Champions – Aurora Ward

Over the past seventy years the power level of psionics and magic has increased exponentially – and, for some reason, a disproportionate amount of the resulting chaos has been focused on a relatively small number of countries – those known for their “cutting edge” technologies and reactionary traditional enclaves, their social mobility, and their prosperity.

From Canada’s point of view, that translates to relative calm compared to the boiling insanity to be found in the united states. While they have their black magicians, crazed psionics, and other weirdness – and heroes to oppose them – they are neither so numerous nor so powerful as those found south of their border.

For years, a single premier team with substantial governmental support – Vanguard (the known current members include Scale, Destine, Nimbus, Tinker, Boreas, Piper, and Dreamweaver) – has sufficed. While they are far from the most powerful heroes around, they are well-organized and practiced in working as a team.

Since the Darkstorm, the Twilight War, the attack of Tyrannon the Conqueror, and contact with the Kraggan Interstellar Federation, Vanguard has no longer been sufficient. Unfortunately, more powerful metahumans have a nasty tendency to be less stable – as shown by the fact that at least two of those events were apparently brought about by powerful metahumans. Nevertheless, the Canadian Government is now sponsoring a second team, Aurora Ward, where it is placing some of the more… eccentric, but high-powered and at least somewhat benign, heroes and quasi-heroes.

Aurora Ward:

Primary Base: The “Silverhold”, Montreal, Canada. A rather small island, once a historical estate with a reputation for strange events now – after extensive renovation due to damage taken during a confrontation between Vanguard and the Wendigo – taken over by the city government.

Current Membership: Amoebro, Armageddon, Captian Yu, Night Templar (official team leader), and Samhain.

  • Ameobro is a protoplasmic blob, resembling a human-sized amoeba, who was found when the lower levels of the Silverhold were reopened. After some initial confusion the amiable amoeba wound up fitting into the group at least as well as most of it’s more human members. His origin is unknown.
  • Armageddon channels the power of a Spirit of Light into fairly classic “Flying Brick” abilities, and is presumably inhabiting a human host. Many people find his choice of code-names more than a bit disturbing, despite his claims to be a Spirit of Mercy.
  • Captain Yu (Sometimes known as Captain Mayhem) is another alien, albeit apparently one with personal reasons for his visit instead of official ones. A new arrival, his abilities are as yet mostly unknown.
  • Night Templar is a mysterious figure, but is – at least to judge from the accent – native to Canada. His talents seem to revolve around his skills as a Detective, some supernatural approximation of Martial Arts, and rather arcane gadgetry. His identity is presumably known to the government.
  • Samhain is a formidable alien mage (apparently from an offshoot human race) on some sort of goodwill mission to the United Nations. Faced with a shortage of powerful heroes, the Canadian Ambassador called in a few favors to get him assigned to Aurora Ward – an assignment which his staff is treating as a consulate.

(Likely) Major Enemies: The Wendigo (a group of unpleasant undead), the Nightwraiths, Praetor and his Cybermonkeys, Dantalion, Malphas, and Voso (Demons), the Reptons (a reptile-psionic themed group), and Wildway, Niagara, and Bairnstormer (local villains).

Major Involvements: The Enlightenment (a group of strange spirits, including Andromalius, Orobas, and Zagan), the Zantu (Samhain’s homeworld) Factions, and the Imaginal Realms.

Known Sponsors: Darvian Lokikaarme (supplies equipment), the City Council of Montreal, and the Vanguard Foundation.

Given the presence of Armageddon, Samhain, and Night Templar, the current Aurora Ward group has a strong mystical bent – one reason why Montreal was pleased to offer them their current base, which is notorious for mystical disturbances. The unofficial reason is, of course, to chase American problems back into America. How successful they’ll be at that remains to be seen.

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  2. […] Aurora Ward: Background on the current team and setting. […]

  3. […] Aurora Ward: Background on the current team and setting. […]

  4. […] Aurora Ward: Background on the current team and setting. […]

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