The Specter

   Arnold Rohan was a fairly ordinary fellow.

   Then he died, which was also pretty unexceptional. Most people do.

   Arnold hung around. Still nothing too special.

   He did what little he could – impinging on the occasional dream or fever-vision – to watch over his children and grandchildren. A common hobby for the dead.

   When a Medium opened a path for him temporarily, things changed.

   Unlike all the other ghosts, Arnold found that he could duplicate that trick even without a living body or a firm anchor in the physical world.

   Over the years his powers have increased. They’re nothing too exceptional for a living dabbler in magic – but they’re not too bad for a being who’s reaching across the gap between the worlds of the living and the dead.

   The Specter isn’t a powerhouse, especially by superheroic standards. Most of his offensive powers are – at most – annoying to a super-villain if they’re not totally ignorable. On the other hand, he doesn’t even exist in the physical world; unless you also have trans-dimensional attacks, about all you can do is target his senses…

   Basic Attributes: Str 0 (-10), Dex 18 (24), Con 0 (-20), Body 0 (-20), Int 23 (13), Ego 23 (26), Pre 20 (10), Com 10 (-).

   Derived Attributes: PD 0 (-), ED 0 (-), Spd 5 (22), Rec 0 (-), End 0 (-), and Stun 0 (-). Total Cost. 35

   Elemental Control; Spectral Powers (37 Points Reserve). 9

  • Standard Advantages; Indirect (+.5), Zero End (+.5), Trans-dimensional (Earth, +.5) and Fully Invisible (+1). Net base advantages; +2.5.
  • Standard Limitations; Requires one day of meditation to activate. Each power may be used normally thereafter until it “disconnects” (-1.75). Powers lose “contact” and disconnect with bungled (18) rolls (-.5). Powers only function while the user is in astral space (-.5) and Poor Control (the powers occasionally produce effects without regardless of Arnold’s intent. This is guided by emotion and GM whimsy. No rolls are needed for this effect. -.5). Net -3.25.
    • Poltergeist; Str 10 TK, with Fine Work (87). 12
    • Manifestation; Images (Normal Audio, Full Visual and tactile, -10 to perception, 60 points). (210). 41
    • Chilling Touch; Energy Blast, 3D6 NND (versus not being alive. This does not work on robots, undead, and similar creatures, +1), Continuous (+1). (82). 11
    • Corrosion; 1D6 RKA, NND (+1), Does Body (this does not work on living beings, +1), Continuous (+1). (97). 14
    • Lichdom; 1D6 Major Transform (Creates himself an automation/”body”), Cumulative (+.5) and Continuous (+1), requires a full turn to activate (-1). (75). 7
    • Possession; 1D6 Major Transform (Target creature or automation into a being under the user’s psychic control. Reversed by knocking out the victim or after 2D6 hours in any case), Cumulative (+.5), and Continuous (+1). (75). 9
    • The Haunting; +40 Presence. “Offensive” use only (-.5). (140). 22

   Other Powers:

  • The Charm Of Osiris; “Duplication” (200 Points, 80) plus Multiform (200 Points, 40, Linked to Duplication, -.5). Takes 5 minutes to activate (-2), Can not be maintained for more then 1 hour (-.5), Can only be activated three times per day (-1.25), Automatically Deactivates if the duplicate is knocked out or reduced to zero (Base) body (-.25), Duplicate cannot act except in association with the original (IE: This creates a body, your spirit must stick around to run it, although it can act on it’s own level as well, -.5). (120). 22
  • Wraithsight; Indirect (+.5), Trans-dimensional (+.5), and Fully Invisible (-, Senses get this for free), on the basic 15-point sensory package (Sight, etc). Requires a full phase to activate, but operates normally thereafter (-.25), renders the user vulnerable to flash attacks or other relevant sensory effects (-1). (15). 7
  • Voice Of The Dead; Mind Link, Any Distance/Dimension for any single target (15). Requires one full phase to activate, but operates normally thereafter (-.25). 12
  • Peace of the Dead; Mental Defense 15. 10
  • The Serenity of Death: Power Defense; 5 Points. 5

   Skills, Perks, and Talents:

  • Acting, 13-. 3
  • Computer Programming, 14-. He loves chat rooms; no one can tell you’re dead there. 3
  • Cramming – via going to consult with a spirit that happens to have the appropriate skill. 5
  • Deduction, 14-. 3
  • Forensic Medium, 11-. So, what happened to you?. 3
  • Languages; Native English, Fluent Latin, German, and Chinese. 6
  • Martial Arts for his Telekinesis: Offensive Strike (“Psychic Blast”, 6D6, 5), Martial Throw (“Hurling,” 3), and Killing Strike (“Phantom Claw”, 1D6, 4). 12
  • Navigation (Astral Only, -1), on 11-. So, Dante, which circle of hell is this anyway?. 1
  • Simulate Death, 40-. – . Actually being dead helps. This one was a freebie.
  • Survival (14- to offer bad advice. On a 15+ he can offer catastrophic advice. If he was good at this why would he be dead?). –
  • Two levels with his Elemental Control. 10

   100+ Disadvantages:

  • Distinctive Features; Eerie aura. Can’t interact normally because other people quickly become subliminally aware that he’s quite dead. Not concealable, always noticed. -20
  • DNPC’s. Any one or more of his great-grandchildren. Slightly less powerful, on an 11-. -10
  • Hunted; Watched by “Higher Powers”, on an 8-. He has to move on eventually – and they sometimes need an agent. More powerful/ Extensive NCI/Watching Only. -10
  • Physical Limitations;
    • Bodiless. -25. OK, technically there’s one moldering in a grave somewhere, but it’s not very useful to him…
    • Cannot leave the astral domains of the dead. -05
    • Can be summoned/banished for a time by any competent medium, various mystic rituals and by necromancers or priests. -10
    • Can be temporarily bound into service by any mystic who has one of his relics. -10
  • “Secret Identity”. He’s dead. He has no bank accounts, legal identity, credit, etc, etc, etc. -15
  • Psychological Limitations;
    • No code versus killing. -20. After all, it’s not so bad.
    • Gloomy. -05. OK, being dead is not so great either.
    • Treats places of worship (Astral gateways to the higher realms) with great caution. You never know what might come through – and you can get pulled into an afterlife so easily. -10
    • Finds it difficult (Sometimes impossible) to enter magically warded areas. -10
    • Vengeful. -5
    • Fear of Reincarnation. —. OK, it may not come up very often, but it’s not like he tried to get points for it.
  • Unluck; 1D6. -5. Dead people just have no luck…
  • Experience. 2

   Total Disadvantages: 162

   Point Expenditures: Attributes 35 + Powers 181 + Skills 46 = 262 Points.

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