From the Diaries of Alys Nere – Session 52

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How on earth had I wound up responsible for the defense of an entire planet? Not to mention a heap of antimatter warheads stuffed into a packing create in the corner? At least she’d gotten Xiang and Lazlo focused on each other instead of their insane personal obsessions and 10CH had been willing to keep an eye on the antimatter stockpile.

Was that an appropriate job for an assassin droid? Oh well, she’d worry about that later.

Of course, no one else was willing to take anything off her hands, even if it was amusing to see them shy away when she waved her datapad at them.

Was “willing to taking responsibility” a far rarer and more potent power than anything that the force or codex bestowed? Was that why she was stuck coordinating this mass of trouble magnets? That simply wasn’t fair! It was almost enough to make her wish that she was back in the empty galaxy!

Getting Zandramas’s remaining minions out of command was easy. Actually getting them picked up proved surprisingly difficult. They seemed to have minor force-powers (just enough to have gotten some warning to escape and to play a few tricks with controls and such), plenty of skills, the ability to interface with electronics, and the ability to generate lightsaber blades – at least at relatively low power.

The blasted goop must have started infiltrating the rest of its poor victims bodies. Still, at least they were exposed and out of their positions of influence.

Wait, Lazlo thought that he was actually married, and was cross at her about it? She arranged for her command post to stay mobile. That’d help dodge both missiles AND Lazlo – and to be honest, she was more afraid of Lazlo. She’d rather deal with an orbital bombardment than him.

Perhaps destruction should be measured in Lazlos?

She consulted Nimh to see if she’d have any further tactical insights and set to work. The capture of the remaining shield generators was grinding along slowly but steadily; only two of them were still holding out. Those two though… they’d put their local shields up, apparently carried the Sith troops into hiding, and were shooting at anything that came near them.

And they didn’t have anyone left who could operate in a type-two stasis field. About all they could do was to try and make sure that no one communicated with those two generators from the outside and hope that there weren’t any hidden loopholes in their last orders to keep the shields up.

So, if a shield did collapse… there was a faint hope of holding out long enough to fix it if she had enough bounty hunter ships in reserve to cover incoming fighters and launched as many missiles as possible to cover the gap. So… best coverage, and shield-segments least likely to be attacked… she deployed the ship reserves to the poles and set up to concentrate anti-ship fire around the shield generators. If one went down, there might be some faint hope of holding off the attack long enough to get it back up again. Sometimes people were capable of remarkable feats under pressure. She ought to know.

At least she’d been able to have Zandramas’s remaining possessed minions picked up by the planetary security forces – and they could shut up the bounty hunters, if only locally now that Mrs Beasley was offering thirty billion for her, simply as an associate of the group.

Now that blasted giant ship was sending her messages – about being “ready to fulfill it’s primary function?” Wait, that was a Lifestar… Oh, they weren’t going to try and hypertunnel the planet were they? Not with a ship that they’d obviously never really used before! They couldn’t possibly be so reckless… Oh no. It was being piloted by Jacob, Smooche, and Ben. They had no sense at all!

She hadn’t managed to issue more than a few local warnings before the sky went white – and the all-too-familiar moment of disorientation, followed by the sand-in-the-mouth signature of silting, let her know that the three stooges had pulled it off. No so bad as usual though… This shouldn’t even need medical treatment, even if it would make people feel a bit ill for a few days. It must have been a fairly short jump.

All right, maybe they’d done it right; at least it did get the planet out of the way of that insane battle.

Still… now half the emergency channels and hardlines were down. Worse, she was getting reports that the shields were down, and Yevetha ships were crash-landing all over the planet… Just great, they’d done it right enough to transfer the planet, and wrong enough to include the attacking fleet.

She started coordinating the defense. At least there weren’t that many Yevetha making it to the surface – and they had few weapons left and were ill themselves. At least they were easily recognized by the few remaining war-droids, and the stupid things were a fair match for basic combat programs with no direction.

Still, with the planet away from the warring fleets, she could call for whatever help there was in the vicinity…

Gruenn’s new orbit seemed to be some fifty-five light years from it’s original location – a very short jump indeed. On a major hyperspace route nexus – one important enough that the local asteroid belts supported small colonies, repair, and resupply stations to service the traders, even if there wasn’t – or hadn’t – been an inhabitable planet in the system.

The locals were pretty surprised that there was now – but could certainly help clear out the surviving Yevetha. The locals had been doing surprisingly well anyway, partly due to some basic tactical advice, partly due to overwhelming numbers – and partially due to the local population of Kreedath Berserkers, who seemed to recognize the Yevetha as hereditary enemies.

Handell, their asteroid bases, a few republic ships, and a couple of dozen salvaged capital ship turned up a little later. Apparently Handell had decided that routing around the original Gruenn system and coming back would be a shortcut (even if most of the republic fleet had continued on to Gruenn more directly).

Unfortunately, the Republic Senate was hoping that the Yevetha could be civilized, tamed, and reformed. The Kreedath were, of course, voting for extreme measures – as they usually did – but the republic was a bit doubtful about filling their crews with Kreedath.

Mrs Beasley – reluctantly – lifted the bounties on Alys and Lazlo, put their bounties into homes for indigent cats (after a small fee for their trouble), and started a campaign to raise funds for the Yevetha war… She didn’t relent on Kira though; he was probably out having more giant ships built!

Alys put her apology-reward into the funds for planetary reconstruction and rebuilding the educational system to get the Droids OUT of teaching positions.

This time around, Ben has presented his own viewpoint on matters on the Holocron of Ben Therus.

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  3. Lady on the bus next to me: Tell me again- what are you not going to do in daycare today?

    Little boy: I will not hit the teacher with a light saber.

    Lady: And why are you not going to hit her with a light saber?

    Boy: It is my toy, and my choice, but if I hit her with the light saber, I’m acting like a Sith.

    Lady: Do you want to be a Sith?

    Boy: No! I am Obi-Wan!

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