Amber Diceless RPG, Sample Characters II

   To continue with a special request for some Amber Diceless RPG material, since we had a couple of Lords of Chaos in the last entry, here are a couple of starting-level Lords of Amber.

   Sabre, Lord of Amber

   Sabre is probably the youngest pattern master ever, a result of a freakish coincidence. His mother walked the pattern while pregnant, although she was not aware of it at the time. Given the rarity of both pregnancy and walking the pattern among amberites, perhaps it is not surprising that this never happened before. Unlike most amberites, he has grown up in castle amber, since he tends to wander off into shadow otherwise. He still manages to get away sometimes… He is small, blonde, green-eyed, and usually wears soft, loose, clothing. He is fond of outings to (lively) shadows.

   Sabre is only about eight years old, still so young that he believes that he will find friends everywhere he goes, that someone will always be around to protect him from anything nasty, and that a fascinating secret hideout full of friends, pirates, outlaws, rebels, etc who will accept him instantly and supply his wants, is around the nearest corner. The trouble is that linking this innocent faith with the power of pattern tends to make it true.

   Of course, given the Amber characteristic scale, this small boy is already tougher, and has a stronger mind, than any human who has ever lived – and can match the strongest men, best fighters, and most expert tacticians, who have ever lived. Even without his allies and special devices.

  • Psyche; Amber (0), Warfare; Chaos (-10), Strength; Chaos (-10), and Endurance Amber (0).
  • Pattern Imprint (50)
  • Amber Court Devotee (6)
  • Family Friend (2)
  • Light Sabre: Just like that movie he went to see, this nifty gadget does “Deadly Damage” (4 points).
  • Junior Jedi Secret Decoder Ring: As long as he has this, he can wield the “force” at will. “Able to Mold Shadow Reality” and “Transfer Power”, 14 points total.
  • Shelters: Defensible buildings or other shelters, as is appropriate to the locale. “Resistant to Normal Weapons” (IE, much tougher then normal buildings), and “Ubiquitous in Shadow”, for a total cost of 6 points.
  • Protectors: These are the people found in each, and every, shelter. They are invariably well equipped for the local conditions, and for taking care of a child and his pets. They always include some nice, affectionate, adults, a playmate or two, and a few competent defenders to keep nasty things away. “Combat Reflexes” (for the locally appropriate weaponry) and “Well-Equipped” (IE, with weapons, armor, supplies, etc as necessary, a new and unusual modifier, 1 point). They are “Cross-Shadow Enviormental” (IE, Every shelter comes complete with a “Named and Numbered” set of inhabitants) – for a total cost of 15 points.
  • Pets: A “named and numbered” assortment of things which follow him around affectionately. The exact list varies constantly, but all of them have the following; “Double Vitality and Stamina”, “Combat Reflexes”, “Extra Hard” natural weapons, “Able to Speak and Sing”, “Psychic Resistance”, and “Resistance to Normal Weapons”. Total; 20 points.
  • Termal is one of his favorite places, a world of adventure perfectly designed to suit a small child. Oddly enough, no matter how long he spends there, he’s always back in time for dinner (Personal Shadow, 1, with Control of Time Flow, 2).

   Total: 100 Points – 10 (Character Sketches) = 90 Points with 10 points of “Good Stuff”.


   Wrath, Outcast of Amber

  • Strength 5, Psyche 25, Endurance 8, Warfare 10
  • Power Words (19): Nightmare Visions, Object Reading, Pain Attack, Resume True Form, Transformation, Soulsight, Soulfire Bolt, Fireshaping, Psychic Defense, Logrus Negation, Opening, Weaken Material, Pyrokinesis, and Repulsion.
  • The Tenth Circle – A Primal Plane (4) – a personalized hell-dimension for punishing evildoers – with Control of the Contents (2), Barriers and Guardians (4), and Control of Time Flow (2).
  • A Motorcycle with Engine Speed (4), Double Damage (2), Alternate Form (Intangible, 1), Regeneration (4), Mold Shadow Stuff (allows it to make impossible maneuvers, run over water, etc, 1), Remote Control (1), Shadow Seek (4), and Invulnerability (4).
  • A Chain with Double Damage (2), Psychic Kinetic Control (2), and Invulnerability (4).
  • Arm Bracers which have and Bestow (5) Resistance to Firearms (2).
  • Disadvantages: Flies into frenzied rages, compulsively drags people off to private hell, obviously insane (-10)

   Total: 115 – 10 (Disadvantages) = 105, leaving Wrath with five points of Bad Stuff.

   Wrath is quite mad. Obsessed with avenging the innocent, a bit maniac-depressive, arrogant, and lacking all sense of porportion he somehow manages to maintain a perilous equilibrium. While he’s never really sane, he never quite loses it totally… Overall he gives the impression of a borderline psychotic, functional – but not by much. He often drags off “evildoers” to his own private hell, treating them to a few thousand years of torment in the space of a few hours. He never seems to realize that this results in quivering, shrieking madmen, rather then in reforming them. Wrath’s definitely a lord of amber, but was apparently fathered by either Eric or Brand, hence he has no court devotee. He very well may not have had one to begin with, he’s just not very lovable somehow – even absurdly indulgent parents may not be able to stand a child with his own personal hell. Wraths main weapons are his (seemingly) endless chain and his motorcycle. The chain is sensitive to, and controlled by, his psyche rather then by his strength, while the motorcycle has flaming wheels. Overall Wrath looks exactly like Marvel Comic’s Ghost Rider – displaying an astounding lack of creativity on the part of the original player. Unfortunately, Ghost Rider is far more rational then Wrath, as many shadow- dwellers have had the misfortune to discover.


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