The Knights of Yggdrasil

   Here we have a sample Party Template, just in case there’s any confusion about how to make and use one.

   The Knights of Yggdrasil are from the myriad realms of the Federation-Apocalypse campaign setting, where a sizeable subset of the mythic dimensions are linked by a particular theme – the World Tree, with it’s roots and branches which extend into many dimensions. Of course, evil creatures and dark spirits also attempt to transverse the great Tree of Worlds – and the Knights are a group of adventurers who have sworn themselves to trying to stop them.

  • The lowest level Knight of Yggdrasil is level eight.
  • As a group with a particular oath-sworn purpose, they pretty obviously have the Obligations disadvantage.
  • The group has battled the spawn of Nidhogg, the Death Dragon – a cosmic force of entropy, death, and darkness – several times, and has earned the enmity of enough of them that they are often the target of plots, schemes, and attacks. That’s the Hunted Disadvantage.
  • Unfortunately, if someone was to ritually sacrifice a Knight of Yggdrasil to Nidhogg, they would be rewarded with a substantial boost to whatever negative-energy channeling abilities they might have (presumably a package deal) – making the members of the group quite Valuable (their third disadvantage).

   That gives the Knights 18 Character Points (eight for their lowest level member being level eight plus ten for having maximum of three disadvantages) to spend.

   As Initiates of Yggdrasil, the knights all gain:

  • Enthusiast with Adaption, Specialized/only changes when entering a dimension, Corrupted/only to pick up one skill point in a local language (or, in the Federation-Apocalypse setting, a level one local Identity) (2 CP).
  • Occult Sense/can detect dimensional disturbances and the normally-unseen paths of Yggdrasil, Specialized/requires a concentration check, rather than acting as a sense – unless the game master simply wants to have them notice some disturbance they must then deal with (3 CP).
  • 1d6 Mana with the Reality Editing option, Specialized/can only be used to open the Yggdrasil portals they sense, Corrupted/even that requires a minute or so and a concentration check (2 CP). Technically this is simply a magical gift – allowing the Knights to draw on a tiny bit of the Energies of Yggdrasil – but Mana is the simplest way to represent it in the setting.
  • Favored Foe, Specialized/only against Nidhogg and its Minions (3 CP).
  • One Druidic Spellcasting Level (8 CP), thanks to their regular visits to the spirit-realms of Yggdrasil.

   All in all, this means that the Knights will pick up the local language – however temporarily – within a few hours of their arrival in a new dimension, can sense the presence of creatures alien to the dimension and the locations of Yggdrasil-related dimensional portals, can pass through those portals (thus allowing them to leave after an adventure), and all know at least a little basic spirit magic and how to fight their worst enemies – advantages which every one of them is certain to need in their job.

   Should every party have a template? Certainly not! Not only are there some fairly specific requirements for such a thing, but they really ought to have some strong identity and purpose. The “Bunch of Guys who Blow Things Up” party – despite their group-linked Hunteds, Poor Reputation, terrible Unluck, and Compulsive need to set fire to things (four disadvantages, one more than would actually yield points) – can’t simply declare that their party template grants Inherent Spell/Fireball with +4 Bonus Uses (at a net cost of 12 CP) to every member of the party. Now, if they want to become known as the Inferno Legion, destroyers in the service of the great Lord of Flames, perhaps something can be arranged – but it’s always up to the game master.

For those wanting to build things of their own, the character-point rules are to be found in Eclipse: The Codex Persona – available in print HERE and in a shareware .pdf version HERE.

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