Eclipse – Troublesome Relics

Here we have an a small package for personal relic creation designed for a character who’s own powers backlash against him, even when channeled through a focus, and thus cause him various disadvantages.

This isn’t the most efficient possible way of building such relics – for starters, you could simply the abilities purchased for the Relics (“causes this troublesome side effect, etc) and squeeze out a few more character points worth of abilities – but it suits the character conception well. It’s not that he’s accepting drawbacks to squeeze out more abilities, it’s that he possesses a lot of uncontrolled power and cannot prevent it from backlashing against him.

Runecrafting Package:

  • Create Relic, Specialized and Corrupted/only usable to make personal relics, only usable with points from Enthusiast, and all relics carry a disadvantage – although this does help reduce their cost (2 CP)
  • Double Enthusiast with Adaption, Specialized and Corrupted for 1.5x effect (provides three character points to make relics with) and half cost/ points from Enthusiast are only usable to make Relics (4 CP).
  • Immunity/the normal XP costs of Innate Enchantments (Uncommon, Minor, Trivial / only covers L0 and L1 effects at caster level one), Specialized and Corrupted / only for making temporary relics with Enthusiast Points (1 CP).

As for some actual relics…

Eye of Witchery (1 CP Relic):

Used as a gazing-stone to help focus his unruly (Witchcraft I) psychic talents, this simple piece of iridescent quartz now acts as a focus and channel for the user’s mental energies – turning psychic potential into active, if often undependable, powers.

Disadvantage: Unluck. Sadly, while creating the Eye has stopped the original poltergeist, random illusion, and fear aura effects that troubled the character, it has not yet stopped his powers from pestering him entirely (-3 CP).

Provides: Witchcraft II and III (12 CP), giving him 14 Power, Will Save DC 17, and access to…

  • The Adamant Will, Specialized for half cost/only to resist pain and external control, not to conceal things.
  • The Eye of Shadows, Specialized for Increased Effect (no cost to use) / sometimes activates on it’s own, picking up random images and strongly emotional thoughts – usually people’s negative opinions of him and shared flashes of pain, anger, and despair. The character can read psychic impressions by touch, and may attempt a will save versus this power to attempt to focus it on someone – who also gets a save.
  • Glamour. For a wonder, this works normally – although, of course, deception and manipulation does fit teh characters demonic ancestry.
  • The Hand of Shadows: Another item that operates normally.
  • Shadowweave: And another! Perhaps because, once again, illusion fits demonic ancestry perfectly.
  • Witchfire, Specialized for Increased (Double) Effect/destructive aspects only, is highly painful to use since it draws on his own inner flame. This also means that – under sufficient pressure – the characters flame-based powers will sometimes “leak” a bit in awkward ways.
  • Witchsight: the fourth, and final, item which works normally.

Thaumaturgists Wand (1 CP Relic):

A ritualists wand has minor magical properties, but it’s more or less just a focus for concentration – and for that, one that you craft yourself will do nicely. This character made one for the classes in basic magic that he was given when it became obvious that he had a gift. Now that it’s infused with greater powers it’s far more useful…

Disadvantage: Insane. The user is unreasonable about what he or she is actually responsible for, and tends to assume that he or she is bears some fault for everything that goes wrong (-3 CP – and a perfect adventure hook).


  • Rite of Chi with +2 Bonus Uses, Specialized and Corrupted/ can only be used to recharge any one pool once per day, takes at least ten minutes, a complex diagram drawn on the ground, and some minor props (candles, salt, and incense). Sadly, this will not work on externally based magic – such as the spirit favors the character mostly relies on to produce controllable effects (3 CP).
  • Adaption on Enthusiast, Specialized and Corrupted/only for swapping Relics around, only usable once per week (1 CP).
  • Ritual Magic, Specialized and Corrupted/only to perform summoning rituals of the Ars Geotia and Vestiges (2 CP). Sadly, while the character is fairly skilled for level one, he’s nowhere near good enough to bind major entities with his Spellcraft of Knowledge/Arcana skills; he’ll have to scrape up a pile of bonuses to do much of anything much here.
  • Action Hero (Stunts Option), Specialized and Corrupted for half cost and 1.5x effect (now 5 action points); only usable for “saving peoples necks ” (including his of course), only usable for magical stunts, such stunts are very conspicuous magically (3 CP).
  • Reflex Training (Extra Actions variant), Specialized/only usable for magical actions (3 CP).

OK, now that little toy can help in several very specialized ways – but can also lead him into all kinds of trouble. More plot hooks.

Sigil of Scholarship (1 CP Relic):

This small, cheap, medallion is a souvenir – an early “award” for doing so well in his classes. It is, of course, just a trinket – something the teacher had handy to “award” to a clever nine year old – but it means something to him.

Disadvantage: Compulsive. While the character bears this relic he feels compelled to analyze everything and theorize at length, passing those theories on to his companions (-3 CP). (Not that he might not do this anyway, but this means that he never stops…).

  • Provides: Fast Learner/Specialized in Skills (no bonus yet, 6 CP) and Adept (Arcana, Athletics, Gather Information, and Stealth, 6 CP). (And yes, that’s for a variant skill list – but substitution is easy enough).

3 Responses

  1. Interesting but one thing looks wrong.

    •Double Enthusiast with Adaption, Specialized and Corrupted for 1.5x effect (provides three character points to make relics with) and half cost/ points from Enthusiast are only usable to make Relics (3 CP).

    Shouldn’t this be 4 or 5 cp? Double Enthusiast (6cp) + Adaptation (+3cp) divided by 2 (Specialization) = 4.5cp

    On the relics, does having the disadvantage count as a specialization for cost? And would the character get the extra cp you mentioned the descriptions of the disadvantages?

    • Ah, typos… That should indeed be 4 CP (and I will fix it shortly).

      And it would indeed be more cost-efficient to Specialize the powers to produce the disadvantage – it would let you have 18 CP worth of powers in the relic rather than 12 – but it wouldn’t represent the character as well. Equally sadly, the character is stuck with the three disadvantages – but they simply serve to reduce the cost of the powers in the relic by three points. That gives the character nine points worth of disadvantages in exchange for reducing the relic costs from 2 CP each to 1 CP each – and if he just paid the extra three CP he could have much more powerful relics.

      It’s not a happy character.

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