Shadowrun: Hitomi Gilespi

   Here’s the first version of a possible player character for the current shadowrun campaign – Hitomi Gilespi, a young witch and social specialist.

   Hitomi, and her twin brother Hitoshi, moved in with their grandmother Maylinde when they were not quite twelve, shortly after the (apparently; who can ever be sure?) accidental death of their mother Tanelith (she never would talk about their father much, and neither will most of their other relatives). Both possessed some magical talent, but took opposing approaches after Tanelith died; Hitomi turned outwards, latching onto everyone around her. Hitoshi withdrew into his own darkened world, connecting with others only to manipulate them. He’s currently out of touch…

   Hitomi has found a revealing dichotomy between her aunt Rivienne – who works for Lone Star in law enforcement – and her Uncle Tristan, who works for a “private security firm”, doing things that apparently involve a lot of combat cyberware and heavy weapons. Neither the “social order” nor the “pragmatic mercenary” philosophies really worked for her; they both had their points, but they tended to leave out entirely too much. There had to be some middle ground.

   Basic Expenditures: Resources 0 (5 KNY), Skills 18 (40 Active Skill Points), Attributes 12 (24 Attribute Points), Magic 18 (Witchcraft Adept, 35 Karma, Karma Pool 1), and Race 12 (Elf; +1 Quickness, +2 Charisma, Low-Light Vision).

   To represent experience in the campaign, I’m providing +4 skill points which may be spent to raise initial skills (to a maximum of eight) and +2 Karma Pool. These bonuses have been included below.

   Basic Attributes: Body 3 (1 initial), Quickness 5 (4 before racial modifier), Strength 3, Willpower 5, Intelligence 5, Charisma 8 (6 before racial modifier). Essence 6, Magic 8, Reaction 5, Initiative 5+2d6.

   Dice Pools: Combat 7, Astral Pool 9, Initiate Magic Pool 4.

   Karma Pool: 3

   Edges: Good Looking (2), Good Reputation (known as a sympathetic and helpful magician, -2 to Social Target Numbers, 2), Geneware (1 BI point worth at the cultured price with no body index. Tailored Pheromones II [+4d to Charisma and Social Skills tests when applicable], Synaptic Accelerator I [+1d Initiative], 6), +3 Initial Contacts (3). Net Edges: 13 points.

   Flaws: Impulsive (-2), Spendthrift (-3), Low Pain Tolerance (-4), and Detailed Background (-4*). Net Flaws: -13 points.

   *This flaw is exempt from the over-10 halving rule.

  • Active Skills (40 +4 Bonus): Witchcraft 8, Seduction 4, Etiquette 6, Negotiation 8, Performance 6, Leadership 4, Art 6, Investigation 2.
    • For social skills: -2 to Target Numbers (Reputation), +4d (Pheromones), and +1/2 allocated Witchcraft dice.
  • Knowledge Skills (Bases+25): Magic Theory 4, Biology 1, Linguistics 3, Psychology 6, Literature 5, Sociology 1, Art History 6, Spellcraft 6, Current Events 6, Various Languages 6.
  • Languages (8+6 from Knowledges): English 3, Japanese 3, Spanish 2, French 2, Chinese 2, Korean 2.
  • Irrelevant Skills (8): Dance 3, Singing 3, Theater 2

   Initial Equipment: 3 months Low lifestyle (3000 NY), Immobilizer Foam Pistol (200 NY), Flash-Pack (250 NY), Lined Coat (4/2 Armor, 700 NY), Pocket Computer (300 NY), Cell Phone (50 NY), Medkit (200 NY), Player and Music Chip Collection (300 NY).

   Karma Expenditures: Body to 2 (4) and 3 (6), and Initiate II (25).

  • Initiation Provides:
    • Attunement II. +2 Magic Rating.
    • Beglamourment. May add one-half of available Witchcraft dice to social skill checks.
    • Circuiting (Witchcraft): May make witchcraft effects temporarily self-sustaining by devoting successes to that.
    • Hexcraft. May attempt to manipulate the forces of fate through Witchcraft.
    • Sortilege: Gain an Initiate Magic Pool at (Initiate Level +2) dice, this may be applied to any magic-related test.

Initial Contacts (5):

  • Warren Harcourt/”Scoop” (Investigative Reporter)

   Well, this character isn’t quite done yet – the rest of the contacts have to be determined, there should be a good deal more background information, and quite a lot of things will probably change over time – but it will do for the first session.

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