Introduction to Atheria: The Dragon-Born

   Uniquely on Atheria, it’s rare, but not unheard-of, for people and animals in the Thousand Realms (the Dimensional Magic Domain) to be exposed unshielded to the primal Breath and Blood of The Dragon – the raw, unfiltered energies of the inter-dimensional flux. It can happen if they are exposed to a wild dimensional rift, if they accidentally or purposefully “Walk the Dragon’s Spine” (exploiting the loose structure of reality in the Dimensional Domain to simply walk between worlds), or if they use dimensional magic or gates without proper safeguards. Such an exposure is the only known way to renounce one’s Birthright. Unfortunately, it’s fatal somewhat more than 90% of the time.

   Extra-dimensional visitors, without native Birthrights to help protect them, are often affected even if they were fully or partially shielded during the trip – replacing whatever natural magical attunements they may have had (such as the “elven” human variants) with the powerful innate magics of the Dragon-Born template.

   The Dragon-Born:

  • Get one Bonus “Feat” worth 6 CP (6 CP).
  • Have Fast Learner (6 CP) for +1 CP/Level. This may be specialized,
  • Gain +12 CP worth of Innate Enchantment(s).
  • Gain Immunity/Natural Law/The restriction of Innate Enchantments to 12 CP in total (Common / Major / Minor [may exceed the normal limits on Innate Enchantment by up to 12 CP], 6 CP).
  • Gain the benefits of the Universal Birthright, at least as long as they’re on Atheria.
  • Gain a +1 Bonus to Knowledge/Planes (1 CP)
  • If it comes up, the child of a Dragon-Born mother normally takes on the Birthright of the place where it was conceived.

   According to legend, a fair number of the original refugees became Dragon-Born during the crossing to Atheria. Their new abilities were both vital to the successful settlement and formed the foundation of the power-bloodlines of the various noble houses.

   It’s worth noting that species dependent on particular kinds of magic – such as the “Elven” dependence on ambient Forest Magic, or the Dwarven dependence on Earth Magic – generally cannot survive for long on Atheria outside of the appropriate domains. If you want such creatures to live, you must either allow them to become Dragon-Born, get them to the appropriate domain, create an area infused with such magic – an artificial preserve or life-support system – or find a way to channel it to them. This is why Atheria is mostly humans-only.

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