Shadowrun: Rigger Contacts

   Next up, it’s a selection of possible rigger contacts for Shadowrun.

   Victor Orman (“Falcon”) is an elven aircraft specialist who has somehow obtained the services of a high-powered air spirit of some type. He takes smuggling, long-range transport, and combat pickup (usually on a contingency basis) missions – dropping in, providing some covering fire, and getting out at supernaturally-enhanced speeds. He has been known to easily outrun, or outmaneuver, most missiles. Personally, he tends to chase women, to play up the “hotshot pilot” image for all its worth, and to be a bit of a rogue. He usually claims that he has to charge outrageous prices to afford all the child support and college funds he has to pay for.

   Michael Coris (“Scorpion”) is ruthless and manipulative, but he’s an expert on remote-controlled “skateboard” or “crawler” bombs and “minitank” remotes for combat missions (where he uses them to their maximum potential) and on running crawlers and telemanipulated animals for softer missions, such as spying, planting listening devices, and tapping communications lines. If at all possible, he prefers to have a remote hook into enemy communications and feed them false information. Why waste your resources if you can use someone else’s?

   “Telemanipulated Animals” are equipped with a neuromuscular control chip, an audiovisual pickup, and a small transciever. They can be directed to perform complex actions – but the “operators” effective skill is halved. The gear, and implant surgery, costs about 10,000 NY. The most common uses are in infiltration and rescue work; no remote unit yet invented can wiggle through pipes and vents, or wiggle through rubble and search for survivors, as well as a ferret.

   Lisa Ab’Tyrr (“Sirocco”) seems to have fitted out her remote-control gear with major computer- augmentation and a selection of “expert” (R5) autopilot programs, allowing her to run at least three times as many drones as riggers can usually manage. For the most part, her tendency is to concentrate as much force as possible, as quickly as possible, and then get out. Lisa seems to show a fair level of social conscience about the jobs she takes, although that hasn’t stopped her from loosely allying with the local gangs which surround the old parking garage she works out of. On the other hand, she’s been known assist in attempts to discourage the practice of picking up strays, waifs, and runaways for various unpleasant purposes upon their arrival in the city.

   “Wraith” runs stealth/penetration missions, using a set of vehicles heavily tricked out with ECM systems, rotor baffles, chameleon coatings, and other stealth gear. She doesn’t take combat missions, although she’s certainly willing to launch a few missiles and take a few shots to cover a retreat. If at all possible, she prefers insertion missions, or simple pickups – such as pulling a willing extractee off the normally-secure roof of their corporate highrise. Personally she’s a slim young asian woman who likes light silk clothing and favors a “pale” look. She never discusses her past, but most of those who have encountered her believe that she’s an escapee from some over-controlling corporate family herself.

   Tecumseh Shantil (“Witch-Spider”) may be nothing more than rumor – but according to said rumor, he’s an eccentric mage who opted to give up some of his magical ability in exchange for a Vehicle Control Rig and a few other bits of cyberware. He then initiated to bring his magical talents back up to par – and to obtain the power to imbue his drones with magic, maintain the link across realms, move them into the astral plane with him, and even drop back into the material plane with them. Outside of being a feared assassin, Witch-Spider is one of the few mages willing to hunt down and confront spirits on the astral plane.


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