Recordings from the Holocron of Kira Keldav – Session 57

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While the others continued to conduct their business conversing with the Republic fleet, I wrote my own reply to the Jedi:

Jedi Council:

I thank you for the update regarding the investigation into the disappearance of my family and friends. To be honest, I wasn’t really expecting you to follow through with it after I had dealt with Zandaras. I also would like to express my appreciation regarding the removal of the bounty placed upon my head by Mrs Beasley. That was a major annoyance I did not need right now.

With that said, I think I am going to use the opportunity to let a number of people conclude that I am dead. Hopefully this will allow me more freedom of movement as I assume a number of false ID’s for the time being.

I suspect that it would be best to direct further correspondence through Telera in the future.


I gave the message to Telera to insert and encrypt into her own report to the Jedi Council. I wasn’t keen on even letting the Republic know that I was still alive right now. Deceiving the Jedi Council was likely a fool’s game though, especially with Telera aboard. I wasn’t about to mention Valerie or the Varen to the Jedi, although I imagine Telera was going to in her own report. Not much I could do about that given the situation.

Gruenn’s Department of Child Services also asked about the children that weren’t returned with the others. I had Ben relay the information regarding the adoption proceedings currently going on with the local Alderaan. The droids were willing to admit that finding loving homes for the orphans was probably much better than staying in the droid run orphanage.

The Republic military once again expressed their wish that we come through the portal and be arrested immediately. That would be followed with debriefings, harsh lectures and possibly criminal proceedings unless the Jedi intervened. I definitely got the impression that the military thought the Jedi wishy-washy loons that regularly turned into Sith. Not that I disagreed with the impression per se, but I was beginning to think there was more to it than that.

The Senate also wanted us to come and testify. Or at least one of the many subcommittees did. I wasn’t really keen on presenting myself to Senate custody either given the number of people calling for my head now. It was possible that whatever subcommittee this was might be more agreeable to discussion and explanations, but I had real doubts about that kind of thoughtful rationality from an elected politician.

Still, as long as they all thought I was dead, then the matter was moot in my opinion.

Alys decided to keep her older alternates skeleton for the moment; it would give her some insight into problems she might face later in life – and it would needlessly upset her parents to send it home.

Ben was speculating on clone-siblings, and wondering whether they did qualify as “family” – and on how he felt about their existence in the first place, even before factoring in that they were in the hands of a faction of Sith loonies.

At the moment though he was too busy changing everything vital over from buttons to knobs, levers, and other alternative controls and installing “beat on Jacob” droids that activated when various otherwise-functionless buttons were pushed.

The Republic Military hated loose cannons… The Jedi wandered about (and regularly went Sith), the Senate debated endlessly and turned everything important over to layers of subcommittees. Did anyone ever let THEM take care of something? No, they just labeled trouble-makers as “trouble magnets” and said to leave them alone! Bring up their “trouble magnets” sudden access to immensely powerful superweapon warships, and what did you get? You got told “not to worry about it” by the Jedi – because some senile elder had had a dream – and yet the Senate had given top military clearance and a lot of authority to the Jedi Order! They were expected to defend the Republic – and they were being told to ignore blatantly obvious potential threats! They NEEDED to get some of these people properly debriefed!

Well, at least they were getting the opportunity to send over some observers, technicians, and other personnel, who might be able to get back with some information beyond what they could get from that damned cartoon! Their trouble-makers had requested a little assistance to replace all those kids.

They called for volunteers.

Somehow Ben got the Republic military to send over a number of technicians through the tunnel onto the Mrs Beasley. At that point Valerie and I retreated further into the depths of the Mrs Beasley to stay out of sight and to reapply my disguise. Valerie’s face wasn’t well know in the Republic still, but mine was. Hopefully the technicians wouldn’t think twice regarding another weird Force user in the midst of this bunch of loonies. It’s sad when I think that people believing me an insane HoloSith is better than them knowing who I really am.

Alys sighed. She’d learned about the Republic’s government in school – it was a big subject on Coruscant – and no one from the rest of the galaxy ever seemed to realize that it was purely an improvisation! As the senate got larger, major responsibilities got turned over to subcommittees, which spawned their own, which – by now – were pretty much autonomous governments that had only some vague principles of central control. It was good enough to get along – but mostly because there WAS no serious opposition other than the Holosith! The Jedi had a semi-blank check because they’d managed to keep the house of cards from falling apart for thirty millennia – and the Jedi relied so much on vague precognition that they just wrote blank checks of their own to whatever their own prophecies said would probably be for the best – or at least not harmful – in the long run. So long as it kept on working it was never likely to change – and the Jedi were good enough at foreseeing when a course of action WOULD lead to disaster to keep things afloat.

The military, of course, literally lived and died by efficiency – and were perpetually upset with the entire mess.

Eventually contact with the Republic was closed and we returned to more local matters. The Mrs Beasley was making progress repairing the most critical portions of Alderaan’s industry and infrastructure. Next came Ben’s growing concern that the Varen would attempt to seize the Mrs Beasley for their own ends. It wasn’t an unreasonable threat considering how tempting the Mrs Beasley would be. I did think the Varen were likely to be very disappointed though if they did take the Mrs Beasley back to their space by force. The Censor wasn’t likely to look kindly upon the Mrs Beasley these days.

Unfortunately, I was the one chosen to voice the concern to my superiors. I presented the concern to the Varen Council along with the opinion that attempting to actually try to steal the Mrs Beasley would prove to be very costly to them. The Varen actually acknowledged the threat they posed and agreed that they had seen what they had come here to see. I expected the Council to announce that we were to return back to Varen space and leave the party to their affairs, but found myself surprised when they announced that the Council would return and representatives would remain behind to continue work on the repairs to the Codifier galaxy.

Confound it! Occasionally the Varen Council seemed almost as funny as the Jedi Council! Could it just be that the Varen were simply focused on a much smaller group?

I was proposed as one of the representatives, along with Valerie. A representative of the Council was also going to be left behind as an observer and guide to the project. That also meant Valerie’s team was also being asked to stay here as well. Ben agreed to the terms and immediately went off to make preparations to send the Ashen Lance back to our home galaxy. The various Varen assets were collected back aboard the Ashen Lance and eventually Ben and Smoche announced the tunnel system was now ready to send the Ashen Lance back to Varen space. Councilman Soung bid his granddaughters farewell and made sure to give me an ugly look before joining the rest of the Council aboard the Ashen Lance. The tunnel appeared to send the Ashen Lance back to Varen space without issue once activated.

That left Valerie, her team, Council Representative Dame Lisella, and I as the only Varen left in this galaxy. And my title was still provisional. Ben and Smoche were busily preparing the Mrs Beasley for the journey to the Galactic Core, Jacob was busily unthawing and training his “cult”, and the rest of us were stuck with very little to do until the local hyperspace finished repairing itself. Then it occurred to me that there was something I had been meaning to check up on for quite some time. Announcing that I was going to look into the archives on Alderaan regarding the initial Codifier onslaught, a large number of the others with little else to do ended up joining me.

Landing next to the Archives, we asked the librarian for the section dealing with pre-Alliance history. That got us a number of blank looks until we explained further what we wanted and how we thought their own history worked. Eventually she showed us a wing of the Archives where the doors didn’t even work properly and it looked like no one had entered in centuries if not millenia. We found a number of old decrepit droids still barely functioning. Those were very enthusiastic to see us and to help us in whatever way they could. Alys went to work repairing the droids and doing what she could to research through the available materials while Nimh correlated everything together. I spent my time browsing the material doing what I could to assist in the process.

First thing we found was a map from about 17,400 years ago. That was a shock as it looked like a lot more like our galaxy as opposed to the current appearance. That illustrated just how badly damaged the place had become over the millennia. Then material regarding the fall of the Republic and rise of the Faded started turning up. It appeared that a Sith Lord named Huriel had managed to seize Coruscant and was threatening the entire Republic from that position – demanding that the entire galaxy surrender or face destruction of their entire fleet. Military experts at the time declared Huriel had no chance of actually holding Coruscant OR of destroying the Republic fleet given the relatively modest resources at his disposal. The Republic refused to give into his demands and called his bluff.

What happened next was hard to discern – no one had understood it at the time – but it looked like the event horizon of the Galactic Black Hole expanded until it encompassed Coruscant and a significant chunk of the Galactic Core too. That left the Galactic Black Hole close to a thousand light years across and with an escape velocity at the event horizon that was a minuscule fraction of the speed of light. Even I knew enough about physics to know there was something fundamentally wrong there. To me it sounded like Huriel had tried to use the pyramid scheme to try and reach into the Galactic Black Hole, possibly to use it as a weapon. Something went wrong though and it looked like he had instead managed to get the Galactic Black Hole to project a second stage stasis effect across a good section of the Galactic Core.

As far as the rest of the Republic was concerned though, a Sith had just managed to wipe out many of the most developed and central worlds to the Republic single-handedly. It also looked like the Censor came to a similar conclusion as it looked like the Censor had banned the trained use of the Force. This coupled with the Republic Remnant unleashing the Codifiers upon the Galaxy resulted in the extermination of the Jedi and Sith. Force use completely dropped off the records and the Codifier/Faded wars began much as we knew them, with the Codifiers representing the faction that wanted to reorganize along the old lines and the Faded representing the faction that thought that the old Republic had wrecked the galaxy and wanted to throw it all out and start over. Given the overwhelming catastrophe, the “throw it all out” bunch had gained control of the best chunk of what was left of the galaxy… They’d wanted to let the Republic fade into history – and thus became “The Faded”.

I had expected that the critical difference between our Galaxy and the Codifier Galaxy was the difference in mass. It originally looked like the Codifier Galaxy was smaller than ours and so the Republic would have fewer resources to resist the Sith Onslaught. Then the Republic would have been forced here to use the Codifiers. But it was increasingly looking like there was a catastrophic break in the timeline centered around Huriel and his actions between two largely identical galaxies. It was scary to consider the idea that one person could end up causing this much damage to the Galaxy. Even the Ratsoogomoz only misplaced the subspace and hyperspace network relays in that other galaxy.

Secondarily, lightsabers had not yet been traditional at that time… They’d been known, but were unusual. Was it that they were the only weapons that really worked well against the Codex? Would that be another part of the split?

In any case, after that point, the decay set in – with entire star clusters apparently dropping out of existence as reality got thinner and thinner

Evidence was also mounting that the Censor was breaking apart and going into a complete failure mode. The multiple engineering standards and specifications and the fact that Valerie and my counterparts were able to readily train apprentices despite the ban on Force use. Evidence was mounting that we didn’t have much time left to effect repairs on the galaxy before the level of damage became catastrophic. I sent along the data regarding the chain of events we discovered to our counterparts as we made final preparations to leave for the Galactic Core.

It was decided to leave the Zomogoostar, the Ratsoogomoz, and the Shard of Devastation behind at Alderaan to assist in repelling more Faded attacks likely to occur. We would take the Mrs Beasley to the Galactic Black Hole to try and effect repairs to the Galaxy. The Mrs Beasley didn’t have much of any weaponry to speak of, but it had the sturdiest shields, could overpower any interdictor, and had the power and drive systems needed to move a galaxy.

Ben and Handell used the old star charts and compared them against the newer ones to determine a list of areas to avoid and what areas to try and use to get through Faded space as quietly as possible. We loaded up everyone who was going aboard the Mrs Beasley and headed off around the Galaxy and into Faded space.

They actually put in a LOT of work there – trying to plot a galaxy’s worth of existence-failure regions to avoid, sending probes ahead, mapping their way past known codifier strongholds where reality should still be fairly sturdy, and computing courses…

Virstris and the others found Valerie and I in one of the galleys while we made yet another hyperspace jump.

(Virstris) We barely get aboard and the ship heads to hyperspace.

(Kira) I take it the ground war was going well?

(Virstris) Yeah, it looks like the locals are slowly grinding them into oblivion. I even got a chance to meet the local in-laws as part of the mission.

(Valerie) They aren’t your in-laws.

(Virstris) Are too, they just belong to an alternate sister of mine. Nice people, but a little crazy I think. I even learned that I don’t have an alternate here.

(Kira) I thought the local Valerie had an older sister.

(Virstris) Yep, not me though. Her name is Viridiana Tethys, and she runs a trading company with her husband Matthew Tethys. Their expecting their first child in a few months.

(Kira) So that makes you an alternate aunt?

(Valerie) And you an alternate uncle.

That was a strange thought. Of course, the idea of Virstris as an alternate sister-in-law was weird in it’s own right.

(Virstris) And just think to when your alternates have children. Would you be alternate aunt and uncle or alternate parents?

I wasn’t sure how to react to that thought at all. The idea of our alternates being married was still more than a bit off-putting, but the idea that they might become parents…. well…. I’m still not sure how to react to that idea. Why is a Sith version of me easier to visualize than a version of me that is a father?

(Valerie) I still think it’s a bit early to be discussing that. And you are getting a bit too involved in their lives.

(Virstris) Oh please, you both lived with them for weeks or months.

(Valerie) That’s different.

(Virstris) How is that different?

That got the two of them going into another sibling style argument. For all their differences, it was easiest to see their similarities at times like this. Virstris may be a bubbly fountain of enthusiasm and Valerie a cranky, moody pessimist, but both are driven to excel and are very sure of what they want. Part of me wonders just how much of a difference the fact that Valerie has Force powers and Virstris doesn’t has made of things.

I was busily pondering the question when I felt something, like the space around us suddenly crystalized like freezing water. I didn’t feel any different, but something had obviously happened and I wasn’t liking the precognitive warnings I was getting. Valerie I could feel had sensed it too, although she was apparently having more difficulties.

<Kira> You alright?

<Valerie> Yeah, but something just tried to affect my mind. It’s took a little effort to resist it though. Why aren’t you affected?

<Kira> I don’t know.

(Virstris) Alright, what just happened?

(Kira) You felt it too?

(Augusta) Felt what?

(Virstris) Something just happened.

(Augusta) I didn’t feel a thing.

At that point Telera came over the commlink.

(Telera) Kira, I’m not sure, but I think Jacob just did something.

Argh, I guarantee Jacob wasn’t going to be going to bed happy if he was at the center of this. Reaching out with the Force, I sensed the Atavist on the bridge. Something was off about his presence in the Force though and that was concerning on a lot of levels.

(Kira) Since Jacob’s on the bridge. We’ll meet you there.

(Telera) How did you know that?

(Kira) Know what?

(Telera) That he is on the bridge?

I just stared at the commlink for a moment trying to formulate a response. Telera wasn’t that stupid.

(Kira) Nevermind, we’ll meet you on the bridge.

(Virstris) How can she not know? I thought you Force users could sense Jacob from the other side of the planet.

(Augusta) What’s a Force user?

Valerie, Virstris and I stared at Augusta like she had gone insane.

(Augusta) It’s a valid question.

(Ban) It’s probably one of those secrets we aren’t privy to.

(Vincent) There’s a lot of those with the Varen nobility.

(Kira) Valerie, am I imagining this conversation?

(Valerie) Either we both are, or Jacob has overstayed his welcome.

Jacob, in fact, had decided that – if he was a focus – it might make it a lot easier to teach their totally inexperienced crew to run the Mrs Beasley, and help hold the galaxy together, and even make it easier to explain things to the locals, if he could bind the galactic mind back together.

So he’d reached out and tried to become a focus for it, just as he was a focus for the force of the galaxy – but he’d forgotten that such an effort would also make him an enormously powerful focus for the local censor.

Valerie, Virstris and I hurried to the bridge while summoning the rest of the group there as well. As we rode the elevator, alarms regarding the power systems and hyperdrive started becoming increasingly frequent. Something was going seriously wrong with the Mrs Beasley now too.

(Alys) Kira, I’m on the bridge with Jacob and Smoche. Something is seriously wrong. They have both forgotten they are Force users it seems and the ship’s systems are going increasingly unstable. Smoche can’t get the system under control.

I could sense Smoche’s power fluctuating wildly, almost like it was completely uncontrolled. I wasn’t really sure what was going on overall, but I suspected I knew the culprit regarding the ship’s instabilities.

(Kira) Alys, do whatever it takes, but knock Smoche unconscious now!

(Alys) But….

(Kira) Don’t question it, just do it!

I heard a blaster fire as the commlink went silent. Moments later I felt Smoche’s power stop fluctuating and go quiet. That suggested he had gone unconscious. I had to admit my anxiety wasn’t dropping despite the fact that the alarms were slowly going silent. The blasted elevator couldn’t seem to move fast enough in my opinion.

Eventually the doors opened onto the bridge. We saw Alys still holding her blaster, Smoche lying unconscious on the floor, and Jacob grinning like an idiot. The bridge crew was looking apprehensive over the whole matter. Telera, and the others showed up moments later.

(Kira) Jacob, what did you do?

(Jacob) I was doing something?

(Kira) Alright, who here knows what a Force user is?

That only got hands from me, Valerie, Virstris, Ben, and Alys. Telera looked unsure and deep in thought, but the others all looked clueless.

(Telera) It’s hard to remember, but I know that term. Something has been done to me.

(Virstris) Yeah, I have to keep reminding myself every few minutes too. It isn’t easy.

(Kira) Alright, I think I know what is going on. Jacob?

(Jacob) Yes?

(Kira) See the button on the panel over there with the label “Jacob”?

(Jacob) Yeah!

(Kira) Push it.

(Jacob) Ok!

He pressed the button with great enthusiasm. Then a droid folded out of the control panel and began beating him mercilessly with a club.


While the droid beat Jacob savagely, I turned to Valerie.

(Kira) And you said that thing was a silly request.

(Valerie) I stand corrected. Alright, care to let us in on what is going on?

(Ben) It looks like Jacob managed to repair the Censor locally. The ban in knowledge of trained Force use is now back in effect again.

(Valerie) How did he do that?

(Kira) Impossible to tell now. We need to fix this before we go any further. Facing Faded is bad enough, but with so many of us having our powers impaired is likely to be suicide.

(Ben) We could try to project a Codex effect over the entire ship that would negate the hold of the Censor over everyone.

(Kira) Simpler method: we open a hypertunnel to another galaxy and cycle everyone affected through it to reset their minds.

(Ben) Oh, that would be simpler.

Ben got to work prepping the system for a hypertunnel to another galaxy while the others brought the remaining systems under control or kept Jacob and Smoche in check. I was lost in thought though. Valerie, Alys, Ben, Remilias, Jarim, and I not being affected by the Censor was easy to explain, but Telera and Virstris seemed to have resisted it to different extents. Yet none of the ones with monotalents like Handell and Augusta were able to resist whatsoever. Their monotalents still worked, but their knowledge of the Force was impaired just a much as those with no Codex talents.

Interesting, we may have to run some experiments with Telera and Virstris later.

Ben got the hypertunnel system operating a couple hours later. There wasn’t really much point in targetting besides for somewhere quiet that wouldn’t interfere with our efforts. With the gateway open, we started cycling people through and back again. Everyone coming back through started glaring at Jacob. Especially Council Representative Dame Lisella. She grabbed Jacob by the ear and began lecturing him harshly. Well, I wouldn’t say harshly since I was of the opinion that he clearly deserved it. After lecturing him for sometime regarding the foolishness of his actions the last few days, she bent him over to give him a good look at his own belt.

(Lisella) Now, if you want to press buttons or try some new idea you’ve come up with, we can program the buttons on your belt to call your friends for advice before you try something else. I imagine everyone would agree with this idea?

I could just see receiving calls in the middle of each and every night when Jacob found himself staring at the food dispensor. I wasn’t sure if being on call for a two year old’s questions wouldn’t be a bigger hell.

(Kira) Am I allowed to reserve judgment until more evidence comes in?

(Valerie) Sigh.

Lisella gave me a glare that could have melted neutronium. She actually thought I was trying to be a smart ass. She clearly didn’t know Jacob well enough to have any clue what she just proposed. Still, Jacob rather sheepishly agreed to the proposal and Alys started helping him program the commlink buttons on his belt. After that, Jacob went to mope in the manufacturing bay doing something that Ben signed off on as safe.

(Valerie) Where do you get the patience not to kill them?

(Kira) I exercise daily.

(Valerie) Huh?

(Kira) Daily exercises of patience.

(Valerie) Cute.

Then Handell came over the intercom.

(Handell) We’ll be entering Faded territory after the next jump. Best everyone get prepared.

We finished cycling people through the gateway and made preparations for battle. Given the limited weaponry available to us there wasn’t much to do except to try and place what guards and droids we had around the most critical areas to resist boarders. Jacob had some drones ready to assist the defense, but I had a feeling it was going to come down to a matter of endurance and speed as opposed to any ship to ship combat.

Jacob wandered off to work on his defense-drone project and on his latest idea – a fighter craft that was actually a gigantic lightsaber with the pilots cockpit as a gigantic “button”.

Perhaps sadly, the Mrs Beasley had plenty of space capacity for that – although making a crystal of such size would take quite some time.

With what preparations we could make complete, Handell made the next jump on our way to the Galactic Black Hole and into Faded territory. The Faded sensor network picked up on our presence and started raising the alarm. Only a few ships were able to respond before Handell was able to make the next jump further towards our destination. Finishing that jump brought us into space with more Faded vessels engaging us.

Soon began the running battle as we would hyperspace jump from point to point while more and more Faded vessels arrived to try and shoot us down. Quickly we were being chased by dozens of Faded ships doing their damnedest to destroy us. Lazlo and Ben both got on the communications channels to respond to Faded demands that we surrender to them. Lazlo ended up sounding like a commercial for a resort as he described what we had that they didn’t. Ben meandered from announcing we were Binders from another galaxy here to fix things to some tale about us bringing holy wrath to the Faded.

I just didn’t see the point trying to speak to a bunch of religious fanatics intent on saving the galaxy by destroying it, even if ignorantly. My concern was about what to do with the Republic Remnant inside the stasis effect. Dumping it with the Faded in an empty universe was rather heartless. Plus there was the complication of trying to target the Galactic Black Hole from outside a stasis effect a thousand light years across. But our ability to sort Faded from Republic if we brought the stasis effect down was going to be difficult to say the least. We could probably sort the planets and stars readily enough, but all the Faded ships were likely to give chase into Republic territory at that point.

I really would like to avoid having to coordinate a shooting war between the Republic, Codifiers, and Faded if we could avoid it. This would be a lot simpler if we could simply take a ship into the stasis effect and fly to the Galactic Black Hole without having to bring down the stasis effect. But Jacob couldn’t anchor the timerate of a ship the size needed for that to work. Wait a minute, weren’t there ships possessed by energy beings like Khadim was? I seemed to recall stories of a haunted capital ship or two back when we tried to join he bounty hunters guild. That would be really handy to have right now.

Too bad I didn’t think of that earlier, before we committed ourselves to this battle.

Speaking of which, thus far the Faded fleet was able to take 24% of the surface systems of the Mrs Beasley out of action and about 2% of overall systems. Which was freaking amazing considering this same ship was in the middle of a battle of over a hundred thousand capital ships not too long ago and hadn’t taken a scratch until it dove into a star and took on a Super Star Destroyer at point blank range.

Wait… there was practically no strain on the shields? Oh blast it… They were simply targeting via assessing the odds and using their own, line-of-sight, powers to strike at vital points and components! Still, at least it would take them a long time to check through even a few of the outer decks that way. We’d reach the black hole long before that became a major problem.

Then came news that the Faded had managed to get a number of boarding parties aboard despite the shields, high rotation of the Mrs Beasley, and the other precautions. One group of six were heading to the engines. Three more powerful Faded were heading to the bridge. A pair were trying to make their way to one of the shield generators. One was using his powers to aid the others, while another was simply taking notes, and a final one had disappeared completely from internal scanners.

Smoche immediately started cycling the Mrs Beasley in and out of hyperspace every tenth of a second to impede the use of hypertime. That was annoying, but it hurt the Faded a lot more than it hurt us. Hmm, the Faded were using probability analysis to find their way to their destinations. Since they were avoiding guards and droids trying to impede them, then that meant we could control their actions to some extent by controlling the paths available to them. Like water flowing downhill, they were going to follow the path of least resistance. And by controlling which path was the easiest way downhill, we could control the flow of the water. I explained what I wanted to Alys and she immediately got to work trying to organize the defenders into misdirecting the Faded.

That slowed down the internal assault considerably though. The group heading to the engines were now expected to arrive in 12 to 36 hours. The ones heading to the bridge should arrive in 8 to 10 hours and the pair heading to the shield generator were going to arrive in less than an hour. That brought the advantage of speed and manoeuverability back into our hand. Priority was going to be intercepting the pair heading to the shield generator first. After that, I felt the note taker had to be next. I don’t like people doing something I don’t understand in the middle of a battle. Then it was a toss up between the one boosting the others and the one that had gone missing. After them, then it was intercepting the ones heading to the bridge followed finally by the group heading to the engines.

This was going to be a serious chain of intense battles back to back. It certainly didn’t help matters that it looked like the typical Faded was more than a match for a Force user in a physical confrontation. That limited our numerical advantage considerably. The things really going for us was the fact that we could focus all our available resources on each group in turn, that we were on the defensive, and that our powers were largely unknown to the Faded. This was going to be a battle of attrition for both sides.

Lazlo announced over the intercom that he was going after the missing Faded while Jacob said he was heading for the note taker. That left the rest of us moving to intercept the pair heading to the shield generator.

I get the feeling the medical bay is going to get a lot of use in the next day. Hopefully we can outlast our enemies in this battle. At least they’re grossly outnumbered by the security droids.

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