will forever take into it’s heart, is yet unknown.

On the magical side of things…

There’s a fairly standard bargain; a human gets linked to a soulless but powerful imaginal entity on a very deep level. The human gets to draw on the powers of that entity for the rest of his or her (often somewhat extended) life. When he or she dies… his soul will pass to that entity, effectively making it his or her next incarnation. That will pass eventually of course; with a soul, that entity will be able to grow, change, and (eventually) die – but it also becomes something more than yet another generic dream. After that, of course, the soul will move on normally – whether that’s to another incarnation, off into the deeper realms of the dead, hanging about as a ghost, or any of the other standard options.

It’s VERY hard, and often spiritually damaging, to break such a pact – but for the most part… why bother? It’s not hurting the pacter at the moment – and spending some time as an entity in the imaginal planes isn’t really that big a deal. Sure, you could become something menacing or nasty – but humans can become pretty menacing or nasty anyway. At worst, it’s hero stuff either way.

At the moment, Aurora Ward is dealing with some Fey who are recruiting youngsters for their pacts – and are a bit torn on whether or not it’s allowable. If troubled and runaway kids want to turn to the fey, are given a reasonably short “apprenticeship”, and are equipped to take care of themselves and even do well afterwards… Should they try to stop it?

As usual, the power packages available to normal humans carry at least twice as many points in disadvantages as they “need” to. Basically… normal humans have a hard time going beyond normal limits, unlike full superheroes.

Feytouched Package (50 Points):

Fey Magic Variable Power Pool (30-pt Pool, Base Control Cost 15); Only powers related to the specific fey the user is linked to. This normally includes Illusion, Shapechanging, and one other field: -1; Easily identified as fey magic by experienced mages: -¼; 12- activation check against targets bearing cold iron or protected by relevant folklore charms: -¼ (36 Points).

Immune to Aging; The feytouched gain an extended lifespan, but are not ageless: -1 (1 Point).

Life Support: Intense Heat/Cold; Immune to natural weather extremes only: -1 (1 Point).

Elemental Control: Fey Powers (5-pt reserve). Visible/Magical Fey Aura; -1/4, Always On producing assorted fey disadvantages; -1/2, Maximum of 20 active points in any one power; -1/4 (2 Points).

  • Armor (2 PD/5 ED); Not versus Cold Iron: -½ (2 Points).
  • MageSight (+0 to PER); Time Required: Instant, +2; Range: Ranged, +5 (2 Points)
  • Power Defense (10 pts); Automatically protects against any attempt to remove package disadvantages or abilities: -½ (2 Points).
  • +1 SPD (2 Points).
  • +3 DEX (2 Points)

Feytouched Disadvantages (100 Points):

  • (15) Accidental Change: Various obscure rituals or exposure to large amounts of magic will reveal their fey nature, regardless of their illusions of normality, (14-)
  • (10) Distinctive Features: Feytouched – pointed ears, aqualine features, slit pupils, etc.; Concealability: Concealable, 10; Reaction: Noticed and Recognizable, +0
  • (15) Phys. Lim; Cannot directly lie. (Frequently, Greatly)
  • (20) Phys. Lim. Cannot intentionally break promises. (All the Time, Greatly)
  • (10) Prankster (Common, Moderate)
  • (10) Tends to respect and obey the great lords of the fey. (Common, Moderate)
  • (10) Reputation: The Feytouched are fairly well understood. (11-)
  • (10) Vulnerability: Cold Iron (1½× STUN and BODY); Attack: Uncommon, +5

The Feytouched (or blooded) are mystically bound to their trainer/owner until they master their powers (develop a decent control skill of their own, without needing their master to roll for them). Since they grow out of this relatively quickly in most cases it’s a physical disadvantage in cases where it still applies.

Also, now that I’ve got some time again… I’ll try to get things restarted here.


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