Federation-Apocalypse Campaign: Things To Do

   To help everyone keep track of what’s going on, here’s a list of the current projects in the Federation-Apocalypse Campaign. Hopefully we can get some of them checked off before we add too many more. If there’s anything I’ve left out, or your pet project isn’t on the personal project list, let me know and I’ll put it in.

   To Do Regularly: Check up on whether or not the groups magic weapons work locally, do a situation update with the House of Roses, do a situation update with Mr Leland, recruit new Thralls (both personally and via the Thralls themselves looking for new recruits), and monitor what the Thralls have found out (after all, there are currently Thralls working in quite a few places throughout the Core and the Manifold, and for many of the major factions).

   Ongoing Projects include their attempts to:

  • Gather information on, and attempt to keep an eye on, the Neanderthals, Merlin, Arthur, Arthur II and his Arrancar, the MIB and American Shadow Government, ATE, Spellweaver and the young Praetorian Wingate Girl, Arxus (who probably needs locating and rescuing), Vekxin (who seems to need locating and stopping), John Jack (who probably needs stopping), Dr Vu, Ryan, “M” and the House of Roses, the Hellstorm, the Singularites, Shayn, Darth Plageous, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the Ourathan Robots, the Singular Robots, and the various other factions.
  • Get more information on and/or experiment with past life regression, the Silmarils, the power armor goons, contagious memes, the “disease and disaster” realms, the omnipresent Orcish and Italian Restaurants, the quasi-praetorian bodyguards, and that weird Kobold and Minotaur from the Underdark.
  • Visit: Rifts, Exalted, Anime Worlds, the World of Darkness, Faerie, a Zombie World, Pirates of the Carribean, a historical Robber-Baron world, Classic Star Wars, and – possibly – Benedict’s world and Greenweld again.
  • Minor things to do or keep an eye out for: odd gatherings of magical power for local uses, locate the kids from Core and Hogwarts in the Underdark, gather information on Spellweaver and the young Wingate Praetorian, pick up the Ebon Hawk, go through the Sith and Jedi Lore from the Tomb Archive system, deal with the Priestesses of Lloth, check on Hutchins, find out about the House of Roses backup team, and make SURE that the Russian AI in Singular was really destroyed.

Personal Projects include:

  • Kevin: Visit the various worlds he has Identities in (Dragonworlds, Rome, English Fantasy Zone / Hogwarts, Etc), since all of his identities have things to look after. Pick up an abandoned Core colony world as a personal base. Change some core earth laws about slavery – or at least tweak their interpretation. Recruit at Hogwarts (especially the next Slytherin class), place some Thralls with McAndrew, deal with any investigating parents of Thralls, and get his Thrall-contracts past Queen Elizabeth.
  • Marty: Expand his business branches (Core New York City, Baelaria, Forgotten Realms, Etc), bring in additional staff from Battling Business World, and kick his bosses butt without serious retribution.
  • Jarvian: Find mechs and pilots for an attempt to defeat the clans and take over a house, acquire at least a limited version of the praetorian technology, upgrade the Battletech realm’s battlemech technology to something reasonable, get into mecha manufacturing, fight some major battles, and spend more time in the Battletech universe.
  • Smoke: Smoke wants to locate his home universe, but has otherwise been pretty quiet about his personal goals and motives, at least so far.
  • Raphial: Analyze and generalize the Singular praetorian and nanite technologies and develop versions of those and his other devices which merge magic and technology so that they will work across the entire Manifold – or at least the vast majority of it. He also wants to expand and aid the New Imperium, to make sure that his employers recieve full value for the resources they are providing (a matter of integrity), and to both develop, and receive proper recognition for, his impressive technological skills.

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